Wrecked Dates and Candle Outlets

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In this episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But… fellow WKNC DJ Sarah joins Cutter to tell her tales of wrecked first dates and pilgrimages to candle outlets, as well as offers her guess as to which of Cutter’s two stories are true.

Charles Smalls 0:00
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Cutter 0:23
Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening everyone. My name is Cutter, but you may know me as Three Bears in a Coat on air on HD one, and welcome to this episode of You'll Never Believe Me But.

You'll Never Believe Be But is a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me. Every episode, I have a guest on and they tell me two stories, one real and one fake. And I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher, I'm gonna run down the three rules we have here before we get into today's episode. Rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We're not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in the story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them. You agreed to come on the show and tell these stories, but unless they agreed to have these stories told, just use a fake name. And rule number three, and this is the easiest one, all stories should start with "You'll never believe me but", and then a brief synopsis before starting the story, just so that we all know what we're getting into, and as a nice little nod to the show's title. So, with all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let's go ahead and get into today's episode. Today's guest is Sarah, someone that I am just now meeting, we think, for the first time, who is a DJ on HD Two, a part of the station. And someone I'm excited to get to know more. Sarah, how are you doing today?

Sarah 2:04
I'm doing great. I'm glad to be here. How about you?

Cutter 2:07
I am doing wonderful. So, to clarify at least for the people listening. When I say we've just now met for the first time, we're uncertain about this. Very recently, we had world college radio day.

Sarah 2:19
We did.

Cutter 2:19
The second installment of it, very exciting, but for our second installment of world college radio day, I was in and out the whole time. And I know you said that you shook everyone's hands.

Sarah 2:29
I did. So if you didn't get a handshake, I probably did not meet you, unfortunately. I thought, I thought I met everyone, but I guess I was wrong.

Cutter 3:12
Hey, if you remember the guy that hung up the uh, little sign-in sheet on the bulletin board, that was me, and if you don't, no sweat. I didn't do a lot else of import.

Sarah 3:19
Hmm. I was the one that put up the poll for my DJ name.

Cutter 3:19
Ahh, right, yes yes yes.

Sarah 3:19
Um, in HD One. Yeah. I hope you filled it out.

Cutter 3:19
I did remember voting on that. But I don't- I think I voted for Gym Shorts.

Sarah 3:19
Yeah, a lot of people did. I think that one won, eventually. But you know, really, I asked a lot of people, but really, I had to ask myself.

Cutter 3:19
Mmm. No, that's so true. I uh, it took me, I wanna say it took me three full weeks of thinking to come up with my DJ name. Genuinely. Just brainstorming.

Sarah 3:20
I sent a Google form out to all my friends. It was that serious, like I could not decide.

Cutter 3:22
Oh absolutely, got to have a Google form.

Sarah 3:22
Yeah, for real.

Cutter 3:24
Yeah, I was, I was very curious as to the result of that poll, actually. I'm glad to have that thread resolved. It's very efficient of you, at least from my life. You are on this podcast, partially because you're involved in the station. But mostly because of a conversation I believe that you had with our advisor, Jamie. I'm curious to hear your end of it. And then I'll be happy to tell you how it, how it progressed on my side.

Sarah 3:48
Let's see. Well, it was during Hopscotch.

Cutter 3:52
Mmm. Okay.

Sarah 3:53
It was during this like, live music thing at the library. So I pulled up to that because I kind of, you know, just wanted to meet people at the radio station. I was new. I was still in the training class. So I just kind of wanted to meet new people, and I help them clean up at the end.

Cutter 4:09
Oh, that's, that's huge.

Sarah 4:11
Yeah, I helped, like, take down the tent and stuff. And then Jamie gave me a ride back to the station. And you know, when we got back, she gave me a little tour. And while we were there, we were talking about the one story that she said would be great for this very podcast.

Cutter 4:23

Sarah 4:25
And that was like a month ago. So I'm wondering when that information got over to you.

Cutter 4:29
Sure. Yeah, I don't have an exact timeline because I remember she told me in person, but I could not tell you when. But she did tell me that she had, and I'm starting to think that I miss, that I misremember or misheard her, because I thought she said a coworker of hers. I'm beginning to believe that what she said was a coworker of ours.

Sarah 4:53

Cutter 4:54
Or maybe even just mine. Considering that you are a radio DJ, that makes a lot more sense, at least. But yeah, I was, I was basically given, she, I think, again to my memory, she was like, well, a coworker of mine has this great story that, that'd be great for the podcast. And so gave me, it was like, and then that was it, and I was like, oh, okay, that's awesome. You know, like, I'd love to do that. She's like, I don't know if you have other people lined up. I was like, I do, I have one other person. But this would be great to round out my roster for the season. And then I waited for her to give me your information, kind of expecting that was going to follow from that conversation. And it didn't, a little bit on my bad to not explicitly ask for it, I think. But I did, I think it was, would have been right around, because I emailed you what, last week to set this up?

Sarah 5:42

Cutter 5:43
Um, so it would have been right around then that I, I went to Jamie again, I was like, Can I have that information about that person that you said had a good story? And so. So I go, here, you know, name, email, gave me all that. And so now, I'm very glad to have you here. I'm very, very eager to hear this, this, this elusive story. But unfortunately, I don't think I can know which story it is until the end.

Sarah 6:09

Cutter 6:10
Because then I wouldn't know which one was true. Unless you happen to be, I don't know, long-gaming coming on this podcast by telling Jamie a fake story.

Sarah 6:18
Wow, I wish I planned that far ahead. But I don't.

Cutter 6:22
So reasonable. So reasonable. That's a, that's a long way in the future, I think. Unless, I'm sorry, I don't mean to jump right into it. But I do quite want to, unless you have anything else that you, any questions or comments that you feel you need to add. I am very excited to hear what may or may not be this, this all important story.

Sarah 6:43
And I'm ready to tell it.

Cutter 6:45
Excellent. All right. Well then, Sarah, take it away.

Sarah 6:48
You'll never believe me but, my first date ever was a car accident.

Cutter 6:52
Oh, that's so romantic.

Sarah 6:55

Cutter 6:55
I guess. It depends on how bad of a car accident it was, and whose fault it was. But I imagine we'll find all this out in your story.

Sarah 7:02

Cutter 7:02
Please, tell me about your first date.

Sarah 7:04
Okay. So this was in high school. I was like, 16?

Cutter 7:08

Sarah 7:09
And she was 17. And we had both like, just got our license like six months ago.

Cutter 7:14

Sarah 7:15
Right. So, um, we'd been like talking for a while, but eventually, you know, we were, we were like, you know, we should start dating, and we decided that, um, we were at a diner.

Cutter 7:26
Mmm. Okay.

Sarah 7:27
And we were like, I think, I think we should date, you know, I think that'd be good for us.

