Las Vegas Coasters and New Orleans Chaperones

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In this episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But... Natalie, friend of Gabby’s and friend of Cutter’s, tells stories about her return to her birthplace of Las Vegas and her high school orchestra’s fitful field trip to New Orleans.

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Cutter 0:21
Good morning, good afternoon and good evening everyone. My name is cutter but you may know me as Three Bears in a Coat on air on HD one and welcome to this episode of you'll never believe me but

Cutter 0:53
you'll never believe me, but it's a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me, every episode I have a guest on and they tell me two stories one real and one fake and I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher on the rundown the three rules we have here, before we get into today's episode, rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We're not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in the story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them. You agreed to come on the show and tell these stories but unless they agreed to have these stories told just use a fake name. And rule number three and this is the easiest one all stories should start with. You'll never believe me but and then a brief synopsis before starting the story just so we all know what we're getting into. And as a nice little nod to the show's title. So with all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let's go ahead and get into today's episode. Today's guest is Natalie, a more new friend of mine actually, I've been meaning to ask you this. And we'll get into this in a second. But a good friend of mine, computer science friend of mine, who I've been spending a good bit of time with this semester, who has so graciously agreed to come on and tell some stories. Natalie, how are you? I'm I'm good.

Natalie 2:12
I'm really excited. I've so agreed to be on is a little bit fibbing. Sure I placed this idea into your head. I Gabby the last person who came on Yeah, yeah. told me all about this. I actually knew that you worked for WKNC. Way before we actually met really? Gabby has talked about you to me, way before our first meeting. And no, no, I'm so I happen to know a lot more about you than you know about me. Sure.

Cutter 2:52
I believe that. Yeah,

Natalie 2:53
I have an advantage over you. Okay, on this whole lying thing,

Cutter 2:57
I believe now you you said something interesting in there. And I know what you're referring to. You said before our first and second meeting. Yeah. What do you want to explain that one?

Natalie 3:06
Yeah, sure. So our first meeting was actually a small get together at your house that I was invited to through Gabby.

Cutter 3:15
Yep. Note, I don't mean to interrupt. No, this was not my event. Right. No, plan B plan decided that I was going to host it right. Of course. Yeah, of course. And she planned the whole thing. Yep. No. And to accredit all I did was supply the place to be of course.

Natalie 3:31
Um, and that's where I met you. Yep. I'm slightly different than I would now consider you. My first impression of you was like your second and

Cutter 3:44
I was this was the night after the NC State Clemson football game. Yep. I was. I was exhausted and miserable. And I think I made that very clear. No, everyone. I was not the most gracious host that will admit

Natalie 4:05
no, no, that's not true. i My first impression of you was actually really nice. I thought you were really nice.

Cutter 4:12
No, I'm not.

Natalie 4:15
No, no, don't say that. Um, I took my best friend with me. Abby. And she, you know, everybody was super nice to us considering I was really only friends with Gabby at that time and trends. Like school friends, not even like casual friends. Yeah. And yeah, so that was the first impression at which you know, completely differences second impression where we met in class. Yeah, and you didn't remember me?

Cutter 4:47
Correct. I reintroduce myself as I late as I found out immediately after doing it. In my defense, I would like to say and I will defend this point till the day I die like Um, it turns out that in classroom fluorescent lighting at 815 in the morning, wearing regular people clothes instead of over the top makeup and outfits, people look different.

Natalie 5:14
No, but yeah, you reintroduce yourself to me. And I said, I know. Yep. And when I said worst moment, and Gabby said, yeah, she's been to your house.

Cutter 5:24
Yeah, no, that is I often, probably once a month, maybe once every two or three weeks. We'll think about that before I fall asleep. Like when you're laying in bed, and you're like, just thoughts are racing. And I was like, Oh, I remember the time when I introduced myself to Natalie for the second time.

Natalie 5:41
You did it to Abby

Cutter 5:41
to Yes. And again. I think she looked even more significantly different. Yeah. And that one again, I will also defend defend myself on that one.

Natalie 5:53
I mean, I don't blame you. I will say we did go a little bit over the top the makeup

Cutter 5:59
as you will should have at well deserved but I Yeah, classroom slash mu you very different from Greek gods and goddesses party. You

Natalie 6:09
are God, I still look back at those pictures. But um but yeah, that was that was you know, first and second impression. And so I did plant being on here on the show. Through Gabby

Cutter 6:27
pool plant feels like a strong word. I did know I did. How okay, how would you describe your process? Gabby

Natalie 6:35
was telling me all about her story. She she told me both stories before she came on. Sure. Sure. She let me guess, I guess correctly, by the way. Wow.

Cutter 6:43
Well done. Okay. You're better than me.

Natalie 6:45
Her story was significantly more different. Sure. Instructure was the same, but it was different. Okay. Like the play was different. What was happening was kind of different. Gotcha. And it was just easier to grasp. I told her that she should change it. Nice. So I think that made it a little bit more difficult.

Cutter 7:01
So you made my job harder.

Natalie 7:04
What can I say?

Cutter 7:07
Almost certainly has to be Yeah, of course.

Natalie 7:09
Um, but yeah, so I told Gabby that I was really excited for her, which I, which I was I really do like listening to podcasts. And I really, I did what I did tell her was true that I do actually like, making up stories. I said this, in the tone of which babysitting was my kid job. So maybe, yeah, I meant not in a I like to lie to people kind of went hey, I have told kids so many stories, like fake, like fictitious, like animals talking kind of stories. Um,

Cutter 7:48
he doesn't love to spin a good web. Right? Yeah.

Natalie 7:51
Um, so which might I say coming up with a like, not so true story? way harder. Oh, it's so difficult that Oh, it's so hard and trying to make it believable? Yeah,

Cutter 8:02
no, it's absurdly difficult. Yeah. I 100% agree.

Natalie 8:06
So I told Gabby, my true story. Because she, she prompted me she was like, well, you're so excited for me. What about you, you should be on? And I was like, Well, okay.

Cutter 8:19
If you if you

Natalie 8:20
said, yeah. Tell me story. I was like, Well, I don't think my life's too interesting. I don't think I have a story. Wow. Of course, prompted her to tell no, of course you do. Tell me the story. So I did. I told her the story, which I'm going to tell you Sure. And she loved it. And she said you need to be on and I told her Don't tell cutter to have me on the show. Which she did. Yeah, of course. Not to

Cutter 8:48
tell you immediately tell you see, here's I think the where I draw the line between planting and not is because I think she tells me either way. Like I don't think okay, you saying Don't tell him has any impact on someone like Gabby,

Natalie 9:03
okay. No, I hear that. But I think telling her not to drove it further.

