Halftime Scooters and Coach-Thrown Snowballs

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In this episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But... Cutter’s friend since birth, Price comes on to tell stories of his time at Virginia Tech athletics, including basketball halftime scooter races and getting hit by a snowball from the new football coach.

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Cutter 0:21
Good morning good afternoon and good evening everyone. My name is Cutter though you may know me as three bears in coat on air on HD one and welcome to this episode of you'll never believe me but.

Cutter 0:53
You will never believe me, but is a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me, every episode I have a guest on and they tell me two stories one real and one fake, and I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher, I'm going to run down the three rules we have here before we get into today's episode. Rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We're not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in the story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them. You agreed to come on the show and tell these stories. But unless they agreed to have these stories told, just use a fake name And rule number three, and this is the easiest one. All stories should start with. You'll never believe me but and then a brief synopsis we're starting the story just so that we all know what we're getting into and as a nice little nod to the show's title. So with all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let's go ahead and get into today's episode. Today's guest is price. One of my No My longest friend, longest time friend, someone who I have been everywhere with except for college, unfortunately. And someone that I've been excited to have on the show for a while and I'm glad we get this opportunity. Price. How are you doing?

Price 2:08
I'm doing good. I'm a little nervous, but I'm doing good.

Cutter 2:10
You know what? That is totally fair and totally okay. I just want you to be comfortable. Praise we've been friends since I was well, I mean, we both were days or weeks. I think I think we still days. Yes, basically. But yeah, um, our moms had a mutual friend who talked basically that we had both been born around the same time or days apart. Yeah, four days apart. Um, I am older and much smaller in every way. But, but talk that up and then my mom and your mom ended up getting together and exchanging babies basically for a little bit. Sure. All right. I mean, you have it you can call it a playdate. We're weeks old last year, but like, but, and we've been friends ever since our families have been super close. Ever since we've been on trips together. We've been out of the not out of the country together.

Price 3:01
We went to Vancouver together. Oh, yeah, I

Cutter 3:02
guess Yeah, Vancouver. We have been out of the country together out of the continental United States together. And I think more fondly than any of this. Your mom has been on

Price 3:13
this show? Yes. And yes. It's my mom's been on the show. She was on the first season. Yeah. Yeah. She was excited to tell me all about it. And then I didn't have any stories. But I had, I had a story that came up this semester. And I want to tell it,

Cutter 3:29
brilliant. I'm super excited because I know the way in. So you're on spring break right now. I'm about to start my spring break. So we've got just this little bit of overlap, which is perfect for this. Just enough time but I'm so I'm so glad you have stories. So because when I first texted you on as if you wanted to come on, you said you weren't sure because I know all of your stories. And I do. It's true. I mean, I went to went up to Blacksburg to visit you at Virginia Tech last semester. And just I mean, you told me what was the story about your my business, your business fraternity, I lasted a whole two days in which I think is fair given given the circumstances. But so it's things like that, like I do know a lot about you and we you know are very close and have been for a very long time. I just also think it's funny that I managed to get your mom on the show before you battle now. To complete the family. I think I think that's doable. I think that's doable. He's a he's a funny, man. Yeah, I think that'd be fun. I think that'd be a good time, man. See, and now I've got an extra guest for I think I think I can do one per season. You know, one family member per season for your dog season four. I mean, I've only got three seasons. There's not that many more. Like there's no more Yeah, yeah. No, I get I get an Angela on here. Oh, that's true. You know? Yeah, yeah, she would have a blast, actually. Yeah, I love this. Oh, my God. Oh, well. Either way. You've told me the titles of your stories, right. And I won't spoil them for you all, but I'm excited to hear them just on on principle. Um, So unless you have anything else you'd like to say, any other questions for me or about this before we get started,

Price 5:07
I think I'm ready to roll into my stories.

Cutter 5:09
Brilliant then price take it away.

Price 5:14
You'll never believe me, but I was a part of the halftime show a basketball game at Virginia Tech where I rode around a crab scooter, little soccer little four wheeled scooters, around the gym and a race in front of the entire stadium.

Cutter 5:28
And was this I'm sorry, I just want to clarify men's or women's basketball men's basketball, men's halftime. Was this like conference play against pit? Oh, goodness, that is that is conference play. Yes,

Price 5:41
it was our home game against pit man. And it was supposed to happen over winter break when there was a COVID issue and so it got pushed back to January I wonder this game and someone came up to us with like, 10 my friend Adam and I came up to us at 10 minutes after the first half asking do you want to participate in the halftime show? Or halftime game? Exactly what it was sure Yeah. Being basketball I was like okay, maybe we'll do like a basketball game. Knockout Game or Yeah, half court shot to win some money. That's what I was hoping. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Then he grabbed a couple other people from the students section. Okay, so get me down here like behind the string section with five minutes left and we'll take you down perfect we got can do so at the five minute mark. We all nervous not know what we're gonna do course yeah. Into the concession stand fails to meet with two other guys. I don't know their names. Sure. Journal guys. I think this is their fifth years and said we were babies for babies. So then they then we walked with the guy down to the state around the stadium in some weird door down this tunnel stairs. Got to basically where the players tunnel is Oh, wow. Okay. And he gave us the little scooters. said wait here and don't get in the players way when they come out

Cutter 6:56
of halftime. And so this is these are like the these are like the PE like it's like the cobbler like the

Price 7:01
ah, brilliant because we mentioned I am not a small person.

