Kidnapping Kindness and Grandma Emergencies

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In this episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But… Cole Miller, runway model and friend of Cutter's, comes on to tell stories of almost being kidnapped and driving at a fire towards a friend’s grandma, as well as make his guess on Cutter’s two stories.

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Good morning. Good afternoon and good evening everyone. My name is cutter that you may know me as three beers in a coat on air on HD one and welcome into this episode. You'll never believe me but

you'll never believe me but is a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me, every episode I have a guest on and they tell me two stories one real and one fake, and I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher, I'm gonna run down the three rules we have here before we get into today's episode. Rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We're not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in the story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them. You agreed to come on the show and tell the stories. But unless they agreed to have these stories told just use a fake name. And rule number three, and this is the easiest one all stories should start with. You'll never believe me but and then a brief synopsis before starting story just so we all know what we're getting into. And there's a nice little nod to the show's title. So with all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let's go ahead and get into today's episode. Today's guest is Cole someone that I am very lucky to call a friend of mine who I've gotten to work with on runways in modeling in the past. That's how we met Of course, and who I am. I'm lucky I would say to call a friend of mine. Absolutely. And somebody who I know is going to make it big one day and hopefully give some credit to me along the way. I'm not sure what for yet, but we'll figure it out arm candy man. Hey,

Cole Miller 2:20
how you doing? I'm I'm doing quite amazing. It's this is such an amazing space to be in.

Cutter 2:29
Right now I love it. Yeah, it's uh, you'll never believe me. But it's supposed to be casual supposed to feel like two people having a conversation and sharing stories and shooting the shit. So that's I'm glad you're feeling that way. Cove. I'm going to talk. You know, I'm gonna gush about Cole. Because he is one of the most talented people I've ever worked with in modeling. I modeled for a while I did runway modeling. For those of you that don't know, it was a wild experience that I got into by accident. And I don't talk about it a lot because it just doesn't come up in my daily life. But I'm at call through in call is wonderful, wonderful person to work with. Been on runway as a call. And now he is on Runway from New York Fashion Week. He won. It was in the week. New York. Yeah, it was a nd fashion model of the year. And then it was New York male model the year. Two separate. Sorry. Oh.

Yeah. So again, this is the caliber of person of model and worker that I have had the pleasure of working with in the past, you know, very professional, very good at what he does, of course, wash over here.

But so, recording this. I mean, we this is very much short notice. I've had a lot of episodes that I've recorded in the past, where I've asked people day off. You have been

Cole Miller 3:51
you've been onboard to record this for maybe an hour. If that. Yes, that I think we'll see you so for some context, right. You just came back from Virginia, with with my family, if you want to talk about that a little bit. Yeah, um, I mean, even even that was a little surprising. Right? Right. So as you know, but the people don't, we went to Virginia, or I went to Virginia with your amazing family. It was quite an amazing experience. And a while back, they just texted me randomly. They're like, hey, this book author just read a book. And he wants you to basically image one of their characters awesome opportunity. It was literally so you know me. I do. And so we had this whole week of being in New York meetings and all this. And after this dreadful week of just stress, anxiety, Oh, my Lord, then this photoshoot comes up and I can't lie lead the product that we got and we it's not even done being complete yet. But we got a little teaser of course.

It's mind blowing to see that

Cutter 5:00
work actually come to life? Yeah, that's it's such an awesome idea. I mean, I am from right here not that any of you would be able to see this. You have fake tattoos or you have a fake sleeve tattoo on right now. Oh my God, you are right. Wow, it's that's a lot. I know. Hurts. Really? I have to shave my entire right or of course yeah, because I feel satisfying. That's I mean, that's it. So you know, the stuff, of course that you go through to do all this, but so super, you know, awesome. I remember you came back from Virginia with my family, of course. And I got invited to surprise my parents, um, to join them for dinner. I of course, I've been living on my own this summer.

And so wonderful to catch up with you. Because I know it's been a while since we've hung out. And so I brought a got brought up that I have this podcast, and you jumped right on you were all over at one to come on. Oh, absolutely.

And so and so here we are. I mean, it's really sometimes it really is that easy. You know, it really is. And just like the second you brought up the podcast, I was like, thinking about how you and I just like have that ability to flow off of each other. Yeah. Oh, yeah. That's gonna be a special episode. Absolutely. All right. And I'm very excited to hear your stories, of course, you know, all with all the things that I experienced in my time, and I don't even know if your stories are going to be about your time modeling or whatever. But even with just the things I've experienced in the modeling world being as crazy as they are,

I don't I don't even know what your stories are about. I'm not asking you to divulge that or you're ahead of time, but I'm excited because I know that I know the bare minimum of how interesting your life is. Right? And that's quite high. And so I know no matter what you choose, I'm very excited to hear

Cole Miller 6:45
and you've had your stories prepped for maybe half an hour. Oh, we're winging it we're winging it to the full extent day and that's in you know what I love doing that I love you know making stuff up as I go it's what basically have gotten through my entire philosophy major at this point for the for the past two years so

Cutter 7:04
just living up but yeah, I guess unless you have any questions for me I'm quite eager honestly to get into your story so unless you that you have the ability to spot whether or not I'm exactly lying through my you know what this this season has been going pretty well. Season One did not do so good. Season two, I'm um, I've got a winning record right now. Which is the first time in the in the mainline seasons that that's ever happened. So I feel pretty good. I've been on I've gotten the past three right, so I'm on a bit of a hot streak. Today that hot streak ends Oh, I would not so

well call then. I guess go ahead and take it away.