Cutter 9:08
Maybe so maybe so but I but she did like, text me. He was like, You should have given your show. But he doesn't want to come on. And I was like, what? And then and I was like and she goes yeah, Gabby, or she's like, Yeah, Natalie wants to, you know, like she has her story. She wants to come on the show, but she doesn't say she wants to. And I was like, I don't Okay,

Natalie 9:29
and I didn't want her to I genuinely actually didn't want her to tell you because we're so new friends that I was like, I don't I don't really know the dynamic right now. It's no new so I was like, no, no, don't you know, unless he insists?

Cutter 9:50
Yeah, Gabby, Gabby texted me that and I was like, Okay, I was like, Thank you for telling me. I'm forcing that upon me. And I think that's saw you probably the next day. Yeah. And I think, and I think I was like, I just brought it up casually. I was like, I want to check, just just get a sense of interest. And I was like, I think the conversation was really effective. Gabby told me that you might want to be on the show. You're like, no, no, no, you don't know. You don't have to. And I remember prompting you by going, Look, I'm just asking. And you said yes. And now. Now we're here. About to about to get into your two stories. I'm very excited, especially coming so highly touted from Gabby. I don't know probably your story, I would imagine. Yeah. No, I, I'm very excited to to get into it. So unless you have any other questions for me, or things you'd like to say?

Natalie 10:48
No, I'm just, I'm really excited. I think I'm gonna get you. Because we're, like, not as close as I would, I would say you are with Gabby, or with some of the other people you're sure. I'm gonna use that to my advantage.

Cutter 11:01
Now, you know what, it's funny you say that, actually. So I notably am not very good at guessing. Much worse than a coin flip. And it's not close. Okay. Um, but I will say, from season one, I guess two of the 10 I had on correctly. It was a real bad. Okay. But the two people I guess were the people I did not know particularly well. Oh, I will say like the people I knew really well. Like I had some really close friends on that. Like family, friends, like people I had known for, you know, 15 plus years on that show. Got all of those wrong. So interesting. Okay, we'll see. We'll see about I am either way excited to hear your true stories.

Natalie 11:49
So I'm ready. Take it away. All right. You'll never believe me. But I got stuck on a roller coaster in Las Vegas. That's awesome. No, it's not. It's really, really not the way the way it happened. Okay. You'll see, okay, it's a good story. It's not Gotcha. Okay. So, when I was younger, my family and when I say family, it's a very small family. It's literally just my mom, my dad and me. I'm an only child.

Cutter 12:19
Really? Oh, wow. You're so not like an only child. Okay, I have one of my best friends is an only child and he is very like, I don't know, you can tell people. I have a lot of cousins.

Natalie 12:32
I have. Okay, I have a big extended family. I know. I know. them very extensively. Very intimate, big family. Okay. And I say that, because when I was younger, my both my parents took me to see like the place that they were born like the hospital their family home. Yeah, I've been to both places separately, many times. Sure. Sure. And, you know, for context, I was born in Las Vegas. Oh, you're of our Lord. 2001. Okay. And I had not been back since at all. We I was born there. And then when I was three, we left. Oh, okay. I came here to North Carolina. Wow. That is Yeah, well, I

Cutter 13:20
was. Yeah,

Natalie 13:21
I was, uh, we last. I did not. I didn't remember at all. No, no, exactly. I had no memory. I only knew about Las Vegas. What my parents told me and what I saw on TV and movies and videos.

Cutter 13:38
And your parents were both born in Las Vegas? No, no.

Natalie 13:41
My mom was born in Mexico and my dad was born in New York. Okay, wow. Sure. Yeah. So, um, when I was in high school, I would like would tell people that I was born in Las Vegas. Sure. And they would ask me all about it. And I would have nothing to tell them. Sure. Yeah. I was like, Well, you've seen movies, as have I. There you go. That's

Cutter 14:07
the scope of my knowledge. Exactly. amazing show.

Natalie 14:10
And I didn't know that. My apart our apartment where we lived in Las Vegas was like, three streets down from the Strip. Oh, wow. Really close. We could look out of the window and see the strip. I just can't fathom

Cutter 14:24
having a baby. And then being living three streets away from the strip in Vegas.

Natalie 14:32
It's funny because when they couldn't get me to sleep, they would put me in the car and drive me down the strip. And tell you that, like looking back. I was like, well, that is such that's like cute, but no, it's not. No, that's It's wild. Right? That's absurd. Um, the people that it worked, I would get home. I think it was a car The like the probably the jumpy of the jump. Yeah, what got me? Yeah, but

Cutter 15:05
I just like to imagine a baby on the Strip. Oh, yeah. Passed out. Oh, brilliant.

Natalie 15:11
So when I was in high school, I didn't know what to tell my friends. And so one day I went home and I told my parents, I want to go, I want to go see where I was born. Sure. So they were like, okay, swag. Let's go. And so the truth is, we had been talking about this.

Cutter 15:32
Gotcha. Yeah, I get it. Simplified. I understand. Yeah.

Natalie 15:36
Um, and so for my graduation present, they took me Oh, lovely. Um, and we the first couple of things we did was before you ask, no, we did not stay at one of the hotels, okay. of the strip hotel. I wasn't normal people.

Cutter 15:51
Normal people who tell people hotel course.

Natalie 15:56
And we went down there. The first couple of things we did was the whole, like hospital where I was born. Our apartment seems

Cutter 16:04
to be like a, like a thing for your parents.

Natalie 16:07
It was a thing. It was a very sentimental thing for them. Okay. Um, and then I was all ruined. And I'm gonna tell you about it. And please, um, so, have you ever been to Las Vegas? No. Okay, so great. Now I get to tell you about it. Please know you know about it. Yeah, exactly. So, um, you know that the strip is filled with all these luxurious looking hotels. Yeah, yeah. And each hotel has its own thing sure that they, you know, buy with the money that people lose it casinos. Yeah. So I'm like the Caesars Palace has this basement, not basement. It has this like mall underneath it. And it looks like daytime in there. All these designer like shops. Yeah. The Venetian Venetian has this like spirulina and blue like river with a canoe and a guy like Rose you down it and sings Italian to you? That's, and everybody's got their stick, right? Yeah, right. Right. Right. And the New York New York, which has a miniature miniature is pretty big, but not to scale. Statue of Liberty. It also has a roller coaster in it. called the Big Apple

Cutter 17:31
in the hotel. Well see

Natalie 17:33
it starts inside of the hotel. You do the line in the hotel? Sure. You get on in the hotel, and the tracks go and they go out behind. On the front. Sure. It's in the beat. I mean, that'd be ugly. kind of drag that yeah, all the like, whatever. I don't know how to construct a roller coaster, but it would be

Cutter 17:53
trusses. I'm not okay. Mechanical Engineer.

