Bill Clinton and Dean Smith

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In this episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But… Cutter’s sort-of-uncle Daniel comes on to tell stories of singing in front of the President and hitting basketball legend Dean Smith with a door, as well as fret about his guess as to Cutter’s stories

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Oh, I'm at grumpy mama. That's it.

Good morning good afternoon and good evening everyone my name is Cutter though you may know me as three beers have a coat on air on HD one and welcome to this episode of you'll never believe me

your you'll never believe me. But as a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me, every episode I have a guest on and they tell me two stories one real and one fake, and I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher on the rundown the three rules we have here before we get into today's episode, rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We're not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in the story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them. You agreed to come on the show and tell these stories when unless they agreed to have these stories told just use a fake name. And rule number three, and this is the easiest one all stories should start with. You'll never believe me but and then a brief synopsis for starting the story just so we all know what we're getting into, and does a nice little nod to the show's title. So with all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let's go ahead and get into today's episode. Today's guest is Daniel he is Ah, he is really to me, an uncle. He is the father of price who came on earlier this season. The husband of Stacy who came on last season, our lives have been frankly intertwined since I was born. One of my dad's best friends, arguably my dad's husband, more so than my own mom. And somebody that I'm very lucky to get in the studio because this rounds out my first full family, which I think is incredible. Not to give you too much credit. But you did beat my own family for coming on my show. So not to shame them too much for it. But it's good to have you here. Daniel, how are you? Doing? Great. I'm glad to hear that. I'm glad we could get you on. And then again, like I said, you know, we've had your family on in the past. How did you find their episodes?

Daniel Teachey 2:46
Hilarious? They did a great job. Because I knew that all the stuff I didn't know prices story to show. I knew Stacy's because I helped with those. But you and price are such good friends. I was really curious as to why he would come up with that you didn't know about course. Yeah. And I think you did a good job of that. So I've enjoyed every episode of listen to

Cutter 3:05
Oh, incredible. I'm very glad to hear that. And I'm glad to have you on, you have lived much more than I have, I think would be I'm just hold Yes, one way of saying I wasn't gonna say it in a mean way. But I'll I'll take that too. But it's nice to have you on. It's nice to have. I have a lot of people, of course, my age a lot of my peers on. And some of my favorite episodes from the past have been adults who come on and tell like more grand stories that they get to have lived through their experience. And I'm not impressing upon you that responsibility. But I am saying that's what's happened in the past.

Daniel Teachey 3:38
So we can do.

Cutter 3:39
I appreciate that. I appreciate that. Well, I think I mean, I don't have a lot to say, mostly because I'm just so curious to see what all you're going to talk about. I'm so excited, because I know that you have almost spoiled your stories for me in the past. Yes. And so with all of that, you know that I'm excited for you to get that weight off your shoulders and to see if I can see if I can sleep again that I mean, I can only imagine the weight you've been under. But yeah, unless you have any questions for me, I'm ready to jump right into it. Let's light this candle. All right, well, take it away.

Daniel Teachey 4:23
You'll never believe me. But I won't sing in front of 50,000 people and a President of the United States a sitting president of the United States.

Cutter 4:34
You're right, I will never believe you. You don't seem like the type of person to quite so eagerly go and do that. I would argue.

Daniel Teachey 4:42
Yeah, it's the eagerly part. I'm not Oh,

Cutter 4:46
sure. But I guess I guess we'll figure it all out. So how did it all go down?

Daniel Teachey 4:49
So when I was in college, we go back even further. You probably know that I have a background in music, right? You play piano for 10 years. Yep. And when I went to college After playing piano from eight to 18, I just really wanted to get away from music. He had been, you know, 45 minutes a day of practice and all these right competitions. And so it was one of those as rebellious as I was going to be, he was just wrong. And I realized, like, as I got into my sophomore year, I went to that that light blue school over in Chapel Hill. I won't say too loudly in this building. That's