Cutter 7:30
Nice. Very happy for you.

Sarah 7:33
So then we're like, okay, let's just like, go drive around and listen to music.

Cutter 7:37
Absolutely. No, that's the way to do it.

Sarah 7:38
That's the way to do it. You know, you're 16, you know, you're, you're elated. You're living your truth. That's what you do.

Cutter 7:44
No money.

Sarah 7:45
No mommy.

Cutter 7:46
No money.

Sarah 7:47
No money. No money, just buy, you know.

Cutter 7:49
Just living. Can you, can you give me, can you give me a time of year just so I can really, really set the scene?

Sarah 7:50
It was, I think it was December. So it's kind of cold out.

Cutter 7:57
Okay, a little chilly out. Okay.

Sarah 7:59
Yeah. So we got in the car. We're listening to music. I think, um, I had a playlist called Juno Soundtrack Vibes. And.

Cutter 8:08
Can you elaborate on that?

Sarah 8:09
Have you seen the movie Juno?

Cutter 8:10
Oh, oh, it is about the movie, Juno.

Sarah 8:11

Cutter 8:11
Okay, I thought you meant like the soundtrack to, I don't know, living in Juneau, Alaska.

Sarah 8:15
No, it's like a movie.

Cutter 8:17
That makes more sense.

Sarah 8:18
And I don't know, I thought that's, that's the best playlist that I have.

Cutter 8:22

Sarah 8:22
And let's see, the song came on. It was, it was in French. I remember that. I think it was, it was by whatever that, I don't remember what it was called. But it was in French. Anyways, and we're talking about French, and we're talking about how much we love that language. Thought it was so hot and sexy.

Cutter 8:40
No, no.

Sarah 8:40
Right. And I guess. See, she was driving. All right. I was kind of sitting there.

Cutter 8:45
Of course.

Sarah 8:46
You know, twiddling my thumbs.

Cutter 8:47

Sarah 8:48
Um, and you know, talking about French, and I guess we just got a little bit too into it. Because the next thing I know, we hit another car.

Cutter 8:57
Oh, so this is 100% your fault.

Sarah 9:01

Cutter 9:01
Not yours, but I mean, the two of you's fault.

Sarah 9:03
Um, we were turning left and the other, the other car was coming straight. And we definitely had a red light. But yeah.

Cutter 9:14
Too, too much in the French talk.

Sarah 9:16
Mhm. For real. And yeah, so we did that.

Cutter 9:20
So did you, I'm sorry, I'm just trying to, trying to work this out. You guys, left on a red light, you got t-boned or you got like clipped on the back?

Sarah 9:20
We t-boned the other car.

Cutter 9:30
Oh, that's impressive timing. That's not a big window to do that in.

Sarah 9:34
I know.

Cutter 9:35
Wow. Okay, nice. So you t-boned another car. Can I-

Sarah 9:38
We did.

Cutter 9:38
I'm sorry, I'm really into, I'm just trying to mentally picture this. Can I get, what, what car is, are you in?

Sarah 9:46
I'm not a car person.

Cutter 9:47

Sarah 9:47
It was, it was...

Cutter 9:49
Can you give me a-

Sarah 9:50
Like a Toyota Corolla?

Cutter 9:52
Oh. Okay, so not a huge car.

Sarah 9:54
Yeah, the other car was, was pretty big. It was like an SUV.

Cutter 9:56
Oh, okay.

Sarah 9:57
Yeah, we, our car was just like a little one.

Cutter 9:59
Yeah. Yep, yep.

Sarah 10:00
I don't know the name.

Cutter 10:01
Sure. No, no, that's, that's all I really wanted.

Sarah 10:03
Yeah, its name was Gordon. I will let you know that.

Cutter 10:06

Sarah 10:06
Yeah, unfortunately, Gordon was totaled.

Cutter 10:09
Oh, no.

Sarah 10:09
So was the other car. Um.

Cutter 10:11
Oh my gosh.

Sarah 10:13
No, it was, mmm, it was awful. And so, we got in the crash and, you know, it's loud, and I couldn't hear anything for like three minutes afterwards.

Cutter 10:22

Sarah 10:22
And she's over there yelling at me to do something, right. Probably to get out of the car, but I couldn't hear so I'm just kind of looking around.

Cutter 10:28

Sarah 10:29
I didn't know what was going on. But I get out of the car, right. And the lady in the other car, she like, can't get up. Like, her leg or something.

Cutter 10:37
Oh my gosh.

Sarah 10:38
Yeah. Um, and then uh. I need to gather my thoughts.

Cutter 10:45
No, no, take your, take your time. Please. I will gladly fill the space with, with my thoughts. But yeah.

Sarah 10:51

Cutter 10:53
So you, you clobbered her car though?

Sarah 10:55
We did. And she, you know, was not in, so, I had to call my parents, I guess.

Cutter 11:00

Sarah 11:00
Yeah. Um, and it was like, just about their bedtime, too.

Cutter 11:03
Oh, beautiful. Even better. Did you have a curfew? I have to ask.

Sarah 11:08
Not necessarily. I just had to, like, tell my parents when I would be home.

Cutter 11:11
Okay, that's responsible, I think. Yeah.

Sarah 11:13
Yeah. So I, I had to call my mom. And you know, anytime you call your parents late at night, they always expect something is gonna happen, so.

Cutter 11:13
Never good. Never good.

Sarah 11:21
Exactly. So.

Cutter 11:23
And you, and you followed through on this one. This was pretty bad.

Sarah 11:25
Yeah, it was.

Cutter 11:26

Sarah 11:26
Um, so, you know, my parents were on the way, her parents were on the way, she's crying.

Cutter 11:31
Of course. I would be.

Sarah 11:33
Because you know, her car just got totaled.

Cutter 11:34

Sarah 11:35
Um, I wasn't really crying. I was just kind of, you know, I didn't want to cry in front of her. I didn't-

Cutter 11:40
No, of course.

Sarah 11:40
-want to do that, you know, we just started dating.

Cutter 11:42
No, no, not on your first date.

Sarah 11:44
I didn't want to do, so, I'm just kind of like, yeah, no, it's fine, you're gonna be fine.

Cutter 11:48

Sarah 11:49
Um, yeah. And then, her parents pulled up first.

Cutter 11:52

Sarah 11:53
And the thing about her parents is, her dad is one of those personal injury lawyers, like the ones with the commercial.

Cutter 11:59
You're kidding.

Sarah 11:59
Yeah. So immediately, he's like, taking pictures. He's, he's getting statements.

Cutter 12:03
Oh, absolutely.

Sarah 12:03
You know, before the cops even come. He's there.

Cutter 12:06
Absolutely. That's so funny.

Sarah 12:08
Yeah. And my parents pull up and they're just like, Hey girl, like, what's going on? Um. Our parents did get to meet.