Cole Miller 7:49
You will never believe me, but I've almost been kidnapped before. Ah, that is incredible. Okay, it's incredible that you didn't get kidnapped

Cutter 8:03
and that you have a story about it. Right? Yeah, I don't I'm not gonna say it's it's awesome. Because obviously kidnapping is is bad. It's not the best just take a hardline stance here and now. I'm gonna come out against kidnapping. Official we support Yeah, no.

Cole Miller 8:23
No, so Okay, so yeah, you almost got kidnapped? Yeah. How did it all go down? Yeah. So this is actually all happened here in Raleigh. Oh, no. Okay. Okay. Yes. So, um, we, we used to live in Morrisville, I think it was and we like, lived in this apartment complex, as one poor family does. So.

So to this apartment complex, there's like three different sections. Sure, sure. Very important. So you have this section that me and you know, my mom live in chorus chorus

and this section is like, just full of like old people. You know? Alessia Malibu's lovin? Yep. Weathers originals. Yep. Yeah. Okay. And then you have this section next to us. Full of people who just love to be loud. Yeah, like Scream. Gotta have them in an apartment complex. Exactly. If they're not yelling about something, right. They're just not living their life. Exactly. Exactly. And then you have the third slash last part of the neighborhood, which is I will just simply say it's not filled with the bus people. Okay, you know, it's not the safest but you know, we this is a no judgment zone. Okay. All right. And in the middle is the park. Yep. And mind you in this setting. Young Cole is about like 10 or 11 years old. Okay. Okay. love a good park at that age, right? Yeah. The slides the static. Oh my god. I make myself so happy right now. Okay. So, I made a friend in this apartment complex will call them

James Okay, so me and James would always go to this park. Okay, you know my mom Yep. basic rule. Yep be home before the streetlights Sure. Easy peasy. So easy. Um, even though that all the streetlights in this apartment complex for about a month we're broke. I mean it's a little misleading if they never come on you never have to be home exactly sure that whenever that argument would have went over well Oh no, I'm pretty sure I was grounded for like a week straight. Because I did try that idea. Yeah, yeah, I believe that anyways back on track. Sure. So, at this time, it's like 11 or 12. Somewhere in there. So I have no worries in the voice. So me and James, you know, we're playing on this playground and over in the screaming section of this apartment complex.

There's like all these kids who are obviously loud. Yep, they got it from their parents voice genetic really? Riding these sick. I mean, awesome BMX bikes. Amazing. Like, I'm like, I'm watching them like not even do wheelies but struggle to have their top Nala and I'm like, Dude, you're sick.

All the girls hands at the playground are Yeah, no. Yeah, absolutely. So you know, me and James. You know, we're over here. We're chatting it up. I get my I have like this really wide skateboard. You know, like the neck skateboards that just look ridiculous. Yeah, I was one of those kids. Ah, so I was riding my skateboard next to these bikes. And all of a sudden, it's gotten a little bit later. And it's just me and James. Okay. So, me and James are out for like hours now. Sure. Yeah. And I didn't have a phone. I didn't stop at home to like, get water. I didn't tell my mom what I was doing. Yeah.

And there's this lady looks distressed. And I mean, like, she's freaking out. Oh, my. Okay, so, me being absolutely dumb. I did have the audacity to walk up to her with James. And be like, what's going on? So this lady looks at me in my eyes. And goes, I just I just need you to climb through my trunk and open up my door for me.

Very casually, you know, as as if it were nothing to do. Oh, yeah. Me being nice. Like, come on. Like, what's the reality that she's gonna close the trunk behind me? Right? What's she gonna do kidnap you? Exactly. Ever? Who would do such a thing but anyways, and I just looked back at James and James just looks at me. He's like, I don't know about this, man. I'm like, James. Not up, bro.

Like have some courage. Just remember the license plate and we'll be fine. Right easy peasy. key feature though. This car did not have a license plate on lightly. Slightly more challenging to remember the license plate. Yeah, I mean, do you could make something up but I don't think

that'd be very reliable. It doesn't seem very helpful. Yeah, so anyways, so me being the somewhat smart kid. I'm like, you know what if I help this lady out, God is gonna clutch up and like, bring bring you some ice cream or something? Oh, yeah, of course. So James is like, you really shouldn't do this. And I'm like, but think about how proud my mom's gonna be. What a hero you are. Oh, obviously helped the stranger on their own volition. I mean, I mean, what a guy exactly like I'm literally so thoughtful of others.