Natalie 17:57
But um, yeah. So I am a roller coaster freak. I love those things. I there's just something about the feeling of fallen. Yeah, no, I'm with you on that show. Um, but my parents, they used to like they used to get on with me. But this was two years ago. And so they, as of recently, they just they they're not digging it. Now like it. I was like, bump this? I'm getting on with or without you. So because I had watched videos of this roller coaster. million times. Sure. I was so excited. Because how often can you say like, there's a roller coaster? three doors down from where I used to live? Yeah. Where I was born. No,

Cutter 18:43
that's pretty exciting. I wrote it. I will say my grandfather can say he lives in visual range of Carolyn's.

Natalie 18:51
I like that. Yeah, it's cool.

Cutter 18:52
Yeah. Anyway, so please continue.

Natalie 18:55
So they don't get on with me. I go, I do this line, single writers line. And I started talking to these two women front and behind me. And, you know, we're talking because you know, you don't know which one you're going to sit next to. And I didn't want to stand there all quietly. Just

Cutter 19:14
gotta have a friend. Both, you know. Yeah, exactly.

Natalie 19:16
So finally, when we see the cart and we get on, obviously, the lady in front of me, was the one that was sitting sat next to me. And I was so excited. I was so excited. I can still remember it. They put the thing they put the thing that goes over your chest. Yep. over you. Yep. And it starts to pull out of the it wasn't like a launch right? Oh, sure. Like it pulls out

Cutter 19:43
slow little. It turns inside a hotel. You can't get beyond reasonable.

Natalie 19:49
Right so pulls out the hotel. I look to the lady. She's super excited. I'm super excited course. Um, we turn and we do the whole like, uphill, slow like, thing. Yeah. And this ride almost had me at a 90 degree angle. Wow. So it was like almost halfway up. And this ride stops. It stops and it doesn't go backward. It doesn't go forward. It just stopped hanging out at a night. It felt like a 90 degree angle. Yeah, I'm sure. The first 10 minutes of this, we were on this ride stuck for a really long time. For the first 10 minutes. I was chillin because logic tells me we are really close to the start of this ride. And they must have safety protocols. This type of thing. I'm sure they either get us off because I can see the little staircase right next to it. Yep. And either. They come and get us and we get off of this little ladder thing right next to it. Yep. Or the right keeps going. No problem. No worries. I'm chillin. Yeah, the lady next to me. Is MC freaking out. Okay. She is screaming off the top of her lungs. Oh, my God. And I didn't blame her until I saw like, I don't know what it was after, like 10 minutes, but I start losing it. I don't know what it was. It was just a surge of hopelessness. Yeah, that I got because I looked down. I didn't tell you. I read this at night. They had. I could see the entire landscape of Las Vegas. I could see all the lightful beautiful, but intensely scary. Sure. Yeah. So we were pretty high up. This roller coaster doesn't start on the ground level. It starts up. Oh, like a few floors? Sure. So it was even higher

Cutter 21:59
already. Yeah, you're already up and yeah, okay. Yeah, gotcha. So,

Natalie 22:02
the ladies freaking out. I start getting this pit in my stomach and I start losing it. I start pulling at the like thing that goes over your chest, and I start sobbing I'm, I just I freak out. At some point, I start breathing heavy. You're gonna think this way that you're I start breathing heavy. And I don't remember what happens after.

Unknown Speaker 22:30
Oh, see you just,

Natalie 22:32
I was out. I was gone to the world. Wow. I don't I just I don't remember what happens after. Okay. I remember the lady screaming. I remember saying Get me off this thing. And a few other choice words. Sure. And there were other people screaming mind you. Okay, we weren't like the only one. Yeah, like not screaming but like, voicing our concerns? Of course. Yeah. And I don't know how long we were on there. All I remember, was waking up in the back of an ambulance. Oh, with two paramedics right behind beside me.

Cutter 23:10
Ooh, that's fun.

Natalie 23:12
Outside of the hotel, and they were like, hey, hey, don't hate you're gonna be okay. Because I woke up kind of in like a where am I?

Cutter 23:21
And, as is to be expected. Yeah. And

Natalie 23:25
I just I kind of sat up, they were like, Hey, we got to make sure you're you're okay. Sure. Um, and they were like, you know, you were on there for a pretty long time. Looks like you passed out in shock. I'm sure. Yeah, you you're gonna be fine. Your parents are right outside. No need to worry. And they kept me in there for a little bit longer just to make sure everything was okay. Make sense? And finally, when they let me out. I see my parents. My mom hysterical. I can imagine. Yeah, just imagine what it's like to let your kid onto this ride freshly graduated. And they just they had you know. They let them go. They let the kid go. Yep. Next thing they hear. They stuck. The ride stuck.

Cutter 24:14
Immediate. Yeah. Horrifying.

Natalie 24:16
Um, yeah. And so my mom was not having it. She was hysterical. Just crying. Sure. My dad. Stone Cold. Yeah, just staring at me. And he hugged me. Wouldn't let me go. He said, you're never getting on another read basis. Yeah, no, my dad didn't know how to respond. Yeah. My dad is really cool headed. In like, situations of like emergencies and stuff. Sure. Super logical man. Yep. Um, I think that day I scarred him. Yeah, that sounds about right. Yeah. So um, yeah, that's Oh, and when I was like, going to see my parents and You know, hugging them telling them I was all right. One of the paramedics talk to him. I saw the lady that was beside me talking to her family, about the girl who passed out next to her. Like, I know, not talking, ma'am. Oh my goodness, you're hysterical.

Cutter 25:20
So she stayed conscious the whole time.

Natalie 25:24
I don't know about that. But I wouldn't know. I can't tell you her knowledge.

Natalie 25:29
That that's the story. And I want to go back. I want to go back. Because I didn't get to go back on. Sure. Fair. Yeah. Um, you know, it's not that my dad didn't let me I think he just said that in in his

Cutter 25:43
shop been on a roller coaster since? Well, I have not. So he's so so far. He's kept his word so far. Sure.

Natalie 25:51
But, um, I don't think that many people can say that. They've gotten stuck on a ride like this, like on a roller coaster. Like I've gotten stuck on many a Disney ride. Sure. But it's more of like a, like sitting down. Yeah. Where it's like a dark ride or something. But this, this freaked me out. And I tell my friends this, and they don't want to hear it. They don't want to hear it because they're like, I can't imagine. I can't imagine what it's like to sit there. For 30 minutes. You passed out? I can't imagine the lady beside my

Cutter 26:27
job with just this little girl just carved out beside her. Yep. Oh, my goodness. I

Natalie 26:34
didn't know how they got me off. Yeah, I have no idea. I don't know how they got me off. So yeah, so I want to go back. Sure. And I want to finish it valid. Um, I don't know what I'll do that though. But yeah, that's that is the story of how I got. Well, I told you it's not a good story. Oh,

Cutter 26:51
no, it's not.

Natalie 26:52
And I'm fine. I'm not scarred. I'm totally fine. Sure.

Cutter 26:56
We'll see. Once you get back there, maybe you never know. You get back and see the seizure. Rollercoaster and just immediately pass out. Just hit the ground.

Natalie 27:06
I didn't even get to, to like fall or anything. Yeah, just in the beginning. Yeah. So

Cutter 27:12
I wonder. Really makes you think that's phenomenal. Wow, I am. Well, first of all, sorry that that happened to you. But I'm grateful that you were able to tell that story. Yeah.

Natalie 27:27
What can I say? It was scary. But I and I kind of I was ashamed for like the cup first couple of times. I told it Sure. Because I freaked out. Yeah, you know, passed out. But now I'm totally fine telling it. You know, nothing to be ashamed of. Yeah, I better happened to other people in the run. Probably. Not that I would know. Course. I was nothing I would know.

Cutter 27:54
Yeah, that's the story. Wow. That is brilliant. You are gonna have to do a lot of work to have a an equivalent. Second story. I'm not gonna lie. Yeah. I mean, without further I guess unless you have anything you want to add to this one? No. I'd like to, I'd like to see what you've come up with.

Natalie 28:12
Yeah. You'll never believe me. But I got lost in New Orleans on a school trip and took all the blame for it. Okay,

Cutter 28:24
okay. Okay. All right.

Natalie 28:26
So in high school, I was an orchestra. I played the violin trade since I was eight. Good for you. Thank you. And so I was in the orchestra program at my high school, which has a really extensive music program. Sure. Not the music school. He has an extensive music program that a lot into it. Yeah, I

Cutter 28:45
know. You've talked about it a good little bit. So.

Natalie 28:48
So every two years. Each program, each like sub program, there was the orchestra program, which had two orchestras, the band program which had two bands, and the vocal music program, which had four groups. Holy cow. Will every other year would take a trip. It was like a three days four day trip to usually a big city usually music related. Sure, sure. Place like my freshman year, they went to New York. I didn't go because my parents thought I was too much a baby to go to let me venture out like that by myself. Sure. Um, but my junior year so in New York, it was Broadway themed, like they went to see cats. They all fell asleep. It's fair. You know, they saw they saw New York. I brought back a lot of stories. Which I was super jealous of. Of course, yeah. Um, and then my junior year the The theme was jazz. You got to play jazz. You got to go to New Orleans. Yeah. So this one I barely got to go. I had to present a slideshow to my parents. That's an exaggeration, but I did. I did have to convince them at the start. So the the trip was in spring, and I had to start in the summer. Oh, wow. To try and convince them to let me go. And they barely let me go. Sure. Um, and it was right. If before it was right before Mardi

Cutter 30:42
Gras, okay, okay. We

Natalie 30:44
didn't see Mardi Gras. Sure. I doubt they would have one.

Cutter 30:47
No, yeah, no, for sure.

Natalie 30:49
Um, but yep. We went to New Orleans. We saw a lot of it. We saw downtown New Orleans, we saw the French Quarter and that is it.

Cutter 31:00
Okay, a lot of it is a strong word for that. It was sarcasm. Yep. Okay, but

Natalie 31:08
yeah, but we got to go to like Loyola University and do like a little workshop there with one of the, like, esteemed professors. And he helped us on our presentation course, yeah. And we got to see a lot of the French Quarter, you know, when you're at that age, you can do things by yourself, but you still kind of need, like people around you, like, adults to supervise you. So, on one of the days where we had like a little bit more free time, where we weren't doing too much, they just allotted time for us to go, you know, see the French Quarter roam around a bit. Um, we were just in we were supposed to just stay in the French Quarter. And so we got to pick our groups who we were, like going around with and so I picked like, the friends that I had in orchestra. Yep, yep. And we had a chaperone who was a dad of another girl. Not in our group. Okay. Okay. So finally, when it comes around time to have this free time, you can go around the French Quarter. The we all start to kind of split up. And the dad does not come with us. He goes to the group where his daughter is.

Cutter 32:30
Course we did not say anything. No. I can imagine you wouldn't as

Natalie 32:35
high school students. You wouldn't. Why would you just want to go by yourself? It doesn't matter.

Cutter 32:40
Yep. And so what do you need a chaperone for? What?

Natalie 32:43
What are the Exactly? So we went by ourselves to the French Quarter. It was me. Two guys, and another girl. She was friends with Sure. And we went all around the French Quarter we went to the gardens, we went to cafe Dumon. Which we stayed for a really long time. And the line is like famous being Yes. Yeah. So we ate. We roamed for a really long time. Beautiful. We knew that we were supposed to be back at the Hard Rock Cafe to have lunch. That was that was that was the time. And that was the schedule. And we're supposed to be there at two. Okay. Or so we thought. Okay, so we get kind of bored of the French Quarter. And we cross the street where it's the French Quarter is on one street there. And then on the next street is where like, a downtown area starts. I don't remember if it was downtown New Orleans, or if it was just like a downtown. Sure nearby where there was an ice cream place. And we go we have ice cream. We're chillin. And one of the kids that we were friends with and column David. He was a year older than us. She turned 18. And he goes, Alright guys, well, I'm just gonna go off for a bit by myself. We don't have a chaperone. And yeah, he's like, I'm just I'm just gonna roam around a little bit by myself. I'm just gonna do my thing. Or like, huh, feels brave. Brave, right? Yeah. And what were we supposed to do? Grab him. Yeah, I don't like not really saying no. Yeah. And they're like, Alright, man. Well, we're gonna go, you go with and he's like, get Yeah, no worries. I'll meet you back at the Hard Rock Cafe. At two perfect, like, all right. Sure. Easy peasy. We don't have to face the consequences of

Cutter 34:52
this. No, there's there. The only reason would be if something went wrong, but nothing's gonna go wrong, right. Yeah.