Cutter 7:06
You're not you are not a small lad. And those are very small little I wouldn't have to imagine. Yeah.

Price 7:10
And Adam is about a little bit smaller than I am not much. But still for sure. Sure. So both big. And like this is not gonna go well. And so halftime happened. The players walked out like run passes, get the locker room, which was very cool. Yeah. Like on each team, the team in the VT team came running past us.

Cutter 7:29
Sure. Nice. Awesome. Yeah. Yeah, it

Price 7:31
was a very cool. You got to really see how big all the players were when there is Yeah, I think there was a there was a halftime, Virginia Tech had a half court Shara last brother meter shot. Oh, wow. To see that mostly on like on the sideline, which is really Oh, brilliant. That's super cool. Yeah. And so yeah, then halftime started, he told us that gate told us the rules of we're going to put cones out. You got to go around these cones four times, or two times. And it's not just how the court it was. The full was free throw line, the free throw line. Whoa, that's far. Uh huh. And so you get out to the court and realize, oh, there's a lot of people.

Cutter 8:06
Sure, yeah. Yeah, of course.

Price 8:08
So we got our little scooters, they, well, they called us out. So these are the four people to call her names. went onto the court. And then we got positioned to get ready to go. At this point, I was just dying on the inside. Like

Cutter 8:23
so scary. So scary. So is this is this a you can like you're you're pushing yourself with your feet or you're dragging yourself anyway, you can move anyway you can. Okay, Okay, gotcha. So

Price 8:33
my tactic and my friends tactic was to sit backwards from where we're going and

Cutter 8:39
push with our feet. Yeah, makes sense. Now I think that's the way to go. Other people had a

Price 8:43
newer option, which I don't know if my knees could handle it, but that's one knee on the board. your other foot and two hands are basically just like rapid fire pushing Interesting. Okay, okay. And so that was there tactic Sure. And I'm like, I'm just gonna just try to survive I'm not gonna try to do anything. Yes. Yeah, of course. Yeah. So I started I remember start sharing. Oh, yeah. And wiling around. Then the first turn. Yeah, this one I was like, one of my wheels is not moving. Oh. Oh, no. No, I don't know if it was because I probably way too much for that to be a thing. Maybe it'll just didn't work. I don't know. Wow, like one of these wheels is not moving. And I'm not going very fast. And so the other three zip off fast me my roommate and friend loses his shoe mid race. Oh, no. All this happening. And then they so I'm done dead last two laps. It's not just one. Oh, yeah, of course. Yeah. I'm just chugging along. Sure. And I just keep going, huh? And it was just the most humbling experience I've had in a while. Let's just say that. Yes. I got to probably around the second bend. And I'm like, I've been I was. I was like, Oh, I'm gonna get laughed. I already can see it. This is one kneel On the board and was probably Yeah, he was zooming. Okay. I want the prize pack for first place, but not enough but just slowly make my way through cruising around share. Yeah, so it was the last first lap for me last lap for almost everybody else.

Cutter 10:18
Oh no.

Price 10:19
Well I think my roommate he didn't he got kind of not having a shoe hurt him Yeah, yeah. Florida sliding tread on one foot Naveen slowed up very quickly so we're certain fourth man you guys just got hampered immediately because we were sophomores enough Yes of course. Yeah, baby so alcohol the basketball game so I feel like

Cutter 10:42
yeah, so benefit Yeah. Oh goodness. So third and fourth for you and your roommate Yes. That's brutal. Oh my gosh,

Price 10:52
we got up. I made it one lap. I made it one nice

Cutter 10:55
nice one complete lap, one lap. Okay, brilliant.

Price 10:59
Most of the people made it to I think. Yeah. And I was like, Well, I'm just doing one. I'm just sitting here. Sure, yeah, at that point that the first place guide nearly came around and got his second lap. I'm like, Okay, I'm done. Nice. Yeah. And then we got up from our scooters. Everybody just cheered. She walked back. Luckily, this game. No, not none of my friends is that my roommate can make it. Oh, nice. Oh, there's one other friend. I knew there at the game. Yeah, but he went to go get food at halftime and missed as he was sitting together. Here's someone else. Nice. Yeah. So someone got a picture of my roommate, because one of my roommates friends took a picture of him. But I wasn't in the picture. Oh, wow. would want to see that. But I don't want to see any of that effort.