So I get in this and there's so many wrong things about this. So I first off I climb to the trunk, which is somehow open right? Okay. Yeah, yeah, exactly. I kicked down the backseat. Again. I'm I'm crawling through the car. And I mean, there's there are there are keys in sight. But I didn't know what it was at the time. I was a kid. I wasn't into cars yet. Right? Of course. Yeah. And red flag. Lastly, probably the most important one. The door wasn't even locked.

I was sloppy kidnapper. I was literally just I was crawling through this thing. And that's the thing. I thought the door was locked up until I finally opened. Jesus. Yeah, as I opened it, I caught off the car and she was like, Oh my God, thank you so much. And you know, James was he was holding that skateboard ready to pounce on like, they were ready.

So, you know, she's all thankful she's like, Oh my god. Thank you so much. So we are finally going back to my slice me and James about time. Heartway is goodbye to your hero. Exactly right. And I go into my

My house and you know my mom. She's working. She has not home yet. Yep.

My brother is drinking one of my mom's male yells I remember this.

I mean, I remember this like it happened yesterday. Okay. Okay, so he stole one of our male yells. I was like, personally, I would never do something that mean he goes Oh, so you're nice. Well, I was like, Well, I did. And I explained all of this to him. Let me tell you. Yeah, of course. Yeah. He he looks at me. And he goes,

Are you effing stupid?

Do you not realize that you could not be here right now? He goes on to this huge spiel about how I could be dead kidnapped. Bah, bah, bah, bah, blah. Mom up. She starts freaking out. Oh, no. So I thought this was going to be over with by the night ends. You know, I'm not grounded, of course, because I had the best intentions, right? Of course. But anyways, so it's night I wake up in the morning. I'm about to go to school.

Mom stops me in my tracks. She's like, No.

She sits me down at the kitchen table. We have like an hour long presentation on how it's not okay to climb through random people's car trunks, especially without license plate. I mean, a good lesson to learn for sure. Absolutely. Is this like I'm imagining like a like a slideshow accompanying this like a whole PowerPoint. This is like Wolf of Wallstreet.

Like, this is PowerPoints we're going over like how the stock market was going up and down. It's insane. And you know, she calls the cops and corruption. Yeah. So anyways, that is the story Jones got kidnapped of how almost got kidnapped and thanks to James big, slightly intimidating 11 year old I guess. No, I'm not even gonna lie. They were they were ready. Like if Oh, yeah, if there was any chance that Trump was gonna close don't get me wrong, James wouldn't have been able to get it back open. That James is gonna be able to get back up.

Cutter 17:07
Here ever own hospital visit a hero. Holy crap. That's That's incredible. I can't believe that you get out of that with no consequences. I mean, I wasn't allowed to have like snacks for a few weeks.

Cole Miller 17:21
I don't remember the extent of it. I know. I had some punishment. I just Yeah, but it's just oh my gosh, I just like, for me. I don't know. Maybe you never learn stranger danger as a kid. But that was like that was big when I was you're not that much younger than me. You're 123 years younger than making sure your danger was the thing. And I mean, I remember talking to my teacher about and she was like Cole, there's a whole crime.

Cutter 17:44
If you can remember this rhyme. How are you going to pass to work? Exactly. How are you going to pass our World Geography

Cole Miller 17:54
The look of disappointment that I got from everybody. For sure.

I told the kids riding the BMX bikes about Oh, yeah. And they looked at me like I was the man.

Cutter 18:07
You show cool.

Cole Miller 18:10
Right? I go Yeah, absolutely. I was the talk around town. I'll tell you what. And that is. That is brilliant. Wow. And you're here to tell the tale really the important part. Oh, again, we do not condone

Cutter 18:23
don't. By the way Don't try this at home. Yeah, if you thinking about doing it, just don't just don't. Well, yellow.

steal one of your mom's Millie yellows and berate your younger siblings for doing he's easy. You know, it's the way to live. That's what I would have done, frankly. Honestly, looking back, I'm kind of glad I did it. Because there are so many other events in my life that if I were to be in that situation Oh, sure. Sure. Yeah. No, you're late. You learn from it right? Or? Did this situation even happen? Of course. Is this potentially a fake story? Who's to say? Who knows? So you know, it'd be a good starting point. Listen to your other story. Oh, that is true. Cool. If you would, I mean, unless you have anything to add to you almost getting kidnapped? No, I think you move on to part two now. Brilliant. I would love to hear it. Go ahead.