Cutter 5:23
a good idea. Yeah, thank

Daniel Teachey 5:24
you. And I realized at the beginning of my sophomore year, like something was missing, I felt kinda like I was I was, I just didn't feel like I was my complete self. Yeah, and a friend of mine was in this thing called Carolina choir and choir is a probably about 80 person. Not just music majors, but people that you know, physics majors, chemistry, journalism, like me, sure. But if you had a background in music, and it was Davis, four days a week, and it was not your typical class, but it was just a really cool way to kind of get involved. And music so she told me that you should join. It's there's an audition process. And once you're in you're in, you just got to make sure you can commit to those four days of of classes a week with rehearsals and you You seem really dry sacred, like things are Yeah, now this other stuff, but it was it's a lot of talent there. Right. So I auditioned at the end of my first semester, sophomore year got in. Oh, wow. And the reason I was so excited about it was James Taylor was going to be singing with the group and a benefit concert. I think that spring. I was so excited. And I thought that was going to be the thing I was gonna lie to you about. But you know, I have a different strategy. Turned out I didn't feel I had to take a class at the same time. I wasn't able to. But I did join for the 1990 9394. school year. Okay. Sure. University NorCal on a turn 200. Wow. Yeah. And there was a whole bunch of hullabaloo on campus. We were the first public university to open this door. Right. Sure. So that was a big honkin deal. Yeah, very exciting. So on University Day, which I think is October 12, they had a thing at the Kenan Stadium. And it was a there was a Charles crawl spoke bands and all this other stuff, and the wire was there. And one of the dignitaries that was speaking was about a 45 minute speech from President Bill Clinton. Oh, my goodness, he talked about he talked about education and his education initiatives that was fairly early in his first term. So yeah, we got to get up on stage and very, very nervous. Sure. But there's, I think it was so overwhelming that it was just too much to even be nervous about right, right, woke up, you stand on the riser, and you turn around and you look and there's a stadium full of people, right. And you were having to sing part of it acapella with no accompaniment. Oh, wow. And luckily, there were at us there. It was one of the coolest things that I can no longer find any record of really, you can find a video of the presentation after that. There was like a stop. And then they had the regular. So it's like they just erase that part of me. But it was it was just really cool. And that was one of the fun things I got to do in college. So yeah, that was that was

Cutter 8:24
incredible. And so, so you didn't get to sing though if

Daniel Teachey 8:29
but did not get to sing with James Taylor. If I had been if I hadn't had been able to work out I would have been James Taylor and Bill Clinton. The same but that was that was way too much ask for of course that I mean, that'd be unreasonable. We did. We did a tour we my senior year. We we did a world tour we called it went to UVA James Madison. I can't remember the other like two other places and World Tour two T shirts. Oh, that's really nice. It was an idea I borrowed from the from the comic strip Bloom County, where it was like, you know, Wembley Stadium canceled, you know, JFK stadium sold. For days, we actually had everything else canceled. We put those on the t shirt and that was our our shirt

Cutter 9:11
for the Hogwarts really funny. That's incredible. Yeah. Wow, that's awesome. And so I mean, just beyond that, being that experience like that whole process because I didn't take you for I get a new habit background music, but I didn't take you for much of a singer like at all.

Daniel Teachey 9:27
Yeah, not a great singer. That cannot sing by myself or I will not allow myself to sing by myself. Sure. But because I have such a strong background in music, I can sort of read sheet music and then my job was to almost like an absolute non amplifier I could tuner on to make sure that those powerful voices around me would be singing the right thing. So we would stop singing these like 12 part harmonies where you're really hard to Yeah, I'm supposed to be on a B this person's on the A How am I supposed to make these things work? So I could just say, alright, well, I could sing it for them. And this person beside me who was a music major and is probably going to go to Broadway. Right? Good. He could then do that. And Gotcha. And so that was my value plus, you had to set up these risers. And I was really good at that. So I was combination, roadie slash, you know, soft voice singer who guide people on and I was I was nice to people. Yeah. I probably shouldn't say this, because my wife will want to listen. But the reason I really wanted to join is that of the 80 people there about 5560 of them are girls. Oh, now, that was always a good reason to show up there. We're always looking for, for dudes to sing. So of course, I want to make it sound like I did it just for the music. Of course, never. I was I was a 20 year old kid

Cutter 10:49
at the time. So totally reasonable. So yeah, great utility seer, I think would be the way to put

Daniel Teachey 10:53
Yes, yes, I was I was I just did what I was doing. I was asked to do, didn't ask for more than that. I but I had a great time. And it was awesome. This, you know, got to buy a rental Tux can actually buy one. Wow. Where that you know, to all these concerts, and yeah, it was really cool. My grandmother got to come them again. And granddad got to come to concerts. And after really great pictures of us after after the shows. Yeah, that's good thing to do in college.

Cutter 11:20
Oh, that's awesome. Wow, that is very, very cool. Yeah, I'm curious to see how you're gonna top that with with your second story, or was it my right rival it I guess, but in that case, take it away.

