Fictional Flirts and School Walkouts

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In this episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But... Cutter’s younger sibling, Phoenix, comes in to discuss their experience with flirtatious fictional characters and a walk out created at their school, as well as decide between Cutter’s stories.

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Hey, should go follow this guy buddy on the Twitter machine. He's pretty funny and stuff. And sometimes he doesn't say inappropriate things sometimes. So yeah. Oh, I'm @GrumpyLlama. That's it. That's the ad.

Cutter 0:24
This episode contains discussion of topics surrounding sexual harassment and assault. If you're sensitive these topics this may not be the episode for you. According to the United States Department of Justice, over 400,000 Americans have been sexually assaulted. If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault reign. That's the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network is the nation's largest anti sexual violence organization, and has all kinds of resources to help victims that can be found at rain our ai n, including the National Sexual Assault hotline, which can be reached at 800-656-4673. Even though the nature of the show is to be critical about the truth stories that does not and should not reflect on the believability of reports of sexual harassment and assault. This is ultimately a comedic and storytelling podcast and the story is told with comedic intent, and is acknowledged to potentially be a lie within the structure of the game. Studies have shown and continues to show that only about 5% of sexual assault reports are false. So, again, you can go to rain our ai n Or call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-4673. If you are sensitive these topics, then it may be in your best interest to skip this episode. With that said, let's get into it. Good morning. Good afternoon, and good evening everyone. My name is Qatar though you may know me as three layers in a coat on air on HD one and welcome to this episode of you'll never believe me.

Cutter 2:08
You'll never believe me. But as a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me every episode I have guests on and they tell me two stories one real and one fake, and I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher, I'm gonna run down the three rules we have here. Before we get into today's episode. Rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We're not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in the story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them. You agreed to come on the show and tell these stories. But unless they agreed to have these stories told, just use a fake name. And rule number three, and this is the easiest one. All stories should start with. You'll never believe me but and then a brief synopsis before starting the story, just that we all know what we're getting into and as a nice little nod to the show's title. So with all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let's go ahead and get into today's episode. Today's guest is a very, very special guest someone that I have known for basically, their whole life, someone that I have been very excited about in the podcast for a very long time. And someone who I am related to by blood, that would be my younger sibling, Phoenix Phoenix, how are you?

Phoenix 3:24
I'm good policies and is not doing great things for me. But like we're just gonna ignore that.

Cutter 3:30
Sure. Yeah, I'm excited to have you on I know we've been talking about it for for a minute for a while. And not getting you on has definitely been has definitely been like, on me.

Phoenix 3:42
Yeah. I have been excited to tell these stories.

Cutter 3:48
Yeah, I know that you've had these ones queued up for a while and I've had to stop yourself from telling them to me, it was really hard. So I'm excited to hear that because it's been a minute, but I mean, I don't know. I guess for me, it's just been weird. Because, you know, you're 16 Now recently recently, birthday aid. Yeah, recently birthday. But it's weird. It's been weird for me to not be home, you know, for so long to be away at college. And to not not see me every day and be around you every day because I quite enjoy your company. And so I'm glad that we get I mean, you spent up until this point, you know, you've had your college day and came around with me my one class that I had today. Yeah. And but no, I'm glad to have you around. But I'm especially glad to get you on the show and get you telling these two stories. Especially because you've been excited about it for so long.

Phoenix 4:36
Oh my god, I'm so excited about these. I think you're gonna have a hard time you're gonna have are done. I think you're gonna have a hard time.

Cutter 4:43
I don't know I look this season. I'm 5050 So far, which is all like monster like leagues better than season one. Yeah, so I think I don't know. We'll see. I don't know. I guess I'm unsure as to if it's you know, be easier or harder if I know someone better. Yeah, we're gonna see I think we already think we're gonna find out. No, we're gonna find out. I mean, you know how the show works. I hope you've been listening. God wouldn't what a betrayal that

Phoenix 5:13
would be. I've been trying. I've been really busy I actually listened to, to one on the way back from a convention because it was very late. And it was a long drive, but like, Oh, well.

Cutter 5:25
So you're caught up for sure. Guaranteed.

Phoenix 5:30
Sure, we'll say that. Yeah.

Cutter 5:31
Who's the last guest?

Phoenix 5:33
i That's a good question.

Cutter 5:37
No, betrayed by my own blood.

Phoenix 5:40
I'm so busy all the time. You know, though?

Cutter 5:44
Of course. Yeah. I mean, there's nothing that you do in your life that you couldn't also be listening to a podcast while doing your hobbies don't include drawing or you know, sewing or anything like that, that you do with your hands that you could still listen to something with. That'd be so difficult. No, I understand. I get it. Oh, catch

Phoenix 6:06
up. Okay. You're gonna listen to this episode? Absolutely. Actually. Maybe I hate listening to my own boy. Yeah,

Cutter 6:12
I don't know. It's a it's a hot topic conversation. If yes, I did listen to it. I know. He listened to her because we were there. Yeah, Stacy did listen to hers. Yeah, I am hearing my own voice recorded as weird. No, it is weird. It definitely, definitely. Well, unless you have any additional questions, comments, concerns, thoughts, feelings. And I'm good, then I think I'm ready to get into these stories that you've you've shouted at me for so long. So I guess just let's get right into it.

Phoenix 6:43
You'll never believe me but a fictional character flirted with me.

Cutter 6:48
I wouldn't know that feels silly. There they are typically non interactive media.

Phoenix 6:54
Well, you clicked baited us with one of your synopsis. No, no,

Cutter 6:59
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I sensationalized

Phoenix 7:05
I did the same thing. Sure. Sure.