Cole Miller 19:16
You will never believe me. But my friends grandma almost burned in a fire. Oh, that is terrifying. Oh yeah. Okay, I need some clarity on the almost here how almost. So there was a there was a fire okay. And basically house that was on fire. Maybe not even like

football field yards worth of forest. Oh man friends grandma's house. Oh, wow. Okay, yeah, so that's that's a lot almost. Oh, yeah, it was it was very close. Okay, okay. So go Yeah, go ahead. Okay, so bring me up modeling again course. This was the day after one of our fashion shows you

You were in it actually. Okay, so I key details. I had my license during this. So I had my car, obviously. Yep. Um, multiple friends. Were involved in this because you know, this like happened right after school. Oh, okay. You know it was sudden I look over and my friend will call them

Wilbur Sure.

looks at me he goes, my grandma's house is on fire. Oh, like in the car like, not like school just ended. Oh, wow. Walking out to our car and all of a sudden I see Wilbur in his truck, because he drives like a red truck. Oh, sure. Sure. already big. Yeah. I mean, we live in head County for like, come on. So he's in his lifted red truck. And he's like, freaking out. And he's like, my grandma's house is on fire. We gotta go. Okay. Yeah. So me being the absolute pimp. I am. I get my two friends who are like so far behind and I'm yelling. I'm like, probably like home. We'll go with James again. Sure. James. Riley. Come here. Now. They start. They're like, they look at me like I'm done. They're like, Uh huh. I'm not gonna run for you. And then Wilbur, of course, sticks his head out. And he's like, my grandma's house is on fire. Right? Yeah, they're over here. Like that's BS. Like, no, it's not.

We look over and there's a huge cloud of smoke. Oh, wow. Close to this. Oh, my gosh, okay. Yeah. So they're like, Okay, yeah, nevermind. So I hop in my car. It's probably like 95 degrees. And I'm starting it. AC blowing. And I immediately put my car in reverse. I back it out. Put it in Drive, or something like that. Yeah, I start blocking off traffic. Yeah, yeah. So he has a lifted truck. He just drives over our like little mountain thing. Okay, yeah, he starts going in the back road. I'm following behind. So at this time since there was a fire, right, the roads were closed. Oh my gosh. Yeah. We weren't able to get to his like actual grandma's house because the road to get to his house is closed. Oh, wow. So we have to go on the actual highway. Which Oh, man, we're perspective is about like

510 ish minutes slower. Holy cow. Yeah, that's a long time. Yeah. So we're already almost at his house. Find out the roads close. And we have to whip a U turn to get back and go all the way back to Oh, yeah. Okay. All right. So now getting into like the little bit more confusing part. Okay. So I have James and Riley in my car. Okay. James is a senior and he is sitting passenger seat. Okay. Okay. Riley is a really dense sophomore sitting in the backseat. Okay, this is her time. This dude is bugging me about getting Chick fil A after this.

I mean, my my friend's grandma died. Like, bro, this chicken sandwich sounds so good.

And now we shift over to Wilbers. Okay, so he has like a few people in his car. Sure. I'm not gonna make up names for them. It's three people. Yeah. Okay, key. So we finally get on how are we? 49 and we are going fast. Yeah, sure. I mean, we are going like 3540 over Wow. Being in and out of cars. Yeah.

So we are trying to get there. Sure. And all of a sudden we finally get to the back road to get to his house. He makes too sharp of a turn. Okay, and he starts like burning out his entire back end, like slips out. Oh, hits the guardrail. And his tire flies off. Oh,

it's over. Like there's cars below us because we're on a bridge, right? Okay. He hits the guardrail right before the bridge, right? Yeah. wheel comes flying off. Oh. So I take him in my car. In the three people in his car. Just basically stay there. Yeah. Wait for the cops to show up. Yeah. And I started taking him to his grandma's. So keep in mind you got Riley in the back? Yeah. Oh, still asking you about

me. I keep in mind. Yeah, TAs. I'm going I'm going to speed limit now because we're on a back road. Right and we are still closed in Riley decides to randomly jump out of my car. Oh, I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm only going like 30 miles an hour. That's quite fast to be jumping out of a car. Oh, yeah, it still is. But Riley's crazy. So he opens the door and jumps out.

He literally looks at me. He goes, Cole I feel like I'm about to throw up. I can't be here anymore. Just Just roll the window down. Exactly. Oh my God. He was sitting on the side of my car where the window was broke a disaster. He did have very bad anxiety. Take it as the way that him like bringing up Chick fil A was kind of his way of just trying to try to focus on something else. Okay, okay.

So I understand but he physically jumps out of my car. So I'm like, I'm driving and I turn around. I'm like, where are you going?

What is the accomplishment?

Oh, no, absolutely. So again, we get to another road closed.

I park on the side of the road, and they have like a little slit opened up because there's a neighborhood in the middle of these two closed road signs. Oh, sure. It's one full line of road closed off. One neighborhood in the middle. Oh, wow. So they have to have a separate line that I think cut left that was either left or right.

And basically

they had to like be able to come out right yeah, of course. So my little BMW does not have four wheel drive. Me I had sure I have to drive up damn mountain.

Park it so cars can keep getting out cheese. Yeah. So yeah, yeah, we get out Wilbert is freaking out. He's about to start crying because his brothers and picking up his grandmas and picking up nobody is picking up right. Yeah, of course.

You got my other friend James. He's a senior. He's great. He's he loves this.

Whole, he's trying to like lift up. But James doesn't know when to shut up. So we are like speed running. Like we're kind of going a little bit fast. My husband's acting up.