Cutter 12:16

Sarah 12:16
That's another thing. I, first date. You know, our parents met.

Cutter 12:18
First date, everybody meets the parents. That's real efficient. Get it out of the way early. No, I like that. I like that.

Sarah 12:24
But yeah, she was crying and her parents were just kind of like, comforting her, like hugging her. My mom tried to hug me but I just wasn't on the mood. So I just kind of sidestepped away.

Cutter 12:33
Whoa. Woof.

Sarah 12:35
Yeah, no, when the police came, you know, I, we had to, like, collect all our things. On my keys, there was like, this, this like, this thing. My dad got it for me to like, protect myself, but it's like, you pull the pin and it makes like a really loud noise.

Cutter 12:50
Oh, yeah. Yeah. Those.

Sarah 12:51
Somehow the pin got pulled during the collision.

Cutter 12:54
Oh, of course.

Sarah 12:54
So it was like beeping, but I couldn't hear it. I was deaf.

Cutter 12:56
Right, because you were deaf for a few minutes.

Sarah 12:58
Yeah. So I, um, I could not hear it. And then it just kind of got drowned out by all like, the police noises and stuff.

Cutter 13:04
Of course. Yeah.

Sarah 13:06
Yeah, but.

Cutter 13:07
Wow. What, um, so, so, so, what ended up coming of all the... like, was the, like, I imagine the other people were okay?

Sarah 13:16
Yeah, they, the ambulance had to come and-

Cutter 13:18
Oh wow.

Sarah 13:19
-took her on.

Cutter 13:21

Sarah 13:21
I think she ended up being okay. Hopefully?

Cutter 13:24
I mean, yeah, I, you would have to think.

Sarah 13:27
Yeah. I don't know. Um, I didn't really email her to catch up. But.

Cutter 13:35
That is a funny thought, though.

Sarah 13:37

Cutter 13:37
Wow. What a disastrous first date.

Sarah 13:41
Yeah, no, I remember. We were like, getting our stuff out of the car, because they're gonna go like tow it. And I look over at her, and I go, you know what? I'm gonna say it. Not the worst first date I've been on.

Now, I have to ask. What is the worst first date you've ever been on?

I just said that to make her feel better. If we're being honest.

Cutter 13:50
Oh no.

Sarah 13:51
It was my first date, like, ever.

Cutter 13:58
Oh. Oh gosh.

Sarah 13:59
So I kinda, I didn't want her to know that, so.

Cutter 14:01
Hey. Only up from here.

Sarah 14:02
That's what I'm saying. And it was only up from there.

Cutter 14:04
Nice. That's awesome. So how, I'm sorry, how long did you stay together with this person?

Sarah 14:09
Like, four months?

Cutter 14:11

Sarah 14:11
Which is a lot for high school.

Cutter 14:12
That's a lot for high school. And it seems like you got past the point where a breakup would have been related to the, the car crash. You know.

Sarah 14:18
Yeah, I think it brought us closer together. Like trauma bonding.

Cutter 14:18
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sarah 14:23
You know. It's like, for the next week, every time I saw like, you know, the bruise that went across my chest from the seatbelt. You know, I thought of her. So.

Cutter 14:30
Oh gosh. Oh, of course. Of course. Wow, what a thrilling, horrible first date.

Sarah 14:36
Yeah. Um, the guy at the towing place. He said that he's never seen anyone with a car that totaled, not in a full body cast. So.

Cutter 14:46

Sarah 14:47

Cutter 14:48
That's impressive.

Sarah 14:49
I think, I think we, it could have been worse.

Cutter 14:52
Sure. Yeah. So you, so you, I guess. You and, and by extension, her, came out with what, like, scrapes, bumps, scrapes, bruises kind of thing? Like nothing major?

Sarah 15:00
Bumps and scrapes. Yeah, pretty much.

Cutter 15:01
Wow, that's impressive.

Sarah 15:02

Cutter 15:02
That's phenomenal.

Sarah 15:03

Cutter 15:04
What a- man. The power of, the power of love, I guess. Really, uh, I don't know, will protect you from a car crash. As it turns out.

Sarah 15:12
That's what I'm saying.

Cutter 15:13
That's the way to do it.

Sarah 15:14
Everyone always said it was a bad omen. Um, that that was our first date.

Cutter 15:17
Yeah, yeah, definitely not a good omen.

Sarah 15:20
Yeah. No, for real. And looking back on it. Maybe it was. But.

Cutter 15:25
Yeah, I'm trying to think. If that happened to me, I don't know that I would, I don't know that I'd be able to continue dating that person. Like first date.

Sarah 15:31

Cutter 15:32
That does seem like the universe doesn't want this to happen.

Sarah 15:36
Mhm. Yeah, but sometimes, you know, when, when you're 16. You know, you look past all the red flags.

Cutter 15:40

Sarah 15:41
It's not about that. It's not about the car accident.

Cutter 15:43
It's not about the car accident that's happening right in front of your eyes.

Sarah 15:46
I think our second date, we had to like, go over insurance stuff.

Cutter 15:53
That's so good.

Sarah 15:54
Mhm. Really set us up for a lot of future dates.

Cutter 15:56
Wow. No, that's, that's incredible. So what, second date was going over insurance information. Third date was, I don't know, like, going to the impound lot. Fourth date was buying a new car. Very exciting. I'm curious, so, did she ever get a new car?

Sarah 16:09
She did. Um, I think it was towards the, like, it was a few months later. So it was towards the end of our relationship, because I remember I had to drive everywhere.

Cutter 16:17
Of course. Naturally.

Sarah 16:18
Um, which was awful. Because, you know, you just get in a car accident, you're afraid to drive.

Cutter 16:21
No, absolutely.

Sarah 16:22
But she's like, she's like, Sarah, you have to drive me. You know, we gotta go on dates. And. It was, it was.

Cutter 16:27
And you're like, ah, yes.

Sarah 16:28
I was scared, um, to drive, for like multiple months. But she did get a new car, eventually.

Cutter 16:33

Sarah 16:34
Don't know what kind it was. I think it was red. Maybe.

Cutter 16:36
Very important. That is the important detail. Wow, what a, what a disaster.

Sarah 16:41

Cutter 16:42
I'm just so astonished that you kept dating after that.

Sarah 16:46
Me too, if we're being honest. Hopefully she doesn't listen to this.

Cutter 16:53
If you, if you, Sarah's girlfriend from high school, are listening to this, just know that the accident was your fault. And I don't forgive you.

Sarah 17:02
Yeah, I know. I don't.

Cutter 17:03
Yeah, absolutely. And that's, and that's, you know, that's the responsible thing to say.

Sarah 17:07

Cutter 17:07
I think. Wow, that's excellent. I'm so fascinated. I've, like, I don't even know where to start with questions. So I think I'm not going to.