Cutter 11:44
Yeah, of course. Yeah. Oh, brilliant. So

Price 11:46
yeah. And then we got up they gave the kid the guy who won the prize pack or whatever. And then we gave him back the scooters. And we got to sit in the back and got to watch the players come back out again. Oh, we headed up through the tunnels which was really cool to see. Oh, yeah. And headed back to our seats and the guy next to us clap for us as we got punished. Please don't look at me. Yeah, it's so funny. But in the back we were like when are we ever gonna get to do this again? No. Yeah, of course very like hashtag college like, like, very much like Murren like ruin and I looked at it. And we're like, I guess we should just do it.

Cutter 12:21
So you don't get a lot opportunities. I I actually passed up on an opportunity to be a part of a car like halftime competition. I was at Reynolds for a women's basketball game. And at the front, they were having signups and they're like if you want to participate in this, like competition, you can sign up. There's no signups that is just random. There was like a waiver and everything. Like it was like it was intense. And I was like that. And I was like, you know, I don't I was like, I was afraid of missing the game. Because it was like, it was like a big game for us. I forget who we were playing. But it was a big game for us. And I was like, I don't really want to miss the game. And I looked at the prize. And I was like, that's great. But I really I really just want to watch the game. And so

Price 12:58
we were destroying pits. So what we didn't really miss much. So we had

Cutter 13:01
to sign up before the start for the game started. And so we end up winning that game pretty handle, but it was like it was at the beat at the start. I was really nervous. And so I didn't sign up, but I'm glad I didn't because I don't think anyone who signed up watched a second of that game. Because they they got to meet at the like in the lobby at tip. And then they were trotted out, like probably like six times. And they whittled down this like huge group of people to like two or three at the end. And it was as funny though, because it was a it was an outer bank. It was Outer Banks themed. And now you might be Yeah, yeah, like the show and

Price 13:36
I John bees run around, basically. Yeah,

Cutter 13:39
but I didn't know what that meant. But I don't think anyone else really did either. Because the first so the first part they I feel like you know they have like a few good ideas like Okay, first one paper airplane throwing competition. Oh, that's fine because you have because they escaped in a paper airplane at the end of season. One of our best spoilers for season one of our bags, paper airplane. Well, you don't know that. Prove it. True. But so like that was that? And then I felt like they got to a point where they were just really starting to like reach for it. Like the second the last one there were there are no, I forget what it was there were like eight people left. Or maybe six people left. It doesn't really matter. And they're like, Okay, you're going to sit in a bedsheet and then your partner is going to pull you like down like through a slalom of cones together and then you're gonna swap and then go back. And I don't remember what their reasoning was. But I remember them saying got me going. I mean, I guess

Price 14:34
we're not Yeah, when we were when they were telling us about my room. I first thought that there was one person pushing them one person sitting we didn't realize yes. One for

Cutter 14:46
like every man for themselves. Yeah, no. Yeah, it does seem odd if they pull you both out at the same time and

Price 14:53
the same group of friends. Like different sections. This

Cutter 14:57
makes sense. No, I think I think what Funny About your scooter thing is like, eat if there aren't a lot of rules I'd be I'd put my hands on the handles and just run around with it. Like on the ground and if they'd let me,

Price 15:11
I don't know, I don't know traditional way of doing too

Cutter 15:15
much on stress too much. Going to really anything moments to embarrass myself the least. Oh yeah, for sure. No moments do

Price 15:24
not don't come with us. I think Frank Beamer was at the game and if you don't know who Frank Beamer was at the game, like the God at Virginia Tech, very Yeah, he's

Cutter 15:32
Virginia Tech's probably famous Athletics Department.

Price 15:37
I think he was there. So if that makes it any worse or better you you can decide.

Cutter 15:42
You know what, he probably saw you that is true that he probably knows what you look like. Yeah. So that's, I mean, that's a win, I think because he

Price 15:49
they normally show him like pan the camera. Yeah, why not that game. He was there.

Cutter 15:53
Brilliant. So Frank Beamer watched you probably lose a crab scooter race at Virginia Tech, halftime men's basketball game. Ah, brilliant. I, you know, I've got I've got a lot of thoughts on this story in terms of its validity and truth, but I think I'll save that once. I've heard both of them. Okay. To hold them in context. That is really, though, I mean, unless you have anything else to add to this phenomenal experience.

Price 16:18
That's all about my humbling story. I

Cutter 16:19
mean, just miserable. Really, you know, if it were me, and one of my wheels was or I pick it up and run.