James just going like, amen. If if your grandma's ashes are still there, you think we put them in a batch of cookies and just give it to the rest of your family? Like

you can think of ah, we finally get there. And the look of just devastation. Oh, I was on overseas. Yeah.

So me being the good friend. I am. I'm like, sorry to hear about your grandma. Yeah.

His grandma

pulls up.

Right behind us.

And she looks all of us in the face and she's staying there like, the fan wouldn't die that he's

like, You think I'm dumb enough to die from a file? Because grandma's crazy thing? Sure. Yeah.

Cutter 27:29
Wow. So bread truck. Grandma almost dead. She is saying, Ah, what an incredible lady. Right to just roll up that casual to literally in that's the this is the funniest part. The only reason why she didn't know what the hell was going on? Is because she was going out buying a new car. Oh, for herself. Wow, man. I don't even remember what it was. But shopping saves the day. Hmm, honestly. Wow. But the fire never like gotten near hurt. Well, it did. Right. It never touched her house. So she was okay. Let's go. Holy crap. That's crazy. No, yeah. Wow. Right. Man rags truck fire.

Cole Miller 28:11
Like this is this is I mean, the best part is is the three people that were in the truck. Oh, yeah. Like, Kim and I were at that spot for like, maybe 3045 minutes. Yeah, they are still standing.

They did not move. They didn't call the cops either. They're like, well, we didn't know if you wanted to get it towed or not. So like, do you mean do you What are y'all gonna do? Push it off of the road? No, you guys are walking traffic.

Of course other cars are calling cops and right. Yeah, we forced them to sit there until Wilbers parents got there to help out with the truck. Absolutely. Oh my god. It was literally the absolute nonsense that happened that entire day jews that's like a that's like a action movie Level Sequence. Right? You know, like, you've got like, like road closures. And you're like zipping in and out of traffic on the highway and a car crash and driving to a fight like this is all time so like this is I mean, this is like action movie level. Drama. This incredible. And if you think about it, like we are a dumb 16 year old. Oh, yeah. But if you think about it, if you put a 16 year old in a situation that's like life or death and in this particular story, it is right for right yeah, yeah, we are like we had the full mindset that we don't care what happens to us. We got to help out our homeboy. Yeah. Yeah, that's I mean, that's just what you get. That's just what happens. That's what you get into. It's incredible. What you can do under you know under under the stress and pressure that I mean, modeling did help out with

1000s of eyeballs staring.

Please don't trip actually does

Cutter 30:00
is basically the same thing driving to save your friend's grandmother from a fire. Runway modeling is like there's no difference. It's all the same. It's just one you're wearing, like slightly different shoes. One, one. You look one, you look a little nicer. That's it. It's the grandma on your 1000. Grandma was so fun

now that stays

and stays in.

Cole Miller 30:30
Man. Boy, I hope your friend listens to it so that you can know have so they can know how you feel about his grandma. He literally, I texted him, I was like, Hey, are you okay? If I like use this? And he's like, only if you can tell me how to listen to it. I was like, okay, that's so fair. I don't want that mislead you. Of course. This may not be Oh, of course. Of course. Could could be twisted with that. That is brilliant, though. Absolutely a phenomenal story.

Thank you call for me that. Thank you for listening to course.

Cutter 31:03
Well call to brilliant, brilliant stories.

Man, this is so tough, because I see the through line on both of these. Yeah. Right. Like, the, the, the internal logic of both of these stories makes so much sense. Like there's nothing that to me is really glaring, you know, like, oh, you know, like, oh, you said it was nighttime. And then it was a day tadley Or nothing like crazy like that. And the both of them are so reasonable. Knowing both you and knowing people ages. Like, not only is a 10 year old 100% gonna do that. You're 100% gonna do that. 10 years old. Yeah. I hate to say it. But yeah, no, no. And I mean, there's nothing like, you know, whatever, you're gonna try and help people, whatever that's, you know, wonderful, good for you. And the same with that, like, I 100%. Like, I know how I know how you feel about cars and your knowledge of cars. And oh, I know, you've got fast cars. And so all that tracks and your willingness to just go go go for somebody and, you know, put stuff on the line I've seen in the past. And so that, you know, that internal logic is, you know, it makes sense as well.

So, here's what I'll say. I think, I think I think that that second story is too good. It's too good. I think,

too. It's, it's too perfect. Right? The, the timing of everything. And the way that it all like that you, you know, come upon roadblock after roadblock and have to overcome them. And we're like that all. It's all good. And I know that that sort of thing happens in real life. And that's what makes for compelling stories. But it's all just so perfect. Right? And I think for me,

that it's it's a little it's like raising an alarm bell that there's like, yeah, that not that everything just worked out, but that everything worked out exactly the way it did. Right like that the grandma pulled up, like, right at, like, you know, oh, yeah, it was it was insane. Right. And that's and that's incredible stuff that happens in the real world. But the number of those are the chances I can see where you're going. So that's, that's, I think that's I think, gonna be my reasoning as much as I, as much as I hate to say that I think you were dumb enough as a child to almost get.