Cutter 7:08
Oh, okay. Please tell the story. I think I think I understand how a fictional character could have flirted with you? Yes,

Phoenix 7:14
yes. Okay. So basically, one of my friends was like, Hey, do you want to go to a convention with me? And I was like, Sure. And this was like, three weeks before when they had first asked me if this is on first. And it was like, Yeah, I'll start working on a cosplay.

Cutter 7:30
What kind of convention is this?

Phoenix 7:32
An anime convention? It was try at anime convention in Winston Salem. Sure. It was a lot of fun night. A week before the convention. They were just like, hey, do you are you still up for that convention? Gotcha. I had forgotten about it. Nice. All right. Ready? I'm super ready. I don't have a cosplay and I'm like, All right. I just got up pick something out of my closet. You know what I went as? I went as a Beanie Boo.

Cutter 7:57
A Beanie Boo.

Phoenix 7:59
Yes. Do you have a picture? I? Sadly no, my friend does. Okay, gotcha. But I have a picture of me getting ready. Okay. Okay. I can show you that later. Yeah. Um, and so we were walking around the dealer's done a little bit when we got there. The car ride was a long time because it was in Winston Salem. Oh, well, very far away. Yeah. So we got to the convention, and we got our badges and we went to the dealers done and what is I'm sorry, what is that dealers done is where everyone kind of sets up like all the vendors like, sell like Gotcha. prints. enamel pins, keychains. Pillows. I bought a pillow. Nice. Okay, gotcha. So, basically, we were walking around the dealer's den quite a bit. Buying some cool stuff. It was great. And then we go, we were walking out a little bit and we see that there is someone doing autograph signings. Oh, Oh, who's that? And it was Sean chip lock the voice of D Luke from Gibson impact. I know you're at least a little aware of Gibson.

Cutter 9:06
I'm loosely familiar with the game. Yeah. Loosely. Familiar.

Phoenix 9:08
Yes. D Luke is one of the main quest characters and one of the five star characters available. Gotcha. He's a great. He's a great character. He's very attractive. So we're just like, oh, yeah, let's let's go get signed up for this signing. And they're just like, Alright, so we're kind of forcing him to take a break. Because he refuses to Gotcha. They physically put a gap between when they were doing signings, Oh, nice. Yeah. And so we signed up, it was about four and they were just like, yeah, you can do it at 715. That's a long time. Yeah. And so we're just like, Alright, so we'll just go to the video game room. Sure. Yeah. And it was a lot of fun. There was Dance Dance Revolution, which I am terrible at.

Cutter 9:51
Yeah, yeah.

Phoenix 9:52
You know me. I have no sense of rhythm. Yeah, that does not help. No, yeah. Um, we also played this weird Japanese version of Mario already was fun. I bruised my palm

Cutter 10:03
playing Japanese Mario Party. Yes. Was it Mario and company or just

Phoenix 10:07
No, it was like a different group. Like every everything was in Japanese so it like we couldn't understand. Oh, awesome. So it was like a lot of buttons smashing nice and I bruised my palm.

Cutter 10:18
Awesome. Great worth it. Yes. Did you win? Yes, I

Phoenix 10:23
actually did. Oh, no,

Cutter 10:24
I didn't lose me.

Phoenix 10:25
It was great. We actually ended up catching up with one of my friends, I will just refer to him as what cosplay he was going as well for refer to him as venti. Okay. And he was, he was there, and we ran into one of his friends from a previous convention. Ah, no, you will refer to her as the customer. He she was going as which is Monica. And so we were catching up. We were talking and then we were just like, Oh, our it's, it's almost 715 We gotta go. It was like 710. And so we go over to where we're supposed to do the signing. Yeah, just like, and by that time, it was like 712. Yeah. And we go over there. And they're just like, are we letting in the 715 yet? And they're just like, Sure. So they let us in Nice. We're going and I see the little thing that has little prices on it. And it's like a print is 30. A personal item is 10. And like a video is 30.

Cutter 11:22
Well, you have to pay to get stuff signed. That's messed up.

Phoenix 11:25
Yeah. This is an interesting thing that comes up in a little bit. So I'm looking through Ventus purse, because I don't have pockets. And I grab my wallet. And I only have $18 Hmm, this is a problem. As you can probably tell,

Cutter 11:47
I don't know, you could get a personal item signed for $10. Yeah.

Phoenix 11:49
So I walk up. And I'm like, I'm so sorry. I only have 18. And he's like, that's totally fine. What print would you like? And he's, and he says this as he's signing my friends sketchbook, which is like great, cool. Wonderful. Don't have to worry about that. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, can I get the D Luke one because He also voices a ton of other characters. Sure. And I he's like, this is the funniest part of the whole thing, because he's like, I can't give you the regular D Luke one. But I can give you the free D Luke one. Yeah. And honestly, I think it looks conceptually better than the regular one. And that's not just because I'm a fairy. That's just, it just looks better.

Cutter 12:37
I don't have any I don't know, what do you want me to say to that? I haven't seen either of them. I'm looking at you. You're sitting there. You're saying you're telling your story. Anyway, analyzing

Phoenix 12:46
anyways. So I'm just sitting there and I feel so bad because they didn't have the full 30. And I'm like, I'm so sorry. And he's like, it's okay. And I didn't read what he was writing. Gotcha. And so I get the thing, and we're walking away and I'm just like, thank you so much. And he's like, Alright, have a good day. And as we're walking away, I read. I read what he wrote. And he wrote Phoenix, and then in quotation marks, I'm gonna say this with exact punctuation as well just because it's important. Okay. Okay. So quote $18 is fine. Dot dot, dot. You can make the rest up later. Till the End quote. And then a signature.

Cutter 13:31
A little squiggly in there. A little. Yeah. A little squiggly in

Phoenix 13:33
there. Yeah. Yeah. So I go around the rest of the convention. Unable to function, because de loop just flirted with me. Sure. So I will catch back up with Monica. And we are and I'm like, okay, okay. Okay, so read this. And they were just like, Oh, interesting. But actually, I forgot to mention one thing before that. We got back out. And I felt really bad because I didn't have like $1 for the protector and someone was like, listening in and they paid for my protector. And I was like, that's so sweet. Oh, nice. That was great. Wonderful. Good Samaritan.

Cutter 14:25
So now it's protected. And so we're just so you have it somewhere, but it's in my

Phoenix 14:31
room actually. Where? And on my nightstand. I actually have a picture of it. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Crazy. Yeah. So I texted my friend Sam. And I was like, Dude, do you Luke just flirted with me. And they know that I listen to some, like comfort audios of people making impressions of him. And they're just like, oh, Okay, and I'm like, no, no, no, no, no, you don't understand. And I send them the picture of it. And there's like, oh. So I guess I was unable to function the rest of the week because, I mean, who would be able to? Who? Would you?

Cutter 15:20
Yes, probably. I feel like if I feel like a voice actor wrote something nice on a print, I probably would would be able to compose myself to do at least one single thing the rest of the week.

Phoenix 15:33
I mean, like, I could do things. It was just like, my brain was on autopilot. Like no thoughts had empty only deal, Luke. So I was I dealu flirted with me that's, yeah, that's kind of the whole story feels

Cutter 15:52
like it feels like your your titling of that is a lot more liberal than mine. Yeah, feels like you feels like you cut. It feels like you. You cut a lot of a lot of corners. And I respect that.

Phoenix 16:05
Yeah, I think it's funny because as we were walking out of Venice, he was like, I don't remember if this was his exact words, because I was out of it. He was like, Yeah, I just got a signature and you and he flirted with you? And I was like, Ah, sorry, man. I don't know what didn't tell you

Cutter 16:26
should have been floated should have not had enough money. Yeah.

Phoenix 16:29
Should should, uh, actually didn't have any money either. Wow. So I got a personal item signed an NDA print for $18.

Cutter 16:39
Wow, scammed, scammed, absolutely scammed. Great. Well, good for you. Thank you. Nice. Wonderful. I have, I guess, I don't know. I guess any questions I have really are sort of contingent on what the second story is because of this second story is at all related to this one.

Phoenix 17:01
Oh, it's not? Oh, oh, yeah. That's a completely different connotation. Not connotation. situation. Tone.

Cutter 17:12
Is it a different situation?

Phoenix 17:13
Oh, yeah. That's more that's more what I mean, drastically different in general.

Cutter 17:18
Sure. Okay. Well, you know, I'll save it for when I'm analyzed. Alright, how about that? All right. All right. All right. All right. Well, I guess then. Let's go ahead and get into the second story.

Phoenix 17:30
You'll never believe me, but my friends held a walkout for me after I got harassed again,

Cutter 17:38
huh? Yeah. For them. Yeah. Good for them.

Phoenix 17:42
So you remember the foot fetish guy? We're gonna refer to him as Evan.

Cutter 17:46
I do. But of course, the listeners listeners not. So if you wouldn't mind.

Phoenix 17:52
Yeah. So I was outside of school one day, and waiting to get picked up by the lovely person sitting across from me. Me. Yes. And I previously had fallen in the hallway. I was on foreign shields. I had fallen in the hallway. I wasn't hurt. But I just like couldn't wear my shoes anymore. Because I didn't want to get hurt. So I wasn't wearing my shoes. And then after after class, I got outside of my classroom, and I met up with all my friends like I normally do. And they're just like, oh, oh, yeah. So there's this guy that takes pictures of people's feet without their consent. And I'm like, Oh, cool. Let's get outside. So I can put my stuff down on top of my feet which are uncovered. So I do that. And then I think, I think he left but then he hadn't. But this is important, because I thought he left. He didn't. And I was standing away from my stuff. And then I saw him coming over and I'm like, oh, oh, no. So I stepped back behind my backpack. And he comes over and he he says, Oh, I didn't know you go to the school now too. And I'm like, What are you talking about? And he's like, Oh, I you I thought you were someone I knew. So what's your name? And I'm like, No, who do you think I am? And he was like, I don't remember the name. I'm gonna say, Kaylee or something. I don't know. Sure. And I was like, I'm not a girl. And he was like, so can I get your name? And he asked me that about like, eight more times before I was like, no, no, no, no. And then he finally left after dead naming my friend. Nice. Yeah, it was like, oh, yeah, I'm friends with your friends dead name. And I'm like, What? No, what? Okay, sure. Leave. So yeah, that was first run in with Evan.

Cutter 19:51
I remember I remember picking you up and going you I remember you walking across the parking lot. barefoot, barefoot and getting in and I think me appropriately making fun of you for electing to wear four inch heels to school and and not expecting anything to go wrong. Yeah, it just feels brave. I

Phoenix 20:12
mean, I've walked in heels all the time you know me,

Cutter 20:15
right but for eight hours

Phoenix 20:19
No. i Yeah, I see the problem now.