Daniel Teachey 11:36
You'll never believe me. But I want to the Hall of Fame basketball coach with a door.

Cutter 11:42
Ooh, that's very exciting. Okay, I guess first of all, who would have been Dean Smith? Nice. I that tracks? Yeah. But yeah. How'd you how'd you clobber them.

Daniel Teachey 11:53
So the other fun thing I got to do in college was my senior year, I found out about the PR department within the athletics department. At the time, it was called sports information, which was very on the nose. Now, it's called athletic media relations. Because you know, it sounds fancier. That's true. But when sports info came calling out, it was basically you work for, quote, unquote, eight hours a week to get three hours of credit, guys, they gave me keys to dismiss center and access to football, basketball, all these games, and I'm like, I'm here all the time worthwhile. So best job you can have in college. In fact, we always used to joke with each other that we knew at 2122 years old, we're never going to have a better job than what we had. Right? We were making minimum wage and eating pressbox food all the time. So it really brought you in close contact with players, coaches, their staff. Sure. And this particular incident would have been at sea spring of 95. I was a senior, okay. Carolina was playing of all places where my son goes to school, Virginia Tech. Oh, nice. Yeah, before they were in the ACC but we were playing a nonconference game against them at Greensboro Coliseum, okay. Yep. Greensboro had just gone through a facelift. They had renovated a lot of things. And this was sort of a signature event to say, Hey, we're back. It's awesome. Fun fact, they weren't entirely back. Basketball court was set on top of obviously the the ice rink, right? Ice Rink was being completed because the Hurricanes were going to be playing there. When they moved down from Hartford, yep. I wasn't using them together. And you could step off of diabetes. I think they were just like, plywood boards to get you behind the scenes. If you stepped off, it was a mix of like water and electrical cables, which I didn't think was particularly safe. It doesn't sound particularly safe. And if you can, they kept saying if you step off these boards, you will tear your ankle up this whole place as a as a s show right now. So just just be very careful. Awesome. So the whole place was a bit off and our job because we were the quote unquote, hosts right where to act like, you know, this was dismissed center, but we didn't know where anything was. We were doing our stats. We were away from home, right. And after the game, two things happen. One, inconsequential to the story, but still important to me. A former Boston Celtics player named Mel Carr, okay, who had gone to my high school. He's one of the big hoop to dues ever came out of my high school. Yep. He at the time was a general manager for the Boston Celtics. Wow. Okay. And he was going to be there today to see some of the Carolina players. I'm not sure if Virginia Tech had any players he wanted to see but he had Jerry Stackhouse. Rasheed Wallace. Yep. Yep. And after it was over with after the game was over with I ran over to him with a stat sheet and said, Mr. Carr, I'm Earl teach you son, you know, he told you in high school. Can I get an internship with you after and he's like, Yes, send me some information. So I tried to use it as a networking event. Fun fact, I never worked for the Boston Celtics. And that is that is for sure after that season because the Celtics suck so bad. Yeah. But back to the story, right. One of the things we did was take those stat sheets, because in the era right before the internet, right, you would. This is how old I am. We would hand right. box score. Wow. And then someone would have to run to a coffee machine. And then you'd had to run it. I mean, we're talking literal sprints to get to the people that are on deadline. The journalists and everything else. Yeah, yeah. And so they would hang out like 25 at a time and my job is to go find the media room. Sure. start handing them out the people who write their stories. Again, we're not at home, right? I don't know the best way to get somewhere totally. So there are all these little double doors, all these corridors, and I'm just nervous. I'm trying to just stay on schedule. Yeah, I go slamming into this door. And I hear a thought. And I look at Dean Smith's kind of stumbling back. And it hit him with his door. And another fun fact. My roommate in college at the time was a senior manager. Oh, basketball. So he gave me the the dirty stink eye as I hit a national treasure with the door. Yeah, I could not see these doors were completely metal. There's no nothing to see no way of knowing the toes on the other side. And I kept thinking, oh my god, I bet he was not that hurt. But I did. I did hit him with the door. Sure. years later. I'm working at a software company here in town. Sure. And I and I very key very close to hitting a billionaire. Where the door alarm of this university that I'm sitting in right now.