Natalie 34:58
So after we Leave the ice cream place. We keep roaming, we go back to the gardens we take we're starting to take pictures. For memories sake. Sure. And I get a call from one of my other friends in the orchestra at 12am starting

Cutter 35:17
to see where a problem might have arisen.

Natalie 35:19
Yeah. And she calls me I answer course. Yep. And I say, Hey, she goes, where are you? Gonna go? I'm like, in a garden place. Why do you want to? You want to come and me? Ah, and she goes, No. bib. You were supposed to be here. A while ago? Oh, no. When the time was not 12 it was 1130.

Cutter 35:48
Wow. Now I've got a question. How did you get to from 1131 of my friends told me Ah, classic. Never trust anyone. No, that's that was your mistake.

Natalie 36:00
I was not the like, I didn't lead. Sure. Yes, yeah. Art. I just I was following. I was following one of my friends. And she was like, no worries. We'll be back at two. Perfect. All right. Yeah. And so my friend, just like you were supposed to be here a while ago. Where are you? Our orchestra teacher is flipping out. Yeah. I hear in the background. My orchestra teacher, tell my friend. Give me the phone. Oh, I am seeing my life flashed before my eyes. Mind you. I told you my parents. Barely let me go. And I'm thinking, dude. Oh, he's about to close. My parents. I'll never see

Cutter 36:47
the light of your way over. Yeah, I

Natalie 36:49
don't even get to go to college. Yeah, no, I'm gonna have to go to UNCG which is right by my house. Oh, yeah. And so she says, give me the fun. Nice. She goes, Natalie. You need to be here in 20 minutes. Because we are leaving. I was like, I don't even know where I am right now. I cannot. She's like, you need to be here regardless. And she hangs up on me. Oh, she hangs up on me. And I'm panicking. I am. Yeah. And David still golf.

Cutter 37:32
Course. Yeah.

Natalie 37:34
And he thinks that lunch is that too? Yeah. Oh, good.

Cutter 37:39
Certainly one of you as a way to contact him. You wouldn't be so silly as to you would imagine I would you seem like an intelligent fellow.

Natalie 37:48
So we put on the Google Maps. You're like, okay, no worries. Yep.

Cutter 37:53
We'll navigate back there. Easy peasy.

Natalie 37:56
Kids are the 21st century we got

Cutter 37:57
this. Yep. 45 minute walk.

Natalie 38:01
You guessed it. Oh, it's not it's not that the walk that the distance was 45. Yeah, it was that there was construction in the like, path. Oh, we were given course. Yeah. And so we were trying to navigate back and we're like, No, we were all arguing back and forth. No, this is not the way that we spoke that we're supposed to go. And I I know that my butt is on the line. My butts on the line wars specifically, because I've got my orchestra teacher. Yep. On top of me. Yep. About how it's my job to get everybody there. Yeah. And I've got my parents who don't know that. But in my mind, I had thought she had already called me

Cutter 38:39
Oh, yeah. No, you're you're already dead. I'm already done. Yeah. So I again, don't mean to keep interrupting. I do have no notion. So you're a history teacher right notices that that the group of the four of you are gone. I would have to imagine that. She notices that the chaperone that was assigned to your group.

Natalie 38:58
He is back by heart. Yes, he is back at the Hard Rock.

Cutter 39:02
And just never. Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah. Don't let me get ahead of you.

Natalie 39:06
Yeah, I'll get there. Sure. So finally, like you said, around 45 minutes. Sure. We get back to Hard Rock Cafe. I see this woman make a beeline for me. Yeah. And she goes when she starts ranting. I mean, she was like, Where were you guys? You need to be here. I can't believe that you went off without your chaperone.

Unknown Speaker 39:31
Oh. Oh good.

Natalie 39:34
chaperone told me that you left him. Wow. Wow. I'm just sitting man's live through. I'm telling you.

Cutter 39:45
I started for a child safety. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Totally.

Natalie 39:51
You know, because I could just see my dad's reaction. Oh, yeah. See, my mom would be like, I'm just glad you're saying Yep. Don't do that. Uh, Yeah, my dad. Absolutely just would rain on me. So, yeah, she starts, you know, and at one point, she kind of like, just gets it all out there and like, finishes ranting, and she's like, I'm just glad you're okay. You know, wow. And have she like, Thank

Cutter 40:21
God like ended with.

Natalie 40:23
She like flips Cutco. And she's like, you know, you like you should have really not done that. Me. She's not talking to any of my three other friends that are there, too. Yeah. And she's not talking to them. And she's like, you know, you really shouldn't have done that. You should have stayed with your bolo. She keeps on going. And I'm like, Please don't tell my dad. I just I'm really sorry. I'm taking it. I am taking this blame. So that it because I know that if I argue with her way worse to get worse. Yeah. And so I think that she blamed me, because I might have been just the one that was on the call. Yeah, I think so. And because I wasn't in high school, I wasn't significantly like, you know, to leader II, I don't really consider myself even now. Sure. I just, I go, I go with the flow. Whatever y'all want to do. That's fine. And, yeah, she finishes. I think I'm

Cutter 41:24
in the clear. Yep. Now we're coasting.

Natalie 41:28
And she looks around. She counts us. She goes, Natalie. Where's David? And I lose it? I don't know. He just left without us. He said he was gonna be back here at two. I just I don't know where he is. I haven't even called him. I didn't even tell him that you had called us. I was babbling at this point. Trying to save myself. Yeah. And what I was really doing was just digging the hole. Oh, yeah. Because I was. I was admitting that I had let him go. When I knew that she had already blamed me. Yeah, for this entire

Cutter 42:14
information, man.

Natalie 42:17
And she was like, I'm calling him right now. She calls him good answer. Oh, no. He does not answer. The the two of them. Me and the girl and the other guy that were in our group call him no answer. We don't know where this guy is. We don't even have his location. Yikes. We wait around for him for an hour. Yeah. He finally comes around. Just walks in. Swag walking. Sure. Just nothing to be worried about. Yeah. wachsen be worried hands in his pocket. But to like he stands beside me goes. Natalie. I was so angry at this kid. I was going to eat him up alive. I was going to kill him. Where were you? I literally got all this heat for you. And I I didn't even cover for him. I like I just told her that. We like that he just left right. And I still ended up taking the blame

Cutter 43:22
course. Seems like that was the way that was gonna go. Yeah.

Natalie 43:25
And he was like, Yeah, I was. I was just chillin. I was just walking around doing my thing. I was like, Dude, I'm gonna get the skin off of my back. Like, I'm just gonna get skinned because of you. Yeah. So, um, she lets me have it with him right beside me. Nice. Awesome. He lets she lets him have it.

Cutter 43:47
Okay, okay, good. So,

Natalie 43:50
yeah, right. Um, I'm still worried that she's gonna tell my dad. And during the rest of the trip. She was still mad at me. She didn't talk to me. Yeah, nothing happened to the shop run. No, of course not nothing, because he lied through his teeth.

Cutter 44:08
Yeah, yeah, cuz Why would you trust a children when you could trust an adult? Exactly. Yeah.

Natalie 44:14
And to this day, I still think she dislikes me. Nothing was the same after that. Sure. Yeah. And so the next morning it's I had to actually, you know, pretty funny. The next morning, we find out everybody kind of just finds out that the night prior when we had back finally gone back to the hotel and just you know, settled down that David had gotten his room raided, because the rated I say in quotation marks, because when his roommate wasn't comfortable with him having edibles in the room, which he had bought when he was gone.

Cutter 45:00
Oh, oh, buddy.

Natalie 45:03
And I think she blames me for that too.

Cutter 45:07
Almost Tasha at that point, yeah, no feels like it fits, you know, you

Natalie 45:10
know, I took all the blame and for the rest of the trip, I was texting my dad, you know, normal and, you know, calling them but not. And I didn't know if she had told them or not. Oh yeah, play it off. Yeah. Because the way that my parents wouldn't have let me have it until I got home. No, they wouldn't have said, Oh, we heard this and this and that that you did. And until I got home yeah. So I was

Cutter 45:37
sweating with the uncertainty. Oh, there's so much worse. Yeah,

Natalie 45:40
right. play mind games. I was sweating. Yep, the rest of the trip. Totally fair. And after that. I still you know, nothing was the same. You know, I she didn't really like me after that. Um, yeah, that that is what happened. Did she tell your parents she did not. So they bring it bring it up? She did not tell my parents.

Cutter 46:01
Oh, and you I assume did not tell my parents. Hey, Mr. And Mrs. picado. Nana, this is for you. That story ends up being true. They're not gonna hear this. I'm emailing them. You will miss this episode. I will. You will not because certainly. Wow. Yeah, you came on. And well, if this story is true, just blatantly incriminated yourself to your parents. I respect that. That is brave. You're not gonna hear it. We'll see. It may not maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe story isn't even true. So it's fine. So it's not a big deal? Maybe it is? Well, I think that's Well, first of all, that's very high school isn't so precisely. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Natalie 46:53
I have other stories about this trip. This trip was like very, like, high school drama, just like happened during this trip. And I was just I was a spectator to this. Yeah. So I've got a lot of stories about this trip. Maybe one day, I'll tell you,

Cutter 47:14
I would love nothing more. Well, thank you for your two stories. Yeah. Well, Natalie, you have told two really brilliant stories. Um, now here's, here's what I have to say. I listened to your first story that whole time. And as soon as you got to the part where you were starting to like, flip, flip out of losing it. Yeah, lose it a little bit. I will say that does not match the way that I see you really like you seem to be for the most part in in times we've interacted to be a pretty calm level headed person. Okay. And so I figured, like, so like, post senior year of high school would have been what, a year and a half ago. Yeah, two years ago. And in people change, but I feel like that would be quite significant. Because that's quite a significant, you know, meltdown. Okay. Which is fair, considering the circumstances. But I don't think it it matches how I would expect you

Natalie 48:15
to act. I did have a meltdown in both of them. That is true. But

Cutter 48:19
one of them you were a junior in high school, okay. And being yelled at by an adult for something that really shouldn't have been your fault. Which again, feels fair, I cried in my junior year of high school and an adult yelling at me like it happens. I'll tell you that story later. But um, no, I mean, it, you know, it happens it comes about and so that I will say that part is very believable, but I think I think I think that's what you want. Okay, I think that I am self aware. Yeah, I think I'm being invited to believe that the first story is fake. Okay. Or known? And yeah, I think I'm being invited to believe the first story is fake. I think I think you've made it you've made it so tempting. You know, you've made it so like, oh, like look at all like, you know, let me let me try to distract you with all these sweet, nice, you know, nothings at the beginning. Right? It was context. Sure. Of course, and it was lovely, beautiful context. And I think and I think my other issue is this right? You were telling that for a story and I this doesn't happen normally. And I will say as a as a testament to your your storytelling chops. I had points where I was very much just lost in the in the mental picture of it all. Okay. But that makes it to me feel a little a little perfect. You know, okay, so I believe I'm being invited to think it's fake and it's working. Like it's like I do want to say that's the like, it all feels so so. So, you know, prettied up, you know, so, up of an event,

Natalie 49:58
it's hard to know Don't make Vegas look pretty. I mean, it's really easy to just, I was just telling you Yeah. And even if that one does turn out to be fake, I was just telling you facts. That's how it is

Cutter 50:12
sure. Course. And the entire, the entire New Orleans story, just every part of it sounds true. Okay. And I think what I'm struggling to reconcile is like, I want like, it feels like the obvious thing to say that the Vegas story is fake. Right. Okay, you know, it feels like that's what you know, it feels like I'm being I'm being tucked into that, you know, by the way, you've told the stories and, you know, the Vegas one seems so like, picturesque and like, just a little, you know, a little too a little too pretty, you know? And, and I feel like I'm being walked into going, Oh, it's just I mean, it's so it's so easy, like the entire you know, New Orleans story, like, that's all you know, so high school and, and this is so you know, beautified and nice stuff and so I'm, I'm going to fight that. Okay, so I'm going to say that the Vegas story is true. Okay. I'm gonna say that I'm not entirely sure where, where I've gotten where you've gotten gone away from the truth in the New Orleans store. Okay. Okay. I think my my inclination is that somewhere you've diverted from, from the truth here in New Orleans story somewhere, and I'm not entirely sure. But that's, that's what I'm gonna say. I'm gonna say that the New Orleans story is fake. Okay, and that the Vegas story is true. All right. Is that true? Finally, I think that's my final answer. You're wrong. Yeah, that feels right. Yeah.

Natalie 51:49
It's, it's really funny. I have not been to Vegas since I left. Really? I have not been back. Everything that I told you about Vegas is true. I believe that everything that I told you about when I live there was true. Sure. Even the whole thing that my parents would take me to their, you know where they were born? Sure. All of that is true. I believe that. Yeah. I've just not been back regularly. Is a roller coaster, like confirmed. Yep. Yeah. In the New York, New York. I did. What I told you about the hotels is true. I just haven't been back. So you just Yeah, but I haven't.