Cutter 20:24
Look, I mean, I You gotta learn. Yeah, no, I remember picking you up. So you're telling me that you got harassed again and that a bunch of your friends walked out of class over?

Phoenix 20:33
Yes. This will make sense in a second. I imagine. So I went to school. And by the way, Evan was after the after this encounter, he was then forced to sit inside for lunch, because he also stole my friend's shoes. I know. Yeah. Cuz you remember me telling you that? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. So he was forced to eat lunch inside. And we weren't worried about anything because like, he's inside during lunch, and we're outside. And so I wore I think my tennis shoes because they weren't big er than my other ones. Because I wanted to wear my cat paw socks. Oh, sure. Yeah. And I wanted to show my friends and I was gonna show them at lunch because Evan wasn't going to be outside, right? Yeah. And so these

Cutter 21:27
sorry, just to clarify for the listeners who may not have a great idea of what cat paw Sox are their socks with? Like, like cat paw style, like foot pads on the bottom?

Phoenix 21:40
Yeah, they like their silicone. So they're a little bit hard. But like it's, it's a

Cutter 21:46
it's a weird experience. It's a weird thing. I just feel like I just feel like it can't I just feel like it can't be very comfortable.

Phoenix 21:54
No, but like I was sitting down most of the day. And luckily, it was an eight day so I didn't have theatre.

Cutter 22:00
Yeah, I just looks like it looks like you're walking on like, I don't know, like with the front hat like on like reverse wedges or something. Reverse wedge. Yeah. Yeah. Like you're walking uphill at all times.

Phoenix 22:12
Yeah. And so I was wearing those socks to school because I wanted to show my friends because they were cute. So I took off my shoes, but I had socks on. So it should have been fine. Sure. Just just to know these socks are thigh highs. Yep. And I was wearing a skirt. Because cute. But I had, I took off the shoes to show my friends because I was like, Look at these. They're so cute. And they're just like, Oh, those are adorable. We didn't think anything of it because I'm wearing socks. Yeah. The only rule within our friend group is don't wear open toed shoes.

Cutter 22:43
Was I just Okay, gotcha. I didn't know if that was like, weird other thing. Oh, gotcha. Gotcha.

Phoenix 22:52
I didn't know that Evan was outside. Mm hmm. This is a problem. Because he he was behind me. None of us saw him. And he starts tugging at my socks. Oh, weird. Not okay. Like trying to take them off. And I'm like, hey, what? Whoa, hey, whoa, no, go away. Get off of me. Yeah. And some of my friends actually start hitting him because he won't back off. And so this. And so the principal, here's all this fighting outside. And she's just like, hey, what's going on here and they see my friends beating up this kid. And I'm just like, in the corner crying because I'm like, This is not okay. I'm very uncomfortable. Right,

Cutter 23:41
please. Right?

Phoenix 23:42
Yeah. And this, this was about maybe two weeks after the initial event. So then the principal proceeds to suspend my friends. Because they were fighting on school grounds, which is understandable. But then I tried to explain to her the situation. And she was like, your friends still beat up a kid?

Cutter 24:11
How? Okay, I gotta clarify like three things real quick. How long did they get suspended for?

Phoenix 24:17
They got suspended for

Cutter 24:18
two weeks? Two weeks. Okay. And who weeks?

Phoenix 24:21
Yeah. Holy cow. Yeah.

Cutter 24:25
How? Okay. Okay. How bad of a number do they do on this kid?

Phoenix 24:31
Like he was on the ground getting kicked and punched by about six people.

Cutter 24:35
Right. So look, I'm not what he did was wrong. Yes. There's like the whole thing of don't kick someone while they're down.

Phoenix 24:48
Yeah, but also, that's kind of really messed up.

Cutter 24:52
Sure. No to again, not arguing that at all.

Phoenix 24:55
Didn't I want to clarify that? I did not ask them to know. Thanks. Yeah, times that if he bothers me again, they are ready to throw hands. Yeah,

Cutter 25:03
I just, I'm just not a fan of of beating someone to the ground and then continuing to beat them up. Yeah, I'm of the opinion that once you send someone to the ground, no, it was like learn their lesson we

Phoenix 25:18
not we they pushed him to the ground first. First thing that they did. Okay, sure. Yeah, gotcha. And so the principal suspended them. Six of my friends for two weeks she is there's still a couple of my friends at school because a lot of them are nonviolent, and one of which is venti. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And we were just like, hey, this is not cool. And we gather of the rest of our remaining friend group, and we're just like, so what do we do? And I like honestly was kind of shut down a little bit for that whole while just because Sure. Yeah, yeah. That. So I was kind of out of it. But then they were just like, hey, so we're gonna do a walk out? Because this is not okay. Yeah, okay. Sure. And so the next day during

Cutter 26:17
eighth period, you have so many periods, it

Phoenix 26:20
was eighth period, because the day before was an eight day, and that's one through four. And then the B days are fifth. So a period we did the walk out. And

Cutter 26:32
every one classroom, what class did you walk out of

Phoenix 26:34
civics? My civics and economics class, and our civics teacher was aware of this. And he knew it was happening. And he actually walked out with us. Oh, wow. Which was great. And so almost the entire school walked out, like almost the entire school, except for a couple of people who are like genuinely terrible people who have had problems in the past. But oh, well. So we walk out. And we are everyone but me is kind of like shouting to lift the suspension and also maybe like expel Evan, because that's not okay.

Cutter 27:14
Yeah. And I remember you saying that, like, yeah, the kid had done this, like in the past. Yeah. And

Phoenix 27:19
like, my friends, I've seen him take pictures. Right before and also, he has thrown a tantrum because he has not been able to see a girl's feet.