Price 16:26
Like, I don't know if that was in the rules, or

Cutter 16:29
here's what I think. Right? And I was thinking about this when I chose not to do the like Outer Banks themed one, like being a villain. In like a situation like that, like at like a college athletics competition is compelling. That's true. Like being a villain is like interesting. And so breaking the rules and getting away with it is like, you get people to root against you. And while it's not great to feel, it's great to like, bring the whole crowd together. I can

Price 16:53
just tell you, I was not thinking about anything. Oh, sure. I think that's fair. I was like, getting excited. And then I walked out and you just look around and you're like, Oh, my God, basketball players do this. They play in front of like, 10s of 1000s of people. And

Cutter 17:08
yeah, I was just looking at you. No, no, I think I think that's totally fair. Really. Well, I'm excited. I'm excited to hear your second college story. Yes. So I mean, I suppose I'll just let you get into that one now,

Price 17:21
okay. You'll never believe me but Virginia Tech's new football coach Brent fry, hit me in the face for the snowball.

Cutter 17:32
Okay, malicious or not.

Price 17:34
Um, so at my school, there's a bit of first big snow at Virginia Tech. There's a civilians verse Cadet snowball fight.

Cutter 17:41
So for those for people who aren't aware of Virginia Tech's whole deal with cadets, cadets, they started out a little bit

Price 17:47
off as a military school. Sure. And they still keep that they also let other people not the military go to the school, but there's a whole section. It's like ROTC but like, really like a lot more investment. Yeah, basically. Yeah. Like, it's a path to the military. Thanks. So the cadets, there's about 2000 of them at Tech. Yeah. And like 30,000 non cadets, civilians? Sure. And every year the big snow there's a big snowball fight cadets for civilians. Sure. Course. Yeah. So it was Martin Luther King weekend. We all just got back from winter break. Yep, yep. Yeah, we got like eight inches of snow. And everybody knew like, it was going down. Like it happens every year. God so yeah, of course. It's a big thing. And this was my first like, I live on campus off campus. So getting the campus was my rights and I big question. Well, yeah. Yeah. Luckily, they know what to do with snow. Unlike Raleigh. And that morning, the roads are already paved. Oh, wow. Brilliant. I know. Holy cow living in North Carolina. I've seen people who actually know what to do with snow is shocking that in a while very nice to having infrastructure to deal with it crazy and the buses were running. So we took the bus to campus. Oh my goodness. Wow. Okay, sure. Yeah, yeah, it's still felt weird. That is in North Raleigh. We'd be shut down for about 10 days. Yeah, for sure. No, guaranteed. So yeah, we got we hiked through the snow. Nothing had been paid to the bus stop. It was just mushy snow with the overlap of the road snow like on it. Waiting for the bus stop when he got on the bus headed to campus and we were I think it started like two or 130 in the afternoon. Afternoon. Sure. We got there early to didn't know like what it'd be like. So we went to my friend's dorm. Like, got like grabby got all suited up. Or zeroed up? Yep, of course. My friend brought a baking sheet as a shield. Sure, sure. That makes sense. Yeah, walk Yeah, of course. People take this also as a chance to wear as little or as crazy clothing as as possible.

Cutter 19:40
So yeah, I imagine

Price 19:42
so yeah, it's I am was more like, I'm just gonna survive and just try to survive and wear it as much as layers and yep, there are people who go out and just running shorts and nothing else. Oh my god. I just can't even imagine that. They always do something they like there's one guy But one of the lead cadets there. Hall one of the residence halls is right off of the drill field because we have a big drill field it's like a quad. But yeah massive Yeah, it's huge. Yeah. Huge field basically. Yeah. And they were marching out on the drill field and the guy the leader leading the door had no shirt on with his camo pants and combat boots. McCoy's hearing a guy fee airy flag. With Sure why not? Yeah. And he could that's marching behind him. Brilliant. So when we were all going out to the drill field, and everybody at this point, there's easily 5000 people on the drill field. Wow. Okay. Yeah. So we all get ready to go. We're all like talking to each other. The hokey birds out there mascot. We're taking pictures, really. And then out of the corner of our eye, a group of people flock and it's our new football coach, Brent pry made his appearance. Last event, because cutter knows my history about our old football coach. No one really liked him anymore. Yeah, he's a huge fan of this coach pride. And everybody wanted a picture with him as like. Yeah. And he was like, making the effort to be like a part of the community and do stuff that like with the support. Yeah. Like my roommate who was there? Different roommate?

Cutter 21:11
Different a different different, really the basketball room? Yes. He was

Price 21:15
there. And they did a bunch of promo videos for Coach pride, like show on social media like to share like his day at the snowball fight. Yeah, my friend was like next to him. And like all the videos that he they've hosted. So like, all of the social media is, like, just cut out of all the photos sucks. dang good. That's something I would want recorded.

Cutter 21:34
Like, unlike the basketball thing, sure. Yeah. So

Price 21:37
I tried to get a picture. I got a picture of him, which looks kind of creepy because it's from the side but I just wanted a picture of him. No, I think that's fair. I think that's so he said hi to us. And then he disappeared and I don't know, I didn't know where he went. She didn't he wanted to get as a lot of fire. Because when it starts it's a madhouse, like Yeah, I know. 2020 the code like the really heavy COVID year a lot of people were wearing masks during it course. Yeah. And some girl got hit with ice in her face and her mask turn she got a bloody nose I've never like turned bloody Yeah, like show me that picture. Yeah. EMTs are normally out on the roadside ready for some injury to happen. That's absurd. Yeah. And they just like watch us and let us do our thing. Yeah, of course. So I was I was like, Okay, you probably don't want to get like close don't get don't get what bring lacrosse sticks to chuck snow off across the early like I had a slingshot this year, which is new. Wow. Okay. Like the like two people held it there slingshot in then one person got snowball put it in and then chucked it.

Cutter 22:32
Oh, nice. Wow. So this is like this is like a full on war and raw. Sure. Yeah. Okay. All it's

Price 22:39
like 18 inches of snow.

Cutter 22:40
Oh my gosh. Amazing. That's so fun. So it

Price 22:42
started it doesn't there's no really signal to start. People just start moving closer. And then it turns into an all out sprint. And then kind of like gladiator fight for the ops come to each other's meet. And that's it. Yeah. It's not like English fighting where they should stand for this isn't uhpa There's like barbarian like, yeah, it's just a sir. I was running with my friend Jeff. He was charging. Well, this cookie sheet. Yeah. And then I was like, I think that's coach price in front of me. Oh, no. Joined the cadets. out number. Yeah, he was like, it was him and his staff. And I'm like, I'm sure they would accept some football staff to help with the snowball fight course. Yeah. So he came coming. And we all met at the middle. And one of the first shots was coach progress, and chucked it right on my face.

Cutter 23:27
Oh, my goodness. Wow.

Price 23:30
He had some he had an arm pattern. I mean,

Cutter 23:33
I would imagine.

Price 23:34
Luckily, it didn't hit me straight in the nose and hit me like on the side of the head. Wow. Enough to like discombobulate me and I'm like, that was coach Bri. Oh, my God. I was like, That's hilarious. Wow, that was just a weird story. And then he disappeared. I think they were like, you actually need to get out because you're like, Okay, now we need to make sure that you're saying yeah, let's not hurt the coach. They paid millions of dollars. Yeah, I think that's fair. I think that's reasonable. Yes. Then like the whole goal is then to try to push the cadets all the way back to their dorms.

Cutter 24:04
Oh, okay. Sure. Yeah, yeah,

Price 24:07
yeah, it's It's wild. Like cadets, they bring trash cans. I feel recycling bins filled with snowballs. And they do like some military tactics. Like course. Yeah, you gotta Yeah, they have high ground so they were chucking it at us. Oh, wow. I believe and then by the end of the snow snow compacted it basically turns into an ice luring contest. Oh, nice. So it's just really hard ice scales

Cutter 24:28
linked. Awesome.

Price 24:30
And then yeah, it was just then at that point, I was trying to figure out where Brent Hutch probably went because I'm like, it'd be cool to see like get some revenge like, but I'm sure he quickly laptops. Security was willing to like just to make sure he like didn't get really hurt. Sure. Yeah. So yeah, he left the premises very quickly. And then it was a full on. Sure, yeah. It was it was and then they got push them through like these little ones and then push them back to their dorm. Mm. At that point, I was just like it was. Yeah, it was crazy. And it all started out because I got shot was beat mind my

Cutter 25:08
coach my coach, right. Oh, that is amazing. Wow, it was

Price 25:13
it was really weird because I was like, I just thought he left I was like I didn't expect him to be charging towards me

Cutter 25:19
charging in front like in the front lines of the cadets. Yeah

Price 25:23
and there was like a bunch of he was surrounded by a bunch of massive like coaches who used to be football players boys. Yeah, big model people surrounded by a bunch of people in military uniforms. Like,

Cutter 25:32
oh my God, that's bad. It's terrifying. That is a scary image. But then

Price 25:36
you just keep going and keep throwing snowballs course yeah, yeah, it was very fun.

Cutter 25:41
Get absolutely clogged by Brent private. Oh, brilliant. Wow. Well, you know what, Brent fry II shout out to you. More power to you. Yeah. Praise. I love you. You need it every once in a while, you know?

Price 25:52
Okay, well. That's no boy, Coach Pratt. And then we'll talk.