Sarah 17:15
Not a single question.

Cutter 17:16
Not a single one.

Sarah 17:17
He's speechless.

Cutter 17:17
I am, frankly, astounded. That's incredible. I think, yeah, unless unless you have anything else you feel the need to add or clarify.

Sarah 17:26
No. I think I discussed everything I need to.

Cutter 17:29
Excellent. I feel like that. Unless you have any other twists or transforming, I'll let you get into your next story.

Sarah 17:33
Sure. You'll never believe me but, I drove three hours just to buy hundreds of candles.

Cutter 17:42
I wouldn't believe you, that seems so silly.

Sarah 17:45
But I did.

Cutter 17:46
All right. Well, please tell me about what possibly could motivate you to drive three hours for hundreds of candles. And also, is it three hours one way, or roundtrip?

Sarah 17:57
One way.

Cutter 17:57
Oh. Okay. Tell me about these candles.

Sarah 18:01
Alright, so, this was also in high school.

Cutter 18:03

Sarah 18:03
And my high school friend group, we really liked candles. I don't know what it is with, with like, with lesbians and candles, but it's like, you always have one going.

Cutter 18:15

Sarah 18:16
Yeah. And it's like, it's like Bath and Bodyworks is like a pilgrimage for us, you know what I mean?

Cutter 18:19
Of course. That's your Mecca, I think.

Sarah 18:21
Exactly. There's just always a candle going, no matter what. Incense too a little bit, but we were on the candle side.

Cutter 18:27
Okay. Sure, sure. A candle lesbian, if you will.

Sarah 18:30
Yes. Naturally.

Cutter 18:31

Sarah 18:31
So that being said, it was this last summer, so the summer after my senior year of high school. And, um, I, my parents told me I could go on a little like, you know, senior trip, a little road trip. Me and my friends.

Cutter 18:44
Okay, nice. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sarah 18:45
So what was I going to do? Naturally, we're going to drive three hours to Virginia.

Cutter 18:48
Of course.

Sarah 18:52
To this like, candle outlet store. So we all, we all hopped in the car, gonna be a little day trip.

Cutter 19:01
How many people is this?

Sarah 19:03
There were four of us.

Cutter 19:04
Four of you total?

Sarah 19:05

Cutter 19:06
All lesbians.

Sarah 19:07
Some of them were bisexual.

Cutter 19:09

Sarah 19:09
But yeah,

Cutter 19:10
Okay. Okay. And so this is your, this is your, what, your, your parents give you one free, what? Like, road trip?

Sarah 19:19
Yeah, just a little trip. You know.

Cutter 19:20
Like go ahead, you know, wherever you want to go within a five hour drive radius, most.

Sarah 19:21

Cutter 19:21
And you were like, I want to go to a, the theme park, I don't know. I guess I, I guess, I don't know where you grew up, did you grow up in North Carolina?


Okay. Excellent.

Sarah 19:35
Well, I was gonna go to the Bass Pro Shops pyramid.

Cutter 19:38
So reasonable. No, that would have been, that would have been sick.

Sarah 19:41
But it was so expensive to stay there.

Cutter 19:44
Really? Huh.

Sarah 19:44
Yeah. So naturally, I couldn't go, and as much as I want to, I'll go there one day.

Cutter 19:50
Absolutely. Gotta make a second pilgrimage.

Sarah 19:53
It was candle time.

Cutter 19:54
It was candle time. So, can you, can you tell me the name of this candle outlet store?

Sarah 19:59
Woodwick outlet store in Virginia.

Cutter 20:01
Woodwick outlet store.

Sarah 20:02
It's not in like a big city. It's just kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Cutter 20:05
That's even better. I mean, that makes sense. Because why would you need a candle outlet store? Well, I mean, I'd say why would you need one anywhere. But why would you need it in a major city?

Sarah 20:15
For real. It's a pilgrimage.

Cutter 20:17
Right, that would ruin the point of the pilgrimage. If you could get to it, you know, walking distance from, I don't know, any real big Virginia cities. I felt like I was ready for one, but didn't get there. Okay, so you and three of your lesbian friends- sorry, some of them are bisexual.

Sarah 20:37

Cutter 20:37
Get in the car and make your way to Woodwick candle outlet in Virginia.

Sarah 20:41
Yes, we left at like 7am.

Cutter 20:43
Oh, good god.

Sarah 20:47
Um. And, you know, we drove along to this place, you know, with our, in my Kia Soul.

Oh, the Kia Soul.

Of course, we all hopped into that Kia Soul.

Cutter 20:56

Sarah 20:57
And we drove up, and they, they sold the candles by like, the cardboard box, right. You had to get like, a full cardboard box of candles. And it was like, it was an outlet. Right? So some of them were like, shattered. They had like little cracks.

Cutter 21:11
This is like your, like your, like your BJs or Costco, like that. I'm thinking that amount of stuff in that, that style of store.

Sarah 21:18
Yeah, I mean, they just have like, shelves and shelves of boxes of candles.

Cutter 21:22
Of course. How big of a cardboard box are we talking, that you're filling up here?

Sarah 21:26
I don't know how to describe it, like, on the mic, but it's like,

Cutter 21:30
That, to me, at least, for you, dear listener, who can't see the hand motions that we're getting. I, that looks to me to be like, two, two and a half feet wide. And, you know, is it a cube? Or is it a?

Sarah 21:43
Yeah, approximately.

Cutter 21:44
Yeah, that's massive.

Sarah 21:45
It was a little shallow.

Cutter 21:47
Shallow. Okay, shallow. Sure. Like, are we talking one layer, one layer-

Sarah 21:51

Cutter 21:51
Two layers. How big are these, how big are these candles?

Sarah 21:54
Well, they ranged in size, you see.

Cutter 21:56
I, I don't.

Sarah 21:57
Yeah. They had little candles, they had big, they had tall ones, they had short ones. Some of them weren't even candles. It was just like, this gel, that you like, just like, leave out and it like, made the room smell? I don't know. Um, there were a lot of candles there.

Cutter 22:12
I'm stuck on the gel.

Sarah 22:13
Yeah, no, it's just like, it's like a little jar. It's got gel in it. And you unscrew it, put it out and then it just acts like a candle. And.

Cutter 22:20
That's it.

Sarah 22:21
It makes the whole room smell up. Yeah.

Cutter 22:22
So you- oh, first of all, you have to, you have to tell me if you bought a gel or not?

Sarah 22:27
Yeah, of course.

Cutter 22:28

Sarah 22:28
Well, here's the thing. You buy it by the box. So we didn't see what was in the box until we got back into the car.

Cutter 22:33
Oh. So you mean you don't get to put stuff in the box. You just buy a box.

Sarah 22:37
You just buy it. They were mystery boxes.

Cutter 22:39
That's so fun. So, okay. So how big is the store, first of all, to accommodate all these boxes?