Cutter 27:31
That's so funny. That's still funny. So like, it's messed up. It's messed up. But funny. But that part throwing a tantrum about it is funny.

Phoenix 27:40
Yeah. So anyways, after the walkout, my school, my friends, suspension gets lifted. Oh, nice, which is great. Yeah. And one of my friends, the one who have been originally said was his friend. Gotcha. Yeah. They have the same first period together. And so they came up to me, and they're just like, hey, Evan wasn't here. And then proceeded for like, two weeks, and then we found out that he started homeschooling. Yeah. I don't know if it was worse, or if it was sure. Yeah. So

Cutter 28:20
Wow, that's crazy. Yeah. Holy cow. Direct Action. Direct action. That's not Well, sorry. That happened. Glad you could tell me a story about it. Yeah, that's awesome. Thank you. But yeah, wow, crazy. Well, man, I have so many questions. So many questions about about both of these. Yeah, this is really this is really made me really reevaluate my consideration of the first one. Yeah, this is this is quite wild. Gonna be hard. Yeah. This has become a lot tougher. Well, I. Yeah, those are two. Absolutely. Wonderful. Well, I mean, okay. Those were two story epic stories. Yeah, they were good as stories. They were great. They were great stories, great storytelling stories. You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. Some stories like that. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, but very well done. Well, those were two very involved stories. Again, I'm really just trying to avoid using like positive words because of the second story, but not in like not in like you didn't do a good job telling them or they weren't interesting. Yeah. But like I just want to be you know, respectful about how I talk about it. Yeah. But regardless, I Okay, so Okay, so first of all, like the whole first story, your title much more like click Beatty than my title. Yeah, like I don't know unless you like signed it as d Luke then like, maybe Yeah, the

Phoenix 29:53
thing is, like with some, some character signings like that, they they sign it as the character. Gotcha did Did he do that? Yes. And then we signed it as d Luke. Yes. And then my friend got a signing from another voice actor for another character and they signed it as the character. Ah, gotcha. So it was a common thing for voice actors to do.

Cutter 30:14
Okay. Okay. So in in a sense. The Luke did flirt with you. Yes. In the same sense that I got peed on. Yes. Okay, gotcha. Gotcha. So, okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I do also want to say like, I like the with the with the first story. Like, I didn't know that the triad anime convention was like a he was like that huge thing. You know,

Phoenix 30:49
he really wasn't they didn't have a lot of voice actors. But then again, some small things do have big voice actors. Like for example, at a comic con i went to in Raleigh, they had the voice actor of Beast Boy.

Cutter 31:03
From like, Teen Titans. Yeah. Oh, whoa. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, I don't know. It's just weird. Like, it's weird. That I don't know something that like, I don't know, Winston Salem isn't like, a big location or anything. At least I don't think so. Yeah, it really isn't. And so I don't know, I guess like, I guess like, I don't know, I figure it would I don't know, I think I would be would be unlikely. Unlikely. But um, I don't know. I guess not. I mean, it's not out of the realm of possibility. Of course, I think. I think the fact that you ran out of money is very odd. Yeah, I just made you bring

Phoenix 31:48
I bought, I think about 60. And

Cutter 31:51
I owe you about a pillow. I have seen that pillow so I can confirm that.

Phoenix 31:56
I bought a pair of paws. Okay. Actually finished my cosplay. Yeah. And then I also bought two keychains.

Cutter 32:06
That could easily run your $42. Yeah. A pillow is fairly expensive.

Phoenix 32:11
It was like 33.

Cutter 32:14
Your way, way, way, way. Way. You're telling me you spent $33 on a pillow? Yes. And the paws cost you like 10? Bro, what math are you on right now? Oh,

Phoenix 32:28
yeah. Dad also gave me like a 20.

Cutter 32:32
Yeah, very likely. Very likely. Sorry, my brain. My math isn't working out for my fake story. Yeah, I guess I better yes, I better cover myself. No, no, i i Yeah, I think I don't know. That story is so not out of the realm of possibility. Yeah. You know, that story seems like, it seems like the safe story, right. And here's where I'm starting to, here's where I'm hitting the wall. Right. Which is like, you've got very clearly two distinct types of stories. Yeah. Right. Like, you've got like the safe one that would be like easier to make up. Right? Or you've got like the Wilder one, which is that second story that like, I don't know, I feel like you'd have to go a long way.

Phoenix 33:26
Yeah, like, a very skilled writer to be able to do that.

Cutter 33:31
Wow, I can't believe I can't believe that story is gonna be fake. And you're gonna be like, Yeah, but at least I'm a very skilled writer. You know, what, actually, that's quite compelling. That's quite compelling me to think that maybe the fake one is is just like, Well, I mean, it would just take such a skill.

Phoenix 33:52
I could have also gotten a skilled writer, AJ

Cutter 33:55
our data. Yeah, absolutely. No, I don't know. I think my my thing with the second story is more. And this is like, I don't know, I'm a very pessimistic person about a lot of things. I don't think direct action changes anything in this situation. Like I just would be so astonished if that actually has that is actually like, if you were able to organize and stage a walkout that, like, made change. Yeah, it was like 90%

Phoenix 34:26
of the school. And that part's crazy to me, too.

Cutter 34:30
It was only like four injured people. No, no, no, either way. Still crazy. Because here's the through line that I'm missing on that story. Right. Your friends get suspended? Yes. You you go to your a few of your friends that are still there. Yes. And we're like we should do a walkout and then some amount of time. So passes.