Uh huh. So that was fun. So I almost I could have had a twofer. Gosh, that'd be kidding. Some of the most famous North Carolinians with doors and also led to a an idea for a we'll call a game show sort of like amazing race. Okay, how do you think your dad and I worked on this one called hit a billionaire with a door is where two people these teams are to be will go around the world and try to hit a billionaire with a door. Not really sure what the prize would be. But basically, it was just because based on a true story, meaning

Cutter 17:22
right mine, you almost had a billionaire with a door. Wouldn't that be funny if it was a film? So I guess the moral of the story is if I'm opening a door, just watch yourself. Yeah, no, absolutely. I think I think that's a good a good warning. Yeah, that's incredible. So and you never, like you hit him with the door. Then what is your next like? You just like, shut the door and start running away.

Daniel Teachey 17:44
The other fun thing there is. Coaching has famously never forgotten names. Oh, I'm effusively. Apologizing, right. And he says, Oh, it's okay. Daniel, which Oh, which in and of itself is cool, because Sure. Very cool. He knew my name. Then, you know, I just kind of also I was, I knew enough to just get the crap out of there. Yeah. At time. Yep. And I took my now probably clammy hands, some copies, stats and start going trying to find the press room again, please. Yeah. Oh, man. I wasn't fired. That was I worked. I went to grad school. I work two more years. Yep. And sheepishly trying to avoid him. And every time I open the door, dismissing her after that it was very slowly, very carefully, as long as you learn your lesson the door. Yeah, that's all that matters. Yeah. You never know who's on the other side.

Cutter 18:35
You never know who's on the other side. Ain't that the Ain't that the truth? Wow, that's incredible. I'm glad he was okay. That would have been a really

Daniel Teachey 18:42
a really good press conference with like a, you know, shiner desire, right? And then they would have and it's Dean Smith is Carolina basketball. They were on their way to a Final Four. Yeah, would have been an investigation as to how that happened. And, you know, it would have been similar to what happens at a Yankees game or something when a kid reached out on the field catches? Oh, yeah. All of a sudden, the next day, you know who that kid is? Yeah. where he lives. Yeah, it would have been the same thing with me. That's that's the part that kind of terrified me that time is like, we were only a few seconds, or maybe not even that like as fractions of a second away from it being a little bit worse. Wow. Yeah.

Cutter 19:22
Gosh, that's incredible. What luck? Well, brilliant. Two very, very good stories. Daniel, thank you so much. No problem. Well, two very, very good stories are. It's tough, because as much as as much as I know about you, right? These are all specific instances that extrapolate things that I know. And I think that's whichever of these is a lie and to whatever extent that it is there. I think you've done a very good job crafting two very believable stories off of parts of who you are that I that I know, right? And so, first of all, that's all After you incredible job because I have no Like genuinely no idea.

Daniel Teachey 20:05
Oh, you got a 5050 shot. So you want a coin right? You know, I? That might not be bad I listen to the show. I'm like, Why doesn't he just flip a coin?

Cutter 20:13
I think that would be that honestly, especially in season one when I was like tragic at it. I mean, I definitely would have benefited from just flipping here on the street, though. You said for now I've got the past four in a row. All right. So I'm hoping I'm hoping to keep the hot hand man. Right. I mean, what's what could go wrong? I need to say, I so I know you, you know, we've talked about in the past that you did stats for Carolina basketball. And you've talked a lot about that experience. I think. And maybe again, because I could can't tell from the content of the stories itself, I'm having to expand to like meta level reasoning. And so I think that you are counting on me to remember that more than knowing that your musical and would have, you know, been singing and done all, you know, all of this to that extent with the Carolina choir, and are saying, Oh, he's just gonna believe the story about hitting Dean Smith, because he knows that I worked with basketball, you know, whatever, whatever.

Daniel Teachey 21:11
You're thinking about us a lot more than I did. Oh, boy. I am I'm watching this and going. I don't know how this is happening. But go ahead. Yeah,

Cutter 21:20
well, I it's just put it in putting in this like being in this position, especially to really good stories like this is very hard. And I think for a lot of other people. The stories are like one really extravagant story and one like kind of not as interesting story. But these are distinctly like very similar in terms of like intensity and trot. Like it's really, because that's a lot. What I rely on is like who the person is, and to what level of drama they put, you know, the stories too. But, but I just don't know. So I'm gonna say that I think I think the first story is true, I think you did sing in front of 50,000 people, a sitting president of the United States, and did not in fact, hit Dean Smith with or partially because I don't think that you would be able to live with the guilt of that on a day to day basis. So that's what I'll say. I'll say the first story is true. And you did not hit Dean Smith with a door slash hit him much harder with the door and severely hurt him. But that's going to be my guessing first story is true. The second story is fake. Final answer. That is my final answer. All right. Well, you are five for five. Oh, my God, this Wow. The streak. Okay. So, again, all of that first story. Carolina choir just happened now that that's incredible. By the way.