Sarah 22:47
That's a good question. It's not like, warehouse big.

Cutter 22:51
Mmm. Okay.

Sarah 22:51
But it was like, like a, like a, like a Super Walmart big.

Cutter 22:55

Sarah 22:55

Cutter 22:56
And it's just boxes, mystery boxes full of these.

Sarah 23:00
Yeah. Well, some of them. You could, you could get regular. Like, you could buy a lot of candles.

Cutter 23:03
Oh, well then, what's the point of that?

Sarah 23:05
Yeah. Mystery boxes.

Cutter 23:06
Not as fun.

Sarah 23:06
That's why we were there.

Cutter 23:07
And so, I imagine that you will tell me in the natural progression of the story. How much did this cost?

Sarah 23:14
Okay, well, it was an outlet store. So it was probably like, 150? We got like, six boxes.

Cutter 23:21
150 for six boxes of candles?

Sarah 23:24

Cutter 23:24
What, $25 per box?

Sarah 23:27
Approximately. That is the math.

Cutter 23:28
That is ridiculous.

Sarah 23:29

Cutter 23:31
If you could give me an estimate on candles per box?

Sarah 23:34
I don't know. I know that we, at the end we had like, hundreds of candles.

Cutter 23:37
Oh my gosh. What a steal.

Sarah 23:39
For real. And, here's the thing though.

Cutter 23:41

Sarah 23:42
There's a reason they were so cheap. Some of them were kind of shitty candles.

Cutter 23:45

Sarah 23:45
If we're being honest.

Cutter 23:46
I mean, sure. They're not all gonna be winners.

Sarah 23:47
Yeah. Like you know, some of them, they smelled normal, but then there was one that smelled like Sour Patch Kids

Cutter 23:53
That's a sick ass candle.

Sarah 23:55
Yeah, but I couldn't put that in my home.

Cutter 23:57
Why not?

Sarah 23:58
I just feel like it's a very overpowering smell.

Cutter 24:01
Gosh. I would love my home to smell like Sour Patch Kids.

Sarah 24:04
Oh, I'll have to get you that candle.

Cutter 24:05
I would love nothing more, frankly. I would, I've not ever been a big candle user, famously not being a lesbian myself.

Sarah 24:13

Cutter 24:14
I'm not a big candle user, but I would use the crap out of that candle. Sour Patch Kids candle.

Sarah 24:20
I mean, if you want to make the pilgrimage.

Cutter 24:22
Mmm. I don't love the Sour Patch Kids candle, six hours of driving, much.

Sarah 24:28
And that's your first mistake.

Cutter 24:30
Well, and I don't even guarantee that I get it.

Sarah 24:32
True. True. True. True.

Cutter 24:33

Sarah 24:34
There's probably another place you can buy it.

Cutter 24:36
Yeah, that's not as fun though.

Sarah 24:38
You're so right. But, yeah, some of them smelled weird. Some of them it's like, you lit it, because they were, they were woodwicks-

Cutter 24:43
Of course.

Sarah 24:44
-and, it like, crackles, and like.

Cutter 24:46

Sarah 24:47
Not, not in a good way. In like, a start-a-fire kind of way.

Cutter 24:49

Sarah 24:50
Um. Yeah, but, a lot of those candles. I give them away as gifts now, because I have so many of them.

Cutter 24:55
So you still have some.

Sarah 24:56
Yeah, obviously.

Cutter 24:56
So was, this was senior year. I'm sorry. I don't know how, how far you are out of high school.

Sarah 25:01
I'm a freshman.

Cutter 25:02
Oh, you're a little baby. Okay.

Sarah 25:03

Cutter 25:04
Gotcha. Okay. Okay, that makes sense.

Sarah 25:04
I still have a lot.

Cutter 25:07
So this, this trip would have been what, you know, anywhere from a year ago to...

Sarah 25:11
It was a few months ago.

Cutter 25:12
Oh my god, months ago even.

Sarah 25:14
Yeah. Merely months ago.

Cutter 25:16
Mere months.

Sarah 25:17
I have so many candles.

Cutter 25:19
That's so thrilling.

Sarah 25:20

Cutter 25:20
Do you still have, do you still have some gels bouncing around?

Sarah 25:23
Yeah, most of them are, uh, in Greensboro right now. I, I couldn't bring them all here. You understand.

Cutter 25:28
I mean, obviously. Dorm rooms, famous for not liking candles.

Sarah 25:31

Cutter 25:31
So wait, you brought candles, but no gels?

Sarah 25:34
No, I brought, I brought some gels.

Cutter 25:36
Oh. Okay, good.

Sarah 25:36
Right. But like, most of the everything is, is still in Greensboro.

Cutter 25:39
I mean, I wouldn't expect you to bring, you know, with all of your other dorm equipment, six, two and a half foot by two and a half foot by, I don't know, eight inches tall. We'll go with.

Sarah 25:50
But you got to bring the essentials.

Cutter 25:51

Sarah 25:51
Sometimes that includes hundreds of candles.

Cutter 25:53
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Sarah 25:55

Cutter 25:55
I've never, I've never believed anything more.

Sarah 25:57

Cutter 25:59
So, I guess I'm confused about why you left at seven in the morning.

Sarah 26:05
Well, it was a little day trip.

Cutter 26:07
Right. So you drove-

Sarah 26:08
Three hours.

Cutter 26:09
-directly to the candle place?

Sarah 26:11

Cutter 26:12
Three hours. So we're there, 10 o'clock, give or take. You, I don't know. I, wander around the candle store, by or by, we'll call it an hour?

Sarah 26:21
Maybe an hour and a half? We really like, took it in.

Cutter 26:23
Of course. Gotta. So that's your Mecca.

Sarah 26:26

Cutter 26:27
And you're at 11:30.

Sarah 26:28

Cutter 26:29
Then you just drive back?

Sarah 26:31
No, we got, we got lunch.

Cutter 26:32
Okay, okay.

Sarah 26:33
You know. We hung out. Um. And then, yeah, I guess we did drive back.

Cutter 26:37
In Nowhere, Virginia?

Sarah 26:39
Yeah. Yeah, I don't know, you, you look at road signs and stuff. Again, when you're in high school, you don't have money.

Cutter 26:46
Sure. Yeah. You're not going to do anything.

Sarah 26:47
And we're already In Virginia, you know, you just kind of.

Cutter 26:50
When in Rome, you know.

Sarah 26:51

Cutter 26:52
You look at...road signs.

Sarah 26:53
Mhm. We did get home at a reasonable time. Um, because, you know, my parents had this whole thing about me going like, you know, three hours in the dark.

Cutter 26:53
Sure, sure.

Sarah 26:56
Because, you know, I didn't have a curfew, but it's also like, if I'm in Virginia, and it's like-

Cutter 27:06
Right, that's not really,

Sarah 27:07
-you know, midnight.

Cutter 27:08
Mhm. Not great.

Sarah 27:09

Cutter 27:10
Okay. Okay. Okay. I'm with you. I just, in my mind, it's just very funny to imagine all of your, all of your, your friends setting alarms for, you know, like six in the morning, you know, possibly even earlier.

Sarah 27:22
All labeled "candle time".

Cutter 27:23
Candle time. That's incredible. Boy, I so desperately want this one to be true. I will, I will. I mean, unless you have any more details. I guess I can go into, into.

Sarah 27:35
No, on the way back.

Cutter 27:36
Oh. Okay. Yes.

Sarah 27:37
We had to, we had to hold the candles in our laps. Because, you know, you don't want them breaking.

Cutter 27:41
In the Kia Soul.

Sarah 27:42
Exactly. Um, but you, you have to realize. All of those hundreds of smells, inside the Kia Soul.

Cutter 27:48
Oh god. That's horrifying.

Sarah 27:50
I did have a friend that was prone to car sickness. And she, she did throw up on the side of the road.

Cutter 27:56
Oh no.

Sarah 27:57
We did make it to like a, like a McDonald's, but she did throw up in some McDonald's between Virginia and Greensboro, North Carolina.

Cutter 28:04
Wow. If you were at McDonald's between Virginia and Greensboro, North Carolina, or you work at one, you could have been the site of a lesbian vomiting as a result of car sickness and hundreds of candles.

Sarah 28:14
Exactly. Hundreds of candles.

Cutter 28:16
How did you, so did you, when you got back, did you divvy them up? Or were they all for you?

Sarah 28:19
Well, we did a little like, unboxing, because they were mystery boxes.

Cutter 28:22
So true. No, of course.

Sarah 28:23
So we like traded. You know. And I guess we all pretty much divvied them up, um.

Cutter 28:28
That's excellent.

Sarah 28:29

Cutter 28:30
And so you, you divvied them up and still ended up with hundreds of candles.

Sarah 28:34
I probably had like, 75.

Cutter 28:37
God bless.

Sarah 28:39

Cutter 28:39
And so this is, you know. I guess, 150 by four people, you're talking like, 40 some, 30 some bucks.

Sarah 28:46

Cutter 28:46
And you end up with 75 candles.

Sarah 28:48

Cutter 28:48
That's a great deal.

Sarah 28:49

Cutter 28:50
Wow. Shout out to Woodwick Candles in Virginia.

Sarah 28:54

Cutter 28:55
This is true. I want it to be so bad. I need you to know that, before I even start to like, put together my thoughts, I guess.

Sarah 29:01
No, of course.

Cutter 29:02
This one's incredible. This is awesome.

Sarah 29:04
What if I played a trick on you? They're both true.

Cutter 29:06
That would be, that would, that's never happened before, I'd be super down for that. For both of these stories.

Sarah 29:12
Yeah. And then I have to take over your podcast, because I tricked you.

Cutter 29:14
Mmm, don't think that's how it works.

Sarah 29:15
I think it is.

Cutter 29:16
Don't think that's how it works.

Sarah 29:17
I don't know.

Cutter 29:17
You want to interview my aunt who's, maybe as my next guest?

Sarah 29:20
Yes, I do. Yes, I do.

Cutter 29:22
Ah. All right. Well, unless you have anything else to add to the candle saga?

Sarah 29:26
I think that's it.

Cutter 29:27
I guess I'll work towards collecting my thoughts now. So, those are two incredible stories, just, first off.

Sarah 29:35
Thank you. I try.

Cutter 29:36
Just gotta rip that band aid off immediately.

Sarah 29:37
I'm a storyteller.

Cutter 29:38
I, absolutely. Couldn't agree more. I so desperately want them both to be true. But I, I think more than anything, want the second one to be true. Like, if, I, I can acknowledge I'm giving up one of them. Right. I, one of these stories will be lost to time.

Sarah 29:53

Cutter 29:54
As, as a lie. And, if there's one story that I think I, I would be okay with not appreciating as truth anymore, I think it's got to be, be that first story. In terms of actual reasons as to why I'm thinking the candle story is true, boy, you just know so much about it.

Sarah 30:11

Cutter 30:11
And that's so compelling. Just the amount of detail that you have about this. Like, I don't know, I would be astonished and I have been before, right, with the level of detail and effort that you've put into this story about driving to Virginia, to get a ton of candles.

Sarah 30:29

Cutter 30:30
At its core, as much as I really like the car accident story. And there's a lot of, what's, what's really only catching me about it, is that there are a lot of really good details in that story. Like, really minor stuff, that I think if I was making it up, I would have a hard time to come up with

Sarah 30:50

Cutter 30:51
Right? So like, the fact that her dad was a personal injury lawyer or like, the, you know, I guess impound guy or body shop mechanic or whoever you said it was, saying that they had never seen somebody with that much damage come out, you know, not in a full body cast. Like, those are all really, really good, really efficient anecdotal details, that I think if I'm making up this story, I might have trouble, I might have trouble coming up with.

Sarah 31:18

Cutter 31:18
Um, but those are also present in the, in the candle story. But I also don't, I just, and maybe you are a candle lesbian and just happen to know that much, like, anyways, but the gels are also really confusing to me. And I don't think I would, I don't think if I made a story up, I would include them.

Sarah 31:36

Cutter 31:37
Right. So that's, I think, at the end of it all, I'm gonna say, partially based on hope and partially based on, uh, I just, I, you just know so much about the candles. I'm gonna say, locking it in. You can see it as I, as I type in my little, my little, my end number. I'm gonna say, the second story about the candles is true. And the first story about getting in a car crash on your first date. Very good. Not true.

Sarah 32:04
That's really beautiful. What if I told you that you were wrong?

Cutter 32:07
I would be really, really sad.

Sarah 32:09
You are.

Cutter 32:10
No, really?

Sarah 32:11

Cutter 32:12
Wow. Okay, so, car crash story. Very good.

Sarah 32:15
It did happen.

Cutter 32:16
That's excellent. Wow.

Sarah 32:17

Cutter 32:18
I mean. Very bad.

Sarah 32:19
Yeah, it is unfortunate.

Cutter 32:20
Right, quite unfortunate. That's incredible. Really?

Sarah 32:23

Cutter 32:24
Wow. Okay. Can you, can you tell me about where this candle story comes from then?

Sarah 32:29
It actually happened, well, partially to a friend of mine.

Cutter 32:32
Oh, sure, sure.

Sarah 32:32
I, you know, added some details.

Cutter 32:34
No, naturally. Naturally.

Sarah 32:36
But it did happen to a friend of mine. He calls it Candle Day.

Cutter 32:39
Candle Day. Of course, of course.