Right. Unfortunately, I think I believe that one more. So I think I'm gonna say I'm gonna commit to the first story, but you almost getting kidnapped is true. And the second story about the grandma, I don't know. I'm gonna say that it's fake. I'll give you time to really think about I'm gonna commit to that. I think I'm not going to fully say that, that, that that second story is fake. Because I think there's a lot of truth in like, it feels like there's some truth in there. But it also feels like we're really we're playing really loose with. Right, like, fair, like, I think we're I think we're, we're we're aggrandizing here. We're getting a little we're being a little grandiose, perhaps. So. I'm going to commit to you. Oh, you did almost get kidnapped. And some part of that second story is not true. Okay. So if you would.

Cole Miller 34:26
Well, you got it pretty much perfectly correct.

Okay, so, okay, okay. Literally, you are so right. Okay. But here's the craziest thing. Sure. Yeah, please. So literally, you're correct. That entire story is almost Yeah, okay. Yeah. I will tell you everything that is correct. Okay. Number one.

I did block off traffic. I totally believe that. But it was not with my car. It was with myself. Okay, sure. Yeah, I got hit by a car like a little bit.

I was actually hit. It's just like, it wasn't expecting that random like shuffle. Oh, yeah. So that happened, but I didn't want to add that because that's too much for us. Yeah. All right. Um, there was two separate roadblocks. Wow, that are not that i That is incredible. Okay. Yeah. So we had to like go through three different ways to actually see what we could do. Wow. Yeah, for sure. And number three,

there was a house near his grandma's house who caught on fire. Uh huh. But it was nowhere close. Oh, yeah. Well, okay. It was like miles and miles and miles and miles. Okay. So I have that that's made up. Right walked me through. So there was no speeding. Like,

whenever I drive, I drive like a mid 40 year old man so safely. Yeah. Like to make sure everything's okay. Yeah, my friend.

There was only one friend in the car now that I think about it. I think the other friend got another ride home. But sure. I mean, he was calm. Yeah, me as hard. chillin out. Okay. Um, Wilbur, however. I mean, he was freaking out. Of course. Totally. He also was going probably five under the speed limit. I mean, he the last thing he was worried about was whether or not his grandma was dead. Right. Right. Truck. Completely fine. Totally. Okay, yesterday, actually, no speeding nothing to get into that situation. Sure. Yeah. Um, I didn't have to block cars off with my car because there was like, no traffic.

Right at all. And, okay, yeah, his grandma most definitely did not pull up because she was asleep. Oh, her house. Wow. Okay, that is scarier, though. Yeah, that is scarier. But I mean, it was miles away. Sure. Still, so. Wow, gosh, why are you so good?

Cutter 36:51
Hey, man, look, I, I've been doing this for a while this is, you know, my 20 something if episode, you're doing this? I think so this would be 22nd, maybe, of randomness bit. So I've I've started to pick up on, I've started to get there. You know, season one was real rough for me. Like I was I was I got three right of the 11 guests I had on right. That's terrible. That's how this would have gone. I was so confident in my look, it was you told, I think the issue is you told a great story. But you told too great of a story. You know, like you made it. You made it. So, so grand and so dramatic. And I what I've learned that I have to do is I can't get let myself get sucked into the story. All right, that

and I've had it happen to me before and I get sucked in. And I go man, this is so compelling. This has to be true, because I'm in the story more than anything else. Yeah. Do you were in the back of that car. Right? I felt like you told a great story. And you really did. And I was I was aware enough to pull myself out and kind of get a top down view of the story and go, Huh, that's a lot.

Cole Miller 38:13
Yeah, yeah. But I mean, hey, still super compelling that so you did so that whole you almost got kidnapped? Yeah, like I just You were just literally hop in talk. From beginning to end. My dad happened. Wow. That's incredible. And to this day, I still think back and I'm like, How in the world? Can I have a somewhat genius overnight? Like i How can I sit and communicate with somebody? Right, right. It's like

one of the top modeling agencies yet not know that. I shouldn't call through somebody's vehicle. Yeah. That's something new every day. You gotta learn. Yeah.

Cutter 38:56
Typically, you like to learn the dangerous set the dangerous things in safe settings, you know? Yeah, like secondhand experience, not fears. But hey, if it works, Where's where's the adrenaline in that right? It's no fun. Yeah. Oh, really well, too. Brilliant stories call, but I need to tell you my two stories. And then we'll be right back with your guests. All righty.

Hey, real quick wall. Cole is listening to my stories. If you like the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button wherever you're listening, whether that's on Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts so you'll never miss an episode. Also, just that you will remember my two stories. Here's a quick recap. And my first story I was working in a gymnastic summer camp and I had to take care of a child who peed himself getting peed on in the process. But this happened not once but twice two years apart. In my second story, I stopped into a friend's dorm for a late night conversation that ended up making him faint. And while I took care of him, another friend in the room passed out which led me to take care of both of them for most of the night, only to find out that one of the other people in the room was a trained medical practitioner. With all that out of the way well

Let's get back into the action. All right, cool. Those were my two stories. What do you think?