Phoenix 34:52
The thing with my school is that there are so many people that have a bunch of connections And those connections also spread out. Yeah, it's crazy how like connected people are. Sure. So it. And then I also have like my theater group that I could have told about because I'm in the play

Cutter 35:13
that you could have if it wasn't real.

Phoenix 35:19
I didn't. I didn't, because, like I would have told them if I wasn't in shock and recovering, like I could have. Yeah, but like all my other friends told their art groups and their clubs and of course, like all of their friends,

Cutter 35:37
I just like, Okay, so like, this is this, how can relate the student again, this isn't nothing of commentary on what actually happened. Yeah, but more of just the walkout itself. Yeah. This might be like a, like a, I don't know, like a hot take or whatever. I don't think you could get 90% of people to agree on anything.

Phoenix 35:59
The thing is with our school, though, is that we are a very progressive community, because we are an art school. And we definitely like to focus on helping others and are very supportive of each other, except for some people who are not great people, but like, we're not going to talk about them. Sure. It's important.

Cutter 36:17
I just feel like I don't know, I just feel like walkouts, walkouts are always hard because I would participate in a walkout when I was in high school, right? Yeah, everybody did it, because I did the climate change walkout when I was in my sophomore year. My sophomore year. Yeah, wow. Yeah, no, but I was uh, yeah, I did the climate I was in the climate, I was part of the climate change walkout and my sophomore year, that a bunch of schools near near where I went high school did, and that was awesome. It was a great experience. It was a great turnout from all the schools collectively, but like, from, from my high school, which was really small. I think we had like, I mean, you know, I don't even think we hit 10%. That's pretty crazy. And like walkouts are just so hard, right? Like, walk us through just hard to organize. Yeah,

Phoenix 37:02
I think one of the big things that helped is that a majority of the teachers were also very supportive of it. Because a lot of the students and teachers don't really have a great relationship with our principal,

Cutter 37:15
huh? Yeah, I was gonna say it feels like it would like to have a lot of teachers involved in it as well. The

Phoenix 37:21
thing about having the teachers involved in it is that they were allowed, they were able to, like, shift around their lesson plans to accommodate to the walkout because it was an important cause. And the teachers had brought up this issue to the principal multiple times.

Cutter 37:37
Okay. I think I think I've asked all the questions I need to ask, is there anything any other extra detail you'd like to add? Oh, no. Okay, well, then I think I think I'm gonna say that. And again, this is really just as a as a result of me refusing to believe that direct action works. And that schools are not receptive to things like this. Yeah. And my my refusal to believe that you could get 90% of people to walk out just in an exam, just because like, 90% so many, yeah, like even even 50% would be absurd. Yeah. Right. And and exaggerate it. Sure. And either way, I think I think just again, and nothing on nothing on the actual events, but more just the like the walkout and two weeks suspension for six people's crazy. Yeah, two weeks is a whole nutso amount of time. Yeah. And so I think I'm gonna say that, and I'm not sure exactly where that second story isn't true, but I think I'm gonna say the first story is true. And I would very much like to see a picture of that. That print. Do you want me to show it to you right now? I do. I do want you to show it to me right now. Are you gonna pull a picture that just says you're wrong? No, I'm pulling up. Fine. No kidding. No kidding. I'll read it out. For those of you listening in playing along, it says, Well, I mean, you heard it earlier Phoenix $18 is fine. You can make the rest up later period. That's important. Apologies. I forgot the period if you had said periods till day quote, I would have known it was the true one right away. I mean, you know, it's I think I think of anyone else voice actors have the highest standards for for grammar and punctuation.

Cutter 39:36
Yeah, well. No, I'm I'm at this point making stuff up. Well, you know, okay. Well, that's I mean, I think I think I am curious as to what part of how that second story then came about in your mind.

Phoenix 39:50
Second story came about in my mind because I was talking to previously mentioned friend Sam, and we were just talking about like, how to prevent And another event like this of occurring, and we were like going through different scenarios and situations. That's how it

Cutter 40:07
happened. Gotcha. So, so to to be fully clear, none of that happened.

Phoenix 40:14
The tidbits about Evan

Cutter 40:16
okay, sorry, and the build up to this, right. Like the like the context, the context to the story is true, right, but not the not the like, you know, coming up behind you and trying to pull. Okay, so all that and all the way through is like, gotcha, I

Phoenix 40:31
just want to make sure that I don't mean to. Oh, what's the word? I? I don't mean, I wish I could help you put down anyone else who has trauma relating to this. I just thought that it is a good thing to talk about just in general. It like not that sexual harassment should be normalized, but talking about it should be right. Right.

Cutter 40:57
It shouldn't be. It shouldn't be taboo. Yeah, absolutely. I agree. But

Phoenix 41:01
another thing that did happen with the Evans situation is that I can no longer go very long without wearing socks. So in

Cutter 41:09
general, just in general, that's gonna make that's gonna make swimming in a pool. Really?

Phoenix 41:13
Yeah. I don't really think I'm gonna do a lot of swimming except for that vacation later.

Cutter 41:18
Oh my god. She's gonna wear socks into the

Phoenix 41:22
ocean make swimsuit socks?

Cutter 41:25
What? That's what what do you envision that?

Phoenix 41:29
Like swimsuit material? But socks,

Cutter 41:32
right. But that doesn't solve the number one problem of wet socks, which is the wet thing on your foot.