Sarah 32:41
And as someone that does surround myself with candle lesbians, I thought I could add enough detail.

Cutter 32:45
No, I think you, I think you nailed it. So this is somebody else's candle pilgrimage.

Sarah 32:45

Cutter 32:45
Not yours.

Sarah 32:51

Cutter 32:52
So you've never been to, to the Woodwick candle outlet store.

Sarah 32:56
I haven't. But I've heard about it. I kinda want to make the pilgrimage.

Cutter 32:58
And so, you mean to tell me that all of this talk, you offered me a Sour Patch Kids candle?

Sarah 33:05

Cutter 33:05
With no ability to deliver on that?

Sarah 33:08
No, I am sorry.

Cutter 33:09
That's heartbreaking. Really, more than, more than getting this one wrong. I'm just sad that. I won't be able to get the Sour Patch.

Sarah 33:15
I know, I can find one.

Cutter 33:15
No, no, I think it's too late. I think you've missed your chance by lying to me in this moment. In this show, where I specifically ask people to lie to me.

Sarah 33:22
Was that not my job?

Cutter 33:23
Absolutely it was.

Sarah 33:24
Did I not do my job?

Cutter 33:25
I, no, your job was to do it, and then still let me be right. So.

Sarah 33:29
Oh. I thought my job was to win, and let you be wrong.

Cutter 33:32
Common, common misconception.

Sarah 33:34
You should have told me.

Cutter 33:35
You know what? That's my bad. I famously am the protagonist.

Sarah 33:39
Oh, well, I'm just saying if you have me on an episode, I'm going to be the main character.

Cutter 33:45
Oh, wow. Okay.

Sarah 33:46
You know, you get every episode. I get this.

Cutter 33:47
Oh, gotcha. But don't you think that if every guest thinks that, then I'm never the main character?

Sarah 33:52
Then it makes your podcast more dynamic. You're the Everyman. And then your guests are the one.

Cutter 33:56
Sure, sure. I mean, I would, I would say, you know, generally the guests are the, your, your, your featured guest, but you would also, I don't know, like any late night talk show host that brings on guests. They're still the main character, right?

Sarah 34:09
Sure. Maybe?

Cutter 34:10
I don't know. This is all, you know, we're just arguing semantics now.

Sarah 34:13

Cutter 34:13
Man, the candle thing is so crazy. So, are those prices real?

Sarah 34:19
I think so. Um.

Cutter 34:20
Gosh, that's incredible.

Sarah 34:20
I was talking to him last night and asking him-

Cutter 34:22

Sarah 34:23
-and I think it was somewhere around that, like, like 150.

Cutter 34:27

Sarah 34:27

Cutter 34:28
Good god.

Sarah 34:30
But again, they were really shitty candles.

Cutter 34:32
Oh no, of course. Of course. The gels are real by the way?

Sarah 34:35
The gels are real.

Cutter 34:36
That's horrifying.

Sarah 34:37

Cutter 34:37
Why did we, why did we make this?

Sarah 34:40
I, I don't know. I wish I could tell you.

Cutter 34:41
Can't be, can't be necessary.

Sarah 34:44
No. Just, just light a candle.

Cutter 34:46
Just turn, just yeah, who cares?

Sarah 34:48

Cutter 34:48
You get some from it. Like, you don't, you don't need to make a goop. You can't need to.

Sarah 34:53
For real.

Cutter 34:53
Wow, that's ridiculous. I'm so compelled by all the candle details. Tragedy. That's so exciting though, that your first date was a car crash.

Sarah 35:03
Yeah, um, it's, it's definitely a story.

Cutter 35:05
Gosh. That's an incredible story.

Sarah 35:07

Cutter 35:07
That is an incredible story, I think especially like, I don't know, I think it's something about the added significance and pressure of like relationships or dates or anything like that, that makes those stories surrounding those topics even better.

Sarah 35:23

Cutter 35:23
Right. And I think, I think that's a great example of that. Oh, what a great two stories. I can't believe I got her on. But that was excellent. Very well done. All right. Well, now that I've made my guess, and I've been wrong, here's to hoping that when we go to a little bit of a break here, so you can listen to my two stories. You will hopefully get that one wrong as well. Not that you'll know until the season finale, but all I have to say, we're gonna go to quick break. We'll be right back. After you have heard my two stories, and then you'll make your guess.

Sarah 35:30
Very good.

Cutter 35:55
Hey, real quick, while Sarah is listening to my stories. If you liked the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button wherever you're listening with us on Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts so you'll never miss an episode. Also, just that you all remember my two stories, here's a quick recap. In my first story, I was working at a gymnastics summer camp, and had to take care of a child who peed himself, getting peed on in the process. But this happened not once, but twice, two years apart. In my second story, I stopped into a friend's dorm for late night conversation that ended up making him faint. And while I took care of him, another friend of the room passed out, which led me to take care of both of them for most of the night, only to find out that one of the other people in the room was a trained medical practitioner. With all that out of the way. Let's get back into the action.

Well, Sarah, those were my two stories. What do you think?

Sarah 36:41
They were interesting.

Cutter 36:42

Sarah 36:42
Um, I don't know. I feel like the first one, the one about the kid that peed on you. It was it was it was short and sweet. You got to the point.

Cutter 36:50

Sarah 36:50
Second one was more drawn out.

Cutter 36:52
Sure, yeah.

Sarah 36:52
Now, I don't, I don't know you.

Cutter 36:54

Sarah 36:54
Like as a man, I don't know.

Cutter 36:55

Sarah 36:56
Who you are. So I don't know if more detail or less detail is your tell for lying? I feel like if I really wanted to, I should have like studied the podcast

Cutter 37:06
Oh, you absolutely could have, sure.

Sarah 37:00
Figured out your tell. But I, I was not that prepared.

Cutter 37:11
No, that's, that's okay. That's probably the way it should be.

Sarah 37:15
Again, with the detail I think in the second story, there was there was a lot of things that that I don't know. You can't make it up.

Cutter 37:23

Sarah 37:24

Cutter 37:24
Sure, yeah.

Sarah 37:25
The fact that two people passed out though.

Cutter 37:27
Right, that's so crazy. That's so comical.

Sarah 37:30
True. And I just think the emotions while you were telling that story. Were very um, very, very raw, very um.

Cutter 37:37
Okay, yeah. Okay. Yeah. If you have any questions again, again, I will I will gladly field them. I do operate, I don't know if you've listened to, you know, other episodes as much. But I do operate while I'm recording this, like both stories are true.

Sarah 37:53

Cutter 37:53
So just for for your context as you as you ask questions, but

Sarah 37:59
I don't know. You said the second kid that peed on you was five years old.

Cutter 38:02
I want to say five.

Sarah 38:04
Why aren't you sure of that?

Cutter 38:05
Well, that was three years ago, almost.