Cole Miller 40:06
You're a horrible person?

You just for some context, people listening. Yeah. He tells me his first story, which will it was brought up tonight at dinner. Briefly

Cutter 40:21
gets, you know, as we were talking about having you on it comes up. But your

Cole Miller 40:25
second story was literally told to me in detail at the dinner table. Absolutely. But here's the thing about your little show that don't get me wrong. I love Oh, of course, this this has been like the best experience that I've had. I'm so glad to hear that. But so but here's the thing with your little show. You have the ability to take a story that's somewhat true, right. But make it a complete lie course. Absolutely. And you have the audacity to tell me these two stories at your house. Oh, yeah. At my dinner. One of your family? Oh, yeah. And you could have been lying through your teeth,

Cutter 41:05
you know? Oh, yeah. Look, the I will say the best and worst part of my experience filming this show, is I go months without being able to tell a single person which of these stories is true. Because I commit,

Cole Miller 41:20
you have to commit that I committed so hard.

Cutter 41:22
Like I work, I work really hard to try to have stories that everyone in my life was unsure about. Absolutely. My family doesn't even agree on which of these

Cole Miller 41:32
stories is true. So your family's in on this too? No,

Cutter 41:36
no, they're not. Oh, they I have done such a good job twisting stories, right, that my family don't agree with each other on which of my stories is true. Okay, right. And this is the level of like, I get it, you know, for me to sit there at my dinner table and tell you a story. And for that to potentially be a lie. I commit that heart

Cole Miller 42:00
to this know that like, I'm not gonna lie you deserve like an Oscar. No, because you're somewhat twisted in the head. But I respect you loosely because you had a mindset tonight at the dinner table. You know what, I'm going to convince Cole to come on this podcast. And I'm gonna make him look like a fool.

Cutter 42:21
I do know I do so innocently. It's there's no conniving. Oh, yeah, I just, I just want to have people on and have them have a good time. And I'm not doing it to try to be tried to be mean, even though a lot of people come on and get hostile. Right? A lot of people come on. And, and so all I owe, all I want to do, right, let's have some interesting stories, tell some crazy things that have happened in my life and twist some other things that happened in my life. Right. So you know, but if you have any questions, now's the time to ask. You're more than welcome to I'm happy to provide any detail that you may need to make your decision here.

Cole Miller 43:01
I don't think I have questions. But we're going to break this down. Okay, go ahead. Okay, so in your first story, am I allowed to like say what the story is? Of course, everyone,

Cutter 43:09
I'm assuming, for those of you listening, if you have not listened to the first episode, you probably should go and check it out. Right. of season two, season two, episode one. It lays out my two stories. So yes, go and I just want to say Cole has taken notes all the way on these stories. Serious. Please. Please go ahead.

Cole Miller 43:28
Okay, so in the first story, yep. You have not one but two incidents. Yeah. Where you have quite a literal.

From little boys waists. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So very crucial detail. Okay. In the first

time that you got peed on, you said he was three years old. Now, I don't know if the laws are different in North Carolina. Oh, but in Pennsylvania, whenever I worked at the YMCA if your child was under five

years old, you had to have a parent around Oh, death especially by the pool. Definitely not

Cutter 44:09
the case in North Carolina. Yeah. We have we've had we've always had and continue to today. Five year olds a lot of the camp with no no parental super.

Cole Miller 44:18
Oh, wait. It's a camp. Yes. Summer Camp. Oh, my.

Cutter 44:21
Oh, what do you think it was?

Cole Miller 44:22
I thought I thought this was just like you were working as a life.

Cutter 44:25
Oh, no, no, no, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This is a summer camp at a gymnastics gym. Oh, yeah. Yeah. No, not a lifeguard. Jeez. No, no, no, no. God that that would be incredible, though. If only

Cole Miller 44:37
Oh my gosh. Okay. So the second kid. So the first kid went home. Yeah, that day, gone.

Cutter 44:43
Is it because he didn't want to stay? I think his mom made that choice is Mommy. I think his mom went we're gonna we're gonna call it a day. Okay. And I think that was the right call.

Cole Miller 44:53
And the second I love I said I was gonna break this down and now I'm asking your question. Um, and the second kid you were

just Like

Cutter 45:02
he changed our look all of his outer layers that were going to touch anything. Were different.

I got no issue.

Cole Miller 45:09
Oh my God, so he just brought a change of clothes. His

Cutter 45:13
his his parents brought him a change of clothes. Hmm. Okay.

Cole Miller 45:18
Now for you being a whole you told you told me this amazing by the way thank you like if this is true, like ridiculous that like, Bro you deserve a badge. Like you deserve a gold star Mark your name?

Course. But you pointed out

one very key thing. Okay. In one of the stories that was a lie for me.

Cutter 45:43
Okay, sure. There's too much detail too much detail.

Cole Miller 45:47
Now the thing about that story is don't get me wrong. It was perfect. Right? Okay,

Cutter 45:53
but was it too perfect? Exactly.