Cutter 25:56
Okay. You know what? Let me let me see. Let me see if Dave will come hit me in the face of the snow. I'm sure you would throw one at him. I would absolutely throw a snowball at Dave. Are you kidding me? I would I would clock Dave if given the opportunity. But that's neither here nor there. But yeah, getting hit in the way it was it would you consider it an honor to have been hit in the face? Yeah. So like, I

Price 26:19
figured because he's like the man on campus like, like the Hokies needed any like knew they just like he was like basically the man like, yeah, he went to a basketball game and everybody like the whole arena erupted. And like, very, like very high, highly regarded

Cutter 26:37
is really did have trauma from Fuente. Hmm, you heard the chanting, there was a lot of chanting Yeah, I went when I went up to Blacksburg to visit. We went to a football game and it was loud fire fire. 20 chance is fun, though. Yeah, it's fun to be a part of the ambiance. I hold no stock in it, but it was like, Man, this is quite enjoyable. So yes,

Price 26:57
that was my, I guess honor of being hitting the snowball straight and straight in the side of the head or face from

Cutter 27:04
from grandpre. Thanks, Brent. Yep. Thank you. If you're listening to this, thank you. You never know, you never know. Amazing. Well, two very good stories to Virginia Tech athletics stories, think I'm gonna have a I've got my work cut out for me piecing this one together. So see what I can do. So two phenomenal stories, two, Virginia Tech stories, which makes sense from from how close we've been up until you decided that you just didn't want to be in North Carolina anymore, which, when I tried to get together? You did, you made a whole, he made a whole PowerPoint on me to try to get me to get a videotape. It did not work now. And I appreciate that you tried though I really do. But I now have to try to piece through what I know. So most of the time on this show, I feel like when I get told stories, I think both of them are true, right. And what I'm trying to figure out is, which one is more likely to not be true. Both of these I think are fake. And I'm trying to figure out which one is more likely to be true. Because here's what I would say about the first story, right? You do not strike me as the type of person to agree to, to something like that, very unlike me, it just is it's just so unlike you, and I get the whole like, when you're gonna get a chance to do this, again, like college experience kind of thing. But it just doesn't seem like you. And so that's, that's my main trouble. I think with this right is just like, I'm just struggling to, to, like, fit you into that. Like did that maybe happen with like two of your roommates? And you were like, maybe, but I think about the Brent price story. And you told me about the snowball fight. That happens every year. It happens every year. And you and you told me But you told me about your experience this year. So a little bit right. And you didn't mention getting hit in the face of vampire. I don't know if that's just me not remembering like, or maybe you decided not to include it? Or maybe you did say or maybe I'm not even remembering the right thing.

Price 29:03
Oh, it was two years ago. I've been to two now. Oh, that is a

Cutter 29:06
good point. You have been to two now. That is true. Yeah. Because I see. I think you would have been telling me about the freshman year one then. Because that would really want to have this this past winter. Yeah, of course. Yeah. So I think that's that's my big struggle, right is because I think you know, both of these. Wow, that's quite compelling now that you say that now i MAN i really wow. Three for a loop there. Yeah, no, I was I mean, I was gonna build towards like, oh, the Brent price story isn't true, because I thought I remember you not up but no, you were definitely just telling me about your freshman year experience. And so now I now I've got to try to piece together what remains, you know, because, again, all all adds like, nothing quite adds up. Okay. I think like and that's just that's just I just don't see it. But I mean, clearly at least one of these things happen to you are really messed up. And they're really all you really messed up. They're both fake or they're both true and I've just that bad. No, I think, man, it's it's so tough, you know? Because I mean, again, both sound a little fake, but both I can, I can easily talk myself into both of them. I'm going to say I'm gonna you know, understood my gut. I'm gonna say that the the Brent price story is fake. And that you did like, again have that moment of like, Ah, I'm in college. When am I ever gonna get the chance to do this again? Right and went out and did and cat last in a scooter game. But if you need to take halftime Virginia Tech men's basketball games, I think that's gonna be my guess that the grand prize story is fake and the basketball scooter race is true. You are correct. Really? Okay. Wow. So pray tell

Price 30:54
the fake one of the true one.

Cutter 30:56
I mean, well, I mean, I think unless there's things to add to the true one

Price 30:59
to the true one. Yeah, everything. My roommate was like, we need to do it. I was like, I literally have said like, it's up to you like, okay, yeah. I was like, Yeah, that sounds about right. I still do it. That

Cutter 31:11
sounds about right. Sure. Yeah.

Price 31:13
Like, I guess like, I was very like, I was like, Okay, sure. Yeah, maybe. It's like, Yeah,

Cutter 31:20
sure. Yeah. So the Brent price story, then how did that come on? Was

Price 31:24
there? Oh, he quickly left. So you saw him just like take off. I saw her take off right away.