Sarah 38:07
Sure. But you remember the first kid being three.

Cutter 38:10
Right. Because that was important to us no longer allowing three year olds. The other kid, and I do not often check the kids ages mostly because it doesn't matter.

Sarah 38:19

Cutter 38:21
They did know that kid was three specifically.

Sarah 38:23
What was the gymnastics camp called?

Cutter 38:25
It was I mean, it's just summer camp. So it was it was at the gym I worked at. They do summer camp every, every summer.

Sarah 38:33

Cutter 38:34
Sure that yeah, that would be the thing I pick to lie about.

Sarah 38:37
I don't know.

Cutter 38:40
No, I did. I have worked at a gymnastics gym. I did coaching, I've done birthda-, I do a lot of birthday parties. And I do summer camps as well. So.

Sarah 38:48
Okay, okay, let me ask you this. What's, what's, what's your, your favorite little gymnastics move?

Cutter 38:54
My favorite gymnastics move to see someone do or to do?

Sarah 38:57

Cutter 38:58
My favorite one to do, I really, I really enjoy a good front webster. I think that's a good time. That's a one footed front flip.

Sarah 39:05

Cutter 39:06
It's got a lot of like a kicking motion with that back leg to swing you over. Geez, I mean to watch, really, really any of your like Olympic tumbling passes. Like those are all super impressive. I think the most, frankly, the the one of the coolest skills to see as an Iron Cross on rings. It's just like that's frankly, I can't fathom doing that with my body. That's crazy. So it, I might, I might say that.

Sarah 39:32
Yeah. Okay. What kind of gymnastic stuff did you teach the kids at this camp?

Cutter 39:37
Not a ton. The the camp was, the camp was not, the camp was great. I loved it was definitely a summer camp before it was a gymnastics camp. But it was really dependent on their skill level. We would do stations, two stations every day. Or two sorry, gymnastic sections every day. We go to I think it was three different events. I didn't work last summer. I'm at a different job. But it was yeah, we would end up doing like a total of six stations a day and just whatever, you know, like whatever their skill level was just trying to either round out their skills or maybe teach them, you know, especially if they didn't know a lot of like, low level or mid level stuff. Teach them that stuff. I wasn't running around teaching like crazy tricks or anything.

Sarah 40:20
I think I think I have my guess. Okay.

Cutter 40:22
So tell me which story you believe to be the true story.

Sarah 40:25
I think the true story is the second one.

Cutter 40:27
Okay. So you think, you think that I did talk someone into a concussion?

Sarah 40:33
Sure. I mean, you sound like you could.

Cutter 40:36
I was gonna say, is that your experience here?

Sarah 40:39
I, definitely. I'm surprised I haven't collapsed.

Cutter 40:42
You know what? I'm very impressed. You made a longer than Noah, so.

Sarah 40:45
I did.

Cutter 40:46
Okay, is that? I mean, I, you already got some into your reasoning, but

Sarah 40:51
I don't know. It's just the detail.

Cutter 40:54
Okay. Okay.

Sarah 40:55
And just something about the way it was expressed to me it feels very, very true. I could be wrong.

Cutter 41:02
Sure. 50% chance you're wrong, roughly.

Sarah 41:05
Roughly. But the way you're looking at me now, it's giving like, I pulled one over on her.

Cutter 41:12
No, that's just my regular face. So.

Sarah 41:14
True. And that's why you gave them a concussion

Cutter 41:16
Uh huh, uh huh. That wasn't nice.

Sarah 41:18
I think. Yeah, that is my final guess.

Cutter 41:20

Sarah 41:20
The second one is true.

Cutter 41:21
I like it. Be confident. You are, so you are the, 1, 2, 3, 4, you're the eighth guest I've had on. If you're curious to know those statistics. you are the fourth guest to guess the second story is true, which means there are also four guesses for the first story to be true. Oh, so right now we're at it. We're at a dead 50/50 split.

Sarah 41:40
Dead 50/50.

Cutter 41:41
Which means that I've done my job, which is to make my story hard to guess.

Sarah 41:45
Yeah. Well, I mean, this is your podcast. I hope you'd be good at that.

Cutter 41:48
Well, it's so funny you say that. The first season I was, I, my stories were, were not very good. I'll give you the record. There was only one person who guessed incorrectly in the first season lies to my stories. So had, I had a much rougher time on that one. But I think, I mean, my guessing has improved, my stories have improved. Season two,

Sarah 42:10
You're better than ever.

Cutter 42:11
Better than, I, you know. So true. Better than ever.

Sarah 42:14
Coming back with better, better stories. You're guessing correctly. More of the time than you did.

Cutter 42:20
Absolutely that's not even close. Yeah. You're so right. Better than ever. Well, what an excellent guest. I'm very curious to see how you react when I tell you if you're right or wrong. When the finale comes around.

Sarah 42:31
I'm excited to find out.

Cutter 42:33
Excellent. Well, Sarah, thank you for joining me. I think we learned above all else that you need to go to the candle store.

Sarah 42:40
You need to take the pilgrimage.

Cutter 42:42
And you owe me a sour patch kids candle.

Sarah 42:44
And I'll try and find it.

Cutter 42:46
I can only hope. Thank you so much for joining me. Where can listeners find more of you?

Sarah 42:52
You can find me on WKNC at 88.1. I am DJ scrimble right now. I'm on HD-2, Wednesdays at 6pm. But hopefully in a few weeks, I'm going to transfer to HD-1. I don't know what my show is going to be, but you can find, I guess the schedule on the WKNC website of DJ scrimble. My current show is called "Girls to the Front" where I just talk about, I play just songs by women that I like.

Cutter 43:20
Nice. Shout out to women.

Sarah 43:22
Shout out to women, exactly.

Cutter 43:24
So true. This has been a, this has been, I know it seems like I'm, I'm mocking but this has been, frankly, a motto of mine for at least the better part of a year, is just women.

Sarah 43:25
That's what I'm saying. And I'm glad you understand.

Cutter 43:29
Absolutely. I get it. Women are awesome.

Sarah 43:39
Women are awesome. And that's why I showcase them on my show Wednesdays at 6pm HD-2 DJ scrimble.

Cutter 43:45
What a, what a,

Sarah 43:46
Please listen.

Cutter 43:47
What a plug. What an excellent plug. Sarah, thank you much for joining me. Thank you much. Yeah, no, I mean that thank you much for joining me. It's been a pleasure.

Sarah 43:56
Thank you much for having me.

Cutter 43:58
You didn't have to do that.

That will do it for this episode. Our intro music is Pop Nugget off of Compositions Two used under the Creative Commons License found on Free Music Wherever. Outro music is Vintage News off Reduction Music used under the Creative Commons License found on Free Music Archive. I have been Cutter. This has been You'll Never Believe Me But... and thank you all for listening. Good day and good night.

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