About You'll Never Believe Me But...
You’ll Never Believe Me But… is a lighthearted storytelling podcast about what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s funny. Guests come on and tell two stories, one real one fake, and laugh and joke about it with host Cutter as they enjoy storytelling while he tries to figure out which story is the real one.

About Cutter
Man smiling Hello! I’m Cutter, the host of You’ll Never Believe Me But…, a podcast about storytelling and lying. Storytelling has always been a passion of mine, as has improvisational storytelling, and this podcast allows me to explore both of those with others. From DJs to friends to family to professors, I’m always interested in listening to some crazy life experiences they’ve lived, and WKNC has given me the opportunity to do that and make podcasts out of it. I’m a sophomore at NC State majoring in computer science and philosophy, and though I do it on the podcast, I can be found storytelling and listening to stories outside of the studio as well.
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