Phoenix 41:38
I also, I'm trying to think I think I still have that pair of water

Cutter 41:42
shoes. Okay, yeah. Well, I have solutions. I think I think I would like to see water shoes in a in a neighborhood swimming pool. I think that would be really funny. Yeah, I think that would be hilarious if I

Phoenix 41:56
can find them. And if not, I will buy a new pair because I'm not going a lot of places without socks.

Cutter 42:00
Man. Crazy. Well, you're not gonna wear socks under your water shoes.

Phoenix 42:04
I'm not going a lot of places without foot coverings.

Cutter 42:06
Gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha. Fair enough. Well, yeah, quite the journey. We went on to get there but Correct again. Just just saying my record this season. It started off really bad. It started off so bad. I missed the first two. Back to Back. Yeah, I'm on I'm on a tear right now. I'm on a tear watch

Phoenix 42:31
out you I'm gonna be a lot harder for you.

Cutter 42:33
You know, I think I think what really? I don't know. I think what really set me up about it. It's like teed me up for it. Besides me, just being really pessimistic about about direct action is two weeks is an insane amount of time. I

Phoenix 42:50
think my problem there is that I don't really have a good judge of how long people are normally.

Cutter 42:56
Oh, I have no idea. I just know that two weeks felt like far too long. I'm like, that's not right. But I felt

Phoenix 43:03
like a week was too little.

Cutter 43:06
Yeah, I don't know. I really couldn't tell you. I don't know what my reaction would have been a few times. But I don't know you. It looks like it felt like you had a little moment of panic where you said two weeks. Yeah, I latched on to that. And I was like, that, like just sprouted as I like, listen to the rest of the story. I think so. But either way, well done. Well done. Thank you very much. I was I was severely doubting the first one until you told the second one, you know,

Phoenix 43:29
yeah, I knew you weren't gonna believe it. That story is absurd. That's crazy. It's a crazy story. And my friends believed me until I showed them the picture. Yeah, totally.

Cutter 43:39
I mean, I mean, even even as I was saying, my guests like, this was one of the first times where I was like, are both stories fake?

Phoenix 43:47
Yeah, that's kind of the thing. And I was on the way home and I was telling dad about it. And, and then we got home and I was telling mom about it. And they were just both like, No, all three of us were like, You should tell that. Yeah. On the podcast slowly.

Cutter 44:02
No, absolutely. Yeah. Well, we are going to take a quick break so you can listen to my two stories, and then give your guests don't go anywhere. Hey, real quick, while Phoenix is listening to my stories. If you like the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button wherever you're listening, whether that's on Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts so you'll never miss an episode. Also, just that you all remember my two stories. Here's a quick recap. And my first story I was working at a gymnastics summer camp, and had to take care of a child who peed himself getting peed on in the process. But this happened not once, but twice, two years apart. In my second story, I stepped into a friend's dorm for a late night conversation that ended up making him faint. And while I took care of him, another friend in the room passed out, which led me to take care of both of them for most of the night, only to find out that one of the other people in the room was a trained medical practitioner. With all that out of the way. Let's get back into the action. Well, Phoenix, those are my two stories. What are your initial thoughts?

Phoenix 45:00
Okay, so let me give you my thought process. Okay, lay it out for me. The first story definitely seems feasible. Okay. It like Yeah. Kids at a summer camp at a gym and they are young kids, so they most likely be themselves.

Cutter 45:16
Yep. A lot. Yeah, sure. Yeah, I guess I guess if you want to call one like, once every two years a lot. I know that there have been some other I think that means I'm due for another one. This I think like, I think this summer. This summer, I'm due for another one. It's just gonna happen. Because this would be my second year like my next set. Like, I think I'm diving I'm doing.

Phoenix 45:43
So my basic thought process, okay. During both of those, you were living at home, you were living with us. And

Cutter 45:51
just not entirely true. Because I thought I tried to at least make clear in my second story, I was in the dorms.

Phoenix 46:00
In your second story you were but in the first story.

Cutter 46:04
Oh, you mean? Okay. Yes, yes. Okay. Okay. Understood. Understood. Yep. So

Phoenix 46:09
you were in you were living at home and you were living with us. And you knew and I would hang out a lot more. So my thought process is that I feel like I would have remembered that second time. And gone. I got peed on. Or the second time.

Cutter 46:25
Ah, gotcha. Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. Remember that?

Phoenix 46:29
And also feels a little mundane. If I'm

Cutter 46:34
sorry, getting peed on twice is to Monday. A little less. So plain of me. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. Okay.

Phoenix 46:45
My thoughts about the second store. Yeah, yeah. Course. The second story, I have no clue if this was just a fever dream. But I vaguely remember you telling the story. Oh, ha, gotcha. The other thought that I have about it. Yeah. That you also mentioned not being able to get to sleep because of your adrenaline. You like if it was your fake story. If it was your fake story, you wouldn't. You would have said that you were so exhausted, you would have fallen asleep. But you didn't said you had that adrenaline. Gotcha. So that makes me believe that the second story is true.

Cutter 47:21
You just think I'm not good enough at telling a fake story.

Phoenix 47:24
It's just an overlooked detail.

Cutter 47:27
Right that I that I only know to include if it was real.

Phoenix 47:34
I mean, who knows? It's a it's an overlooked detail that I think a lot of people miss, but I noticed it and I was like, Huh, okay, like that wouldn't have happened if it was the fake story. Okay. Yeah. Okay. But yeah, I definitely feel like I remember you telling the second story. And I gotcha. And I feel like it would have been said to me by the other coaches at the gym during the first Ah, yeah, yeah. Brought up because I know that I'm friends with some Oh, sure.