Cutter 31:32
So stay for pictures. Did he say the pictures he

Price 31:35
knew like like, like on a different like social media. Like there's like a bunch of like student pages for like social media show? Yeah, of course. Yeah. It was like the time starts now. So like 15 minutes before it started. He was gone. Like, Oh, wow. I met Yeah, the civilians in the cadets. And then he was out.

Cutter 31:51
I believe that. Yeah. Unfortunate now, so did you just offer it get domed by someone though?

Price 31:58
I'm sure I did. Oh, sure. Had two of them like,

Cutter 32:02
Ah, wow. Okay. Dang, that is upsetting. You know, what out What a thing to scream at Brent price? That would be Yeah, but you got it. Right. Wow, I think very much used the wrong formula. And got the right answer. You know, like, like, I was like, Oh, I don't remember you telling me about that. And you're like, Well, I didn't, but not for the reason you think Yeah. And I, frankly, will take that. Like if

Price 32:28
it will if I if they just asked me at the basketball game by myself. And it was with my friends. I would have oh, 100% Absolutely. Yeah. 100% peer pressure. Yeah. I was like, I guess and then my room. I was like, Yeah, you were doing Yeah, we're

Cutter 32:41
doing and you're like, okay, yeah, no, that I mean, that does make sense. And I think that was a big that's a big factor in EMI. Like my hesitation is because really like that very much as would be unlikely to to agree to it. Like just readily out.

Price 32:56
I also held that not only my roommate and me, and then that's all I knew that only people knew that. Yeah, I have a friend who I didn't even know was there at the time. Like, oh, sure, sure. And then it turned out I talked to him the day after I'm like, did you see me at halftime? And he was like, No, I'm gonna go get a drink, like, fruit or something like that.

Cutter 33:14
Can't believe that he missed that opportunity. Now I'm setting Well, I Yeah, again, I think it was just that you, I think very smartly omitted that part of your friend talking you into it? Because that I mean, that would have been that would have just given it away? Yeah, I think so. Because you you were very agreeable for a lot of things, but not very much willing to do those things of your own. Your own motivation, I suppose. Yeah. But brilliant stories. Either way, though. You know, probably if you hear this anytime hit him with a snowball. Anytime he'll send you his class schedule next semester. Yes. So you can you can find him. He store one up for games this season. I gotta still be one more snow geared up for doing tech route. We're probably done. Oh, really? Yeah. Dang, that's upsetting. Maybe Maybe he has one of those in his freezer, you know, get some

Price 34:01
ice and just like crush it off and just crush it.

Cutter 34:03
Well, you get a snow cone. That's basically a snowball. I mean that that would work and tasty. Snack at the end. A little snack. Me and it just all works out. Yes. Bread pie throws a snow cone at you and then a spoon.

Price 34:16
Yes, that was interesting. Yeah. that ever happened.

Cutter 34:20
You know, Brett pry? Reach out to me make it happen. You know how to you know where to find me. Just reach out to the station like anywhere and I'll put you in touch we'll make this happen for sure. Well, I'm a fan of both stories again. quite sad. He didn't get hit in the face of snowball by brand pride. Probably smart of him though.

Price 34:37
Yeah, maybe could that hit me up sure in this Oh, I

Cutter 34:39
would have to imagine and some friendly fire to you from the backline. I mean, there's just so many people like it's impractical. But I've made my guess and now it's time for you to make your guess. So you're gonna listen to my two stories, and we'll be right back with your guests. Hey, real quick while price is listening to my stories. If you'd like the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button wherever you're listening, whether that's on Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts so you'll never miss an episode. Also, just that you will remember my two stories. Here's a quick recap. And my first story, I was working at a gymnastics summer camp and had to take care of a child who peed himself getting peed on in the process. But this happened not once, but twice, two years apart. In my second story, I stopped into a friend's dorm for a late night conversation that ended up making him faint. And while I took care of him, another friend in the room passed out, which led me to take care of both of them for most of the night, only to find out that one of the other people in the room was a trained medical practitioner. With all that out of the way. Let's get back into the action. Well, price, those are my two stories. What do you think?

Price 35:45
I have my thoughts. I think I know which one I'm gonna go with. Okay. Okay. Um, but for both, I mean, I was playing basketball with you when you tore your MCL or whatever it was meniscus. Yes. Yes. And I saw how bad it hurt. Yep. That story. There's so much going on that I feel like it's either. True. Like, I know, it's so true. Or it's so false that you just piled a bunch of

Cutter 36:07
a bunch of stuff. Or none of it. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. No, I think that's fair. Yeah. So

Price 36:11
knowing you've worked at the gym for so long. Yeah, of course. Yeah. And talking to your parents about the horror story about horror, I guess. Well,

Cutter 36:19
I mean, yeah, of course. I mean, just like my dad today and about someone threw up

Price 36:26
on a mat. Yeah. And that was just like, the least

Cutter 36:28
bad part of these problematic parts. Yeah, like that one.