Cutter 52:33
Sure. And so you just were like, I'll just like, I'll just fake it make up the entire so there's no like, yeah, what's the inspiration for that part of that story?

Natalie 52:41
Actually, really funny. So I do want to go back. Um, and there was kind of like a plan to go for my graduation. Sure. But COVID hit and I thought you were gonna get me on. Why would she be on this roller coaster when COVID? Sure. Yeah. I as I was telling it, even when I practiced it before coming here. Yeah. I didn't think of that until

Cutter 53:07
I started. I didn't think about that either. No, yeah,

Natalie 53:10
no, he's gonna he's definitely gonna get me on this one. Oh, no. Um,

Cutter 53:14
yeah, cuz I had a graduation trip plan that got canceled for COVID is, man yeah.

Natalie 53:20
Um, but. So where this story came from, it's actually really funny. So I was kind of struggling to come up with a story. And I was actually with Gabby, and Bailey. And in, in the car. And I had already told Gabby, that my true story got New Orleans. Yeah. Bailey was in the car. And she didn't want to know about the story, because she wanted to hear this winning, right and guessing. Sure, yes. And all of that and have fun with it. Yeah. But I kind of let it loose. Because Gabby was like, Well, what story are you going to tell? And I go, the new? And then and Bailey was like, no, no, no, no, no, no. I don't want to hear it. Sure. And so she goes, she goes, That better not have been a city I heard. And she was like, I already know that your story about New York is going to be true. I was like, I've got to their bed. So I had to come up with a story with New York in it. And I was just, I was racking my brain about things about New York. She's like, if I actually have a story about New York, which I don't really have a lot of stories like I've gotten because dad was born there. So I have gone. I don't have a lot of stories and so I couldn't really like have any inspiration for it. Like anything that would be true that I could just fib on Sure. Yeah. Um, and so I was like, Wait, there's a A hotel called New York, New York. In in Vegas. Oh, sure. Yeah. So I was like, I'll just do that. And there's a roller coaster. And so I was like, I was piling on

Cutter 55:10
effect. Yeah. At that point, you just pour it on? Oh, yeah.

Natalie 55:12
Yeah. So I did that one. And I actually, you know, ended up telling Bailey because she wanted to make sure that you got it wrong. And so I told ya, I told her both of my stories. She guessed it wrong. Yes. She thought the New York one was true. Yeah. And she was like, Well, I'm a little biased. I don't know if I don't know if cutter. Will will get it. Right. Yes, he doesn't have you know, don't have the bias going into it. Sure. Yeah. So that's how I came up with that. Wow,

Cutter 55:39
brilliant. I will say I'm a little I'm a little shocked. Just that you came on and incriminated yourself. Like the fact that like that the the fear you expressed, which was true in this story seems so real. That to me, I couldn't, you know, like, I wouldn't come on here and tell a story. And go, I'm, I'm afraid to tell. I was afraid to tell my parents at the time. Yeah. And then now tell it like that to me, I think and you know, I think is really what threw me like your your level of like, confidence, like and fear and genuineness in that. Yeah, I think through me as like, Well, then why would you come on and tell this is a true story.

Natalie 56:22
I genuinely, frankly, didn't think of that. I walked in here because I told Gabby the story. This is the pretense in which she told you to have me on the show. Yeah, there's like, of course, I have to tell the story. Yeah. No, I didn't even think about it. And I will tell you the fear of like my parents, knowing the moment was so much Oh, she was genuine. Everything that I told you. Genuinely fair. Yeah. And I think looking back in the moment, I was really afraid. Yeah, looking back. I know, it wasn't my fault. Everything that happened wasn't my fault. I probably would get a little bit of oh, you probably get some heat. Yeah, I probably get some heat even now. Yeah, I'd probably get some heat for going off knowing that we were going off never saying anything about not having a chaperone. Yeah. Oh, yeah. But I think my dad would be a little bit more outraged. That chaperone.

Cutter 57:25
Oh, sure. Yeah, you could pretty easily direct that away. Yeah. See, again, genuine. I didn't I didn't mention that as a part of my reasoning. But the the idea that you would, you know, express that fear and then come on and tell that even still and put that you know, on record on online. Yeah, feels very brave. And I admire your commitment to creating some good, some good stories and some some good storytelling for me. Oh, yeah. I gotcha. No, absolutely. You did tough to tough to argue. Ah, wow. Well, um, unless you have anything to add about either of your stories. I think it may be time for you to listen to mine, and then give you a guess. Yeah. Hey, real quick, while Natalie is listening to my stories. If you liked the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button wherever you're listening, whether that's on Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts so you'll never miss an episode. Also, just that you all remember my two stories. Here's a quick recap. In my first story, I was working at a gymnastics summer camp, and I did take care of a child who peed himself getting peed on in the process. But it's happened not once, but twice, two years apart. In my second story, I stopped into a friend's dorm for a late night conversation that ended up making him faint. And while he took care of him another friend that a room passed out, which led me to take care of both of them for most of the night, only to find out that one of the other people in the room was a trained medical practitioner. With all that out of the way. Let's get back into the action. Well, Natalie, those are my two stories. What do you think?

Natalie 58:57
I I like your two stories. Thank you. I think I found out a lot about you because either way, whichever ends up being true, which one's false? I think that there's like a lot of elements in both stories that are really You okay, yeah. And like I said, Before, I do I did end up knowing a lot more about you than you know about me. Sure. Yeah. So I would like to think I would agree yeah. And I think that both stories like I said are very you especially the second story I think it's very you to dad out about course. Yeah, this kind of thing. Sure. But I don't think you're that self aware about it.

Cutter 59:52
They really lie about it. Oh, okay.

Natalie 59:57
I would like to mention, Gabby. On the last episode said that she hopes that everybody in the show would kind of give you a little bit of a hard time about these

Cutter 1:00:11
about the title of this title.

Natalie 1:00:15
The clickbait issue. Well, sure. And we've we've kind of talked about

Cutter 1:00:20
if you it's been covered.

Natalie 1:00:24
You have, you did not get peed on.

Cutter 1:00:28
See the I had the exact same conversation with Gabby and I will stick with the exact same thing. Someone was peeing and it got on me.

Natalie 1:00:36
But no one was actually actively like you sitting in your lap. Or like you were carrying the kid and they were just going at it. Yeah,

Cutter 1:00:46
that's yes. I was carrying the kid.