Cutter 48:05
Yeah. I mean, this was I guess it wasn't two years. So it's three years ago, because I was 17. I think it was 17. Yeah, I

Phoenix 48:14
think you were seven. So

Cutter 48:15
I don't know it was a while ago, you would have been a wee little a wee little 13. Year we little thing.

Phoenix 48:22
Yeah. When I'm 13. Yeah. So I don't know.

Cutter 48:24
I mean, I understand your reasoning. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna fight you to. I don't think I'm going to convince you. But

Phoenix 48:29
I also think that in the first case, you were 15. It was your first year I would come. I actually came to Camp multiple times. Yeah. And I feel like some of the other kids would have talked about it.

Cutter 48:42
I'm sure. I think I here's here's my thing about that is kids have such short memory. Like, like, and we did, I think we did enough of a job like doing it quietly and then just getting the kids who were who are in the immediate area, like just moving on.

Phoenix 49:01
I do remember that. The first one. It wasn't done as quietly but the second one was done really quiet. Yeah. Well,

Cutter 49:07
I mean, you get better at it. You're figuring somebody's pee once. You probably you probably like better off the second time around. Yeah, but yeah, okay, fair enough. Okay, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna fight you on any of that. Sure. Yeah. Okay.

Phoenix 49:22
I think that I'm pretty solid with my guests.

Cutter 49:26
Okay, well, I suppose we shall see here in here in a little while once the season finishes up. You gotta wait just like everybody else, just like everybody else. This is my favorite part, though of recording is like getting to tout that. Yeah, I'm the only one with the truth. I don't know about it. That's I don't know what I mean. Oh, well, I don't know. You know how it works. I do know how it works. Yeah, it works. Yeah, you're agreeing to It still upsets me though. Show fair. But yeah, so Well, I think what a wonderful guest. We'll see if you're right. I don't know. You're You're just the second person to guess that the second story is true. Yeah. So I don't know. I don't know. We'll see. We'll see. It's up to you and Natalie. So Oh, yeah. You met Natalie today. Thanks. Yeah. Sorry. My brain is no, no. Very briefly today. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Feel like you're in good company. I feel like, okay. Okay. Feel good about it. Yeah. All right. Well, I mean, I guess I wish we ran into rain and on the outs, but thank you so much for your guests.

Phoenix 50:35
Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Cutter 50:37
Well, thank you, Phoenix for joining me. I think we learned above all else that I am just so pessimistic. Just so so pessimistic. Oh, sometimes. It's helpful. Sometimes I've always held that being pessimistic. pessimistic is better than being optimistic. Because either you're right. Or you're pleasantly surprised versus either being right or unpleasantly surprised. Yeah.

Phoenix 50:58
I think I was trying to use that pessimism against you to try to like, convince you that the second story was true.

Cutter 51:08
Gotcha. Because it was sad because it presented. Sure. Okay, I understand that. Yeah, fair enough. But thank you so much, Phoenix for joining me. Where can listeners find more of you?

Phoenix 51:19
Well, I have two Instagram accounts one for my modeling stuff, which is Phoenix underscore Tegan underscore Belle. And that is where you can find all my modeling pictures and other stuff that I may post I don't know what I posted anymore. Sure. Yeah. And then on my other account, which is my business account, which is broken boundaries by Phoenix

Cutter 51:41
is what's legal spaces underscores dots dashes, none of them are just a bunch of all strung together a bunch of letters. Okay,

Phoenix 51:48
and I post stuff about my business. What is what is a business my business is making clothing stuffed animals and custom shoes.

Cutter 51:59
I own one I own a frog I can only fry Can I can speak highly of it. I think it's quite nice yeah it's quite enjoyable i I've worn some of your some of your fashion before yes you have I thought it was quite I thought it was quite couture you can look up that word that's home if you know what it means because I don't but I do it doesn't really matter. But after the che i mean Look if I use the if it turns out that means ugly. I'll come back and amend it but great. Yeah, no, it's it's it's been quite a bit yeah. So

Phoenix 52:37
I'm also planning on releasing a new product soon. Our little accessories to go on your hoodie drawstrings like they're a little bit land as is. I thought it'd be nice to add a little flair. Sure.

Cutter 52:50
I think I think timing wise, maybe some releasing something for hoodies in the summer. not optimal.

Phoenix 52:56
Yeah, that's but don't Don't blame me blame my brain.

Cutter 53:00
I will. I do.

Phoenix 53:02
Yeah, but they you can put them on any drawstrings like, you can actually put them on your shoelaces. Good old aglet covers aglet covers, they actually do call them aglet accessories. Eglin accessories, hopefully have some prototypes out soon. Nice. Well, looking forward to hear anything from my store or have a custom design that you would like, you can just send me a DM on my business Instagram.

Cutter 53:28
That's broken boundaries by Phoenix. Yes, that's correct. Brilliant. Well, Phoenix, thank you so much for joining me. Thank you so much for having me. Now, even though in this case, the story containing the sexual harassment and assault was a lie that does not reflect on the believability of reports of sexual violence. The structure of this podcast requires made up stories and it does not reflect how often false reports are made. Again, studies show that only around 5% of sexual assault reports made are false. If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, you can go to our or call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-4673 to get help and that will do it for this episode.

Cutter 54:15
Our intro music is pop nugget off of compositions two used under the Creative Commons License found on Free Music Archive our outro music is vintage news of reduction music used under the Creative Commons License also found a Free Music Archive I've been cutter. This has been you'll never believe me but and thank you all for listening. Good day and good night.

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Fictional Flirts and School Walkouts
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