Cole Miller 45:57
You added there was two more not not one, but two more people at the end of the story, which was a med student.

Cutter 46:07
She wasn't a med student or not a med

Cole Miller 46:08
student but like she she follows like a page paramedic.

Cutter 46:11
Like certified or whatever the technique. Yeah, yep.

Cole Miller 46:15
Yep. And she was with her boyfriend. And you know, she didn't help at all?

Nope. Not once

Cutter 46:21
is really obnoxious when she told me that at the end of the night, I would

Cole Miller 46:24
imagine so but I would imagine that it would be more obnoxious to the fact that you've lied to me about I'm going to say, Okay, kids are horrible. Kids are horrible. You're so right. The second story has to be a lie. The second story

Cutter 46:41
has to be a lie. First story is true for stories to get peed on twice. Okay.

Cole Miller 46:46
You did get peed on twice. Okay. Okay.

Cutter 46:49
So I will say you you make the fourth person of the six that have been on to guess that the first story is the true one. So you are in the majority here. Oh my god. But it's but it's not by much. But it's not by much by much. So we'll, we'll we'll see you. We'll see. I can't tell you right now. That's the that's the joy of August. And I'm

Cole Miller 47:12
gonna like now even if I thought your podcast was just lame. Now I have to listen.

Cutter 47:18
Absolutely. And see, the great thing is, you can see you didn't have enough time, a lot of time of course to prepare. Absolutely. You can go through and listen to all the other episodes and you'll get everyone else's reasoning as well. Oh, you'll get their thoughts, you'll get their guesses as to which of my two which is what

Cole Miller 47:32
I should have done. But you we had this prepared like look, we see minutes we'd

Cutter 47:36
spent we spend right into this and I'm glad to have because people have come on and have like, done their research on on other people's reasoning and will like call back to it. And so this to go to go clean slate I think is really nice. But so you think I did get peed on twice?

Cole Miller 47:57
I'm not trying to convince you change your mind or anything.

Cutter 47:59
I'm gonna stop you from changing

Cole Miller 48:01
final answer. Okay.

You did get peed on twice. And there is

no way that you can sit there and watch not one but two. Knowledge of medical terminology and you just sit there with your boyfriend and be like, Ah,

Cutter 48:15
they're fat, whatever. You would think so? Yeah,

Cole Miller 48:18
I would Yeah, you would hope you would. Saw made me say yes.

Finally, that's my

Cutter 48:26
you know what, that's a brilliant guest. You're in great company, you know, with with the other people who have guessed that you're in phenomenal company. So, Cole, thank you so much for your guests as to what your mindset shows you

Cole Miller 48:39
and thank you for I'm not even gonna lie like this. This has been like one of the best, like experiences I've had thus far. Even with modeling and stuff like this.

Cutter 48:49
I'm so glad to hear that.

Cole Miller 48:50
Oh, brilliant. Paul,

Cutter 48:53
thank you so much for joining me. I mean, there's so many places, but if you want to tell them where can listeners find more of you?

Cole Miller 49:01
Absolutely. Um, first off, it's been amazing. Like this whole experience. Thank you. If you guys do want to happen to figure out what this mysterious model was like.

Cutter 49:13
Isn't a war award winning? Oh,

Cole Miller 49:15
award winning absolutely fabulous. close to perfection. I

Cutter 49:19
mean, I would say you're right up on it.

Cole Miller 49:20
Oh my god, you're making me blush. Yeah. My Instagram is Cole underscore M underscore Miller. That's probably one of the main social media platforms that you can find me in. As we mentioned earlier in this segment, I had a book series for a character image that will be posted on my Instagram sooner than later awesome. Yep. The week prior I had Yeah, multiple meetings with agents if you guys listening when I figured out who I chose or home going to go with oh, so

Cutter 49:53
dramatic exam we do when we do our follow up in the finale episode. We can we can follow up On this thread maybe

Cole Miller 50:01
you are the best I've ever heard. Oh my god yeah, I mean Instagram is gonna be the main place that you guys can find me if you want to reach out or anything I mean that's it literally Instagram

Cutter 50:15
okay and then and then start following him around to his to his events and stuff

Cole Miller 50:20
I mean I would prefer like at least give me a heads up just be like hey go I'm gonna be here just so I know like if you need water or something I'm gonna know where you're at you know what a good guy what a hero he is just like me climbing into the trunk of his car exactly.

Cutter 50:33
He's just a good guy through and through cold days and what I think above everything else we learned that you might not be the smartest when it comes to remembering Ryan's but you're gonna be a good guy

Cole Miller 50:48
about it. You're so sweet.

Cutter 50:49
I you know feel the same way about you Cole. Thanks so much for joining me.

Cole Miller 50:55
It's my pleasure.

Cutter 50:57
That will do it for this episode. Our intro music has popped up off of compositions to used under the Creative Commons License found on Free Music Archive or outro music is vintage news of Production Music user under the Creative Commons License found on Free Music Archive I've been cutter. This has been you'll never believe me but and thank you all for listening. Good day and good night.

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