Natalie 1:00:50
You were. You weren't. Hey, like your arms were most probably like stretched down. You're like,

Cutter 1:00:56
yeah, aerodynamic. It comes. You're moving. Yeah, no,

Natalie 1:01:00
you did not get pizza on the way you told the story at least. Sure. But I do not think that. Even though you click baited you click baited both stories. Oh, surely

Cutter 1:01:12
it's more fun that way. Yeah. Yeah, sure. I like it is

Natalie 1:01:17
my synopsis. We're not clickbait?

Cutter 1:01:19
No, no, I will agree. But but not as sensational as mine. So Right. Right. Right. It's really getting. Look, it's a give and take. Yeah. Gotta get people in.

Natalie 1:01:30
So, yeah, I think so my reasoning is kind of like that. I think you're not too self aware about your tendencies to like, actively want to, yeah, take care of like, interesting. Well, you have around you, I think you you, you want to you actually want to take care of the people you have around you. But to just the way that you were like, you have to call me. Or like I call you. And you have to answer or I'm coming in. All of that I think is is I'm not

Cutter 1:02:09
so self aware. Yeah. For that to be made up? Yeah, that's

Natalie 1:02:13
what I think. Okay. And you really had me gun there for a minute. I I've switched a lot. Really my in my? Sure. Um, at first, I thought the first one was a lie. Just because I could never imagine you being nervous about talking to a parent.

Cutter 1:02:36
Sure. You mean, that was when I was 16? Yeah,

Natalie 1:02:40
but you just I don't know. This is kind of like an experience thing you feel like, like the parent, the kid that every parent's every parent likes.

Cutter 1:02:50
Yeah. So I do take great pride in that I'm not gonna lie.

Natalie 1:02:54
And so talking to parents felt to me like, you wouldn't have been nervous. Sure, but I think that the the ping might have might have gotten you a little bit haywire. And so you were nervous? Of course, you were 16 Sure. It was like your first or second time working at the gym? No,

Cutter 1:03:15
no, I'd been I'd been working there. It was probably my second third. It was my second full summer doing summer camps. It was my third because I'd work because you can start working in North Carolina 14. And so I've worked because I have a January birthday. So I'd worked some of like, I turned 14 and a half and started doing summer camps there. And so I did like half of that first summer and then the summer when I was 15. This is in the summer of 16. So in my second full year,

Natalie 1:03:41
yeah. Okay. So I tried to trip you up there. I don't know if you noticed.

Cutter 1:03:46
I did. Yeah. I'm aware.

Natalie 1:03:49
But um, yeah, I and I really liked the second story. Also, I will say that the second story is also kind of like, a med like a medical emergency. Yeah. Which kind of like matched the first lie that you told last season. Hmm. Okay, so I shared it for a while. I

Cutter 1:04:12
was like, he's really going with it. Yeah, really just running it back and work so well. Last.

Natalie 1:04:17
Why not try again? Or at least that's what you wanted us to think.

Cutter 1:04:21
Right? And then people would say, Oh, that can't Okay. Okay. And so am I that smart? Well,

Natalie 1:04:29
I think your motives to want to trip people are sure so strong, because last season seem to be so a lot. But, um, yeah. And so I think that you are not so self aware. And I also think that your second story has so many like peaks, that it's too outrageous to not be true and I Feel like you would get yourself in this situation? Oh, yeah, no, totally would be something that would happen to you. And that is exactly how you would react. And you don't know that,

Cutter 1:05:11
huh. See that? That is interesting. That's an interesting way to approach it. Yeah, I'm gonna, I'm going to propose and I'm not trying to change your answer, I'm not going to force you to, I'm going to propose something. Right? A lot of you know, in a lot of cases, stories that get told on here, you know, especially near the end of season one, were true, come from true stories and are added on to Okay, so I just wanted to, you know, like, is there a world in which I am sitting there, you know, having this happen to me, and then make up the other person, you know, passing out or something that because that's, that's been something that I've heard from some people. Right, right. I wanted to, you know, like, I know, Gabby didn't bring it up, but I wanted to, I forgot that that was something that people

Natalie 1:05:52
see. Maybe you could, that was one of my reasonings for why I thought the first story just were I thought that it was like, way too many peaks. Yeah, way too many concerns.

Cutter 1:06:06
Sure. Too much going on too much

Natalie 1:06:08
going on. And then at the end to have that the one person who had medical experience, I will tell you, if that story is true, I will I'm outraged. Sure. So outraged for you. Yeah, for that to just Oh, I

Cutter 1:06:24
was I was livid.

Natalie 1:06:25
I'm sure you were. But I can't believe that. I can't believe that. And I hope to be true. It can't be true. But I do I do think that the story is, and I think that that's my final answer, okay. And I'm just content in the knowledge that either Gabby or I will be right. That

Cutter 1:06:49
is a great way to think about it. But what I like to think about is that at least one of you is wrong. And that makes me happy.

Natalie 1:06:55
And I know you're gonna hold it over our heads for

Cutter 1:06:58
most certainly. Well, thank you, Natalie, for your wonderful guests and your wonderful reasoning and dealing with me trying to you know, add extra add extra confusion. Oh, thank you. Well, Natalie, I appreciate you coming on. I think today more than anything else, we learned that you don't think I know what I'm like. And additionally, you are willing to put yourself and your butt on the line with your parents to win at a game on a podcast I have Yeah, respect that.

Natalie 1:07:33
And you know what? I think that's on brand for me. I'm pretty competitive. You know what I want?

Cutter 1:07:38
That is true. And now I have material if ever I need it. Thank you so much, Natalie, for joining me being good sport about this. Where can listeners find more of you?

Natalie 1:07:49
Yeah, so you can follow me on Instagram which is Natalie dot yell which is my middle name. Ey EY L and on my brand spanking new brand new winter

Cutter 1:08:02
fresh out the oven. So what two days old one?

Natalie 1:08:06
No and I'm already learning right? Of course. And I only have one tweet which was at you. Yep. And you can follow me at at Natalie Mercado. My last name is Katie RK do I really appreciate a follow up pretty funny would say

Cutter 1:08:22
I would say yeah, you're one tweet pretty good. Oh, yeah, I'll agree. Yeah. Yeah. Well, Natalie again, thank you so much for coming on and telling you two lovely stories. Yeah. tricking me and making your guests Yeah,

Natalie 1:08:34
thank you for having me on. That was really exciting course.

Cutter 1:08:37
That will do it for this episode. Our intro music is pop nugget of compositions two used under the Creative Commons License found on Free Music Archive. Our outro music is vintage news. Our production music used under the Creative Commons License found on Free Music Archive. I've been cutter. This has been you'll never believe me, but and thank you all for listening. Good day and good night.

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