Price 36:31
Just knowing that. Yeah, of course. And also, like, I was there for your meniscus tear. Yeah. Yeah. Driving that wasn't as vivid enough to in my opinion.

Cutter 36:44
Sure. I was I was was story. Yeah, there's some app. Oh, no, the story. I was telling the story of the surgery surgery. Okay. So yeah, just to clarify. Yeah. So I was talking about the surgery in that and that process makes more sense. Like a more medical perspective. But yeah, sorry. Yeah. Cuz you just kind of went down. No, yeah, I just jumped landed on my knee and about didn't get back up.

Price 37:05
So yeah, I can understand that now. Yeah, I sorry. I'm still thinking. Just hearing the amount of stories I've heard from your parents and from you about the gym course. Yeah, sure. I think it's the gym. Because not just once. I can totally see that happening twice. Yeah, of course. Yeah. I just feel like there's so much happening. The second story. Yeah,

Cutter 37:23
it almost feels like it would be unreasonable for all of that to happen. And

Price 37:27
I would not be surprised. So that means it's all true. Because there's just like the domino effect. Yeah, it's happening. Yeah, of course. So yeah, I want to like, I think just from just like, knowing you all for so long, I think the paying on story, one that makes the most sense as far as what happened twice? Yeah. For a while, and it does not surprise me that that's not happened. No,

Cutter 37:49
absolutely. I was I was doing the math. I think I've been working in the gym for for this summer would be six years of working at the gym.

Price 37:56
So I don't feel like working with all those kids that's bound to happen. I mean, it's gotta you know. Yeah. Yeah, I feel like I feel like that's the true story. And I feel like there are two elements to the second story. style the last time was there were two elements of kind of like my false Yeah, of course, but there was I feel like there might be extra stuff start you start getting a little getting a little overly, and I feel like you might be trying to draw people on because there's so much here and about okay, yeah, I also am also just talking right now just know. I think it's the first Okay,

Cutter 38:24
so first story getting peed on places true. Second story, Knocking someone out with my words in some way. I'll credit you is untrue. You know at that, I mean, that's a totally reasonable guests. I think you are of the of the four guests I've had on you're the third person the guest that way. So you're in you're in good company. Interesting. So yeah, I appreciate your guests. I appreciate your, in your reasoning, especially is very, very wise. And you especially with how well you know me, like, at least I think, to me, your guess holds a lot of stock. Yeah, in terms of like, what kind of a job I did whether I did a good like, either did a really good job to a full job or a pretty bad job to have not been able to Yeah, to really sway you that way. You know, considering you know, me so well. But um,

Price 39:14
I mean, I know that's happened, maybe not to you, but I feel like that just has to happen working with kids like that.

Cutter 39:19
Oh, my goodness. They can't do anything. Yeah, for sure. Well, Price. Thank you so much for your guesses.

Price 39:27
Thank you for having me. Well,

Cutter 39:30
Price. Thank you so much for taking the time and coming to join me. I think we learned above all else that you are not the right size to do scooter races. It's just not possible. But thank you very much for joining me. Where can listeners find more of you?

Price 39:45
So I guess you can connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm a I'm a business major, trying to grow my LinkedIn share show my LinkedIn it's just price teaching you and just

Cutter 39:57
that's T that's teach e why He just in case you were you know,

Price 40:01
yeah love more connections

Cutter 40:03
yeah How's How does your LinkedIn look in what's how many connections you have right now?

Price 40:07
Right now

Cutter 40:07
it's pretty low it is pretty well business major you gotta get those numbers

Price 40:10
well I just started like two months ago so just trying to get paste I'm trying to get up to like my growing

Cutter 40:15
yeah my connections trying to grow your grow your Rolodex so that's still a word that business people use Sure. You know, I look I think Rolodex is so fun yes price you should bring it back I feel like network is the easiest way to see but that's that's a term that I know pewter science that's confusing for me. You If anything, I think you should bend your terminology to fit my life so yeah. LinkedIn with LinkedIn is where it's at. Really? Yeah, I've heard I've heard that they're like LinkedIn influencers LinkedIn influencers if you are and like the stories I've heard of them is it's like the most like sigma

Price 40:51
type of guys anyway like 10,000 LinkedIn connections

Cutter 40:54
1000 There's no way that's too many. I know that's too many. You can't connect with that many people apparently. She has Wow, good for her. You know what I'm trying to be like her price. Thank you so much for joining me.

Price 41:07
Thank you for having me

Cutter 41:08
course. That will do it for this episode. Our intro music is pop nugget off of compositions to used under the Creative Commons License found on Free Music Archive our outro music is vintage news of reduction music used in the Creative Commons License also found on Free Music Archive. I've been cutter. This has been you'll never believe me but and thank you all for listening. Good day and good night.

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