Daniel Teachey 22:42
Yeah, it was a great experience. And it was that whole year was bizarre because I entered a lottery to live in the oldest building on campus. Yeah. So not only did I get to go to the University Day celebration that night, but in the during the day, those of us who lived in old East nice building on campus, were in the morning, seated in front of all the dignitaries Oh, God, you know, Dean Smith, or whoever else. Right, right. Well, and and they rededicated the building with us. They're all 66 of us. Somewhat awake and wearing our nicest clothes and brushing our hair. Like Bart Simpson where it's just kind of tacked down on the side. Yeah. So that whole day was so out of body experience. And then it kept that night and a packed Kenan Stadium which the other thing I remember about it. Anytime a politician talks, it seems like it goes on forever, right? Yeah. If you're wearing a very, very thin tuxedo and you've given it away to because all girls were just wearing like or it's yes, you know, dresses. Yep, we were all freezing. Oh, even though it's probably like 5560 degrees. After a while there's just nothing we haven't eaten. While she was crazy. Yeah, the President was there so now something I'd do again, but it was something cool while I do it done. Yeah,

Cutter 24:15
for sure. That's awesome. Well then okay. So that all again, incredible expense. But so what actually happened then what is that Dean Smith's story is true.

Daniel Teachey 24:24
Everything happened. We were at the Coliseum it was not horrible. It was a jacked up place to shirk. And they were they were just not completely back up and running total. He did not know where things were. We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Yeah, I did fling the door open. If I had been two or three seconds later, I would have hit him with the door. Wow. Because I as I was opening it fully, someone slapped their hand on it. And I peeked around the door and he was walking with but you always have people around right I'm I hope that there were people that would have caught the door including my roommate, of course. Yeah. Yeah. But that there was that moment of, you know, there was a murmured apology, and I just got to get their media room. He didn't say anything. That time. He was on his way to a press conference. I was just, it was when I started walking away when I realized, holy crap, right. I could have taken out. One of the probably the most important man in North Carolina will absolutely adore Yeah, wow, wouldn't that have been a really it was a senior of this show will be January of my sophomore year. So I was like, four months away from being out of this place. So it was, but that was the the terror that I had.

Cutter 25:48
Yeah, absolutely. That's horrifying. But uh, you didn't? Yeah. So look at that. That's wonderful. So but to clarify, does Dean Smith know your name, though? He does.

Daniel Teachey 25:57
Okay. Yeah, he the only time it really came up, and this is one of my favorite stories. Sure. I had been there for a little while. And I'm carrying your student assistant, you're essentially just just muscle sometimes just the body. Yeah. So these, you know, 10 reams of paper and a box are very heavy. And I had to bring it down to the copy room. And there were these I guess, fire doors in the Smith Center. Frickin buildings named after Right, right. But he's coming through those those doors. And he sees me about 20 feet away carrying this thing and he knows I have to go to the outside. So he holds the door open for me. Oh, yeah. And I get some of the nerve to say, Thanks, coach, as I walked by, and he says no problem, Daniel. Good. And to be fair, sure. I grew up a huge NC State fan, right? Yeah, I was telling my son who drove me here. Because I'm a I'm a big important purchase, of course. When I was we were looking at the Reynolds Coliseum. That's where in 1983 I went to basketball camp. Why basketball, the year that NC State won the national championship. Incredible. I was looking around going nothing here looks the same except for Reynolds. Yeah, kind of going away from and I'm like, okay, everything here looks the same. Because it's a little bit older part of campus. Yeah, I was a huge state thing growing up. Yeah. But even with that, you go to Carolina, you start working around. Yeah, those people and things change. And he was he just did things the right way. He was a really nice guy, to everybody. And when he said my name I, I really wanted to just drop that box, call my dad tell him that. This was a really cool thing that happened. Yeah, absolutely. But instead, I've just told the story now for almost 30 years.

Cutter 27:44
I mean, absolutely. That's incredible. Ah, very, very cool. Well, I'm glad to keep the streak rolling. First of all, but I think we're gonna take a little break. You're gonna get to hear my two stories and give you a quick refresher. I don't know how much you remember them. Slash if you know them, have heard them. And then we'll be right back with your guests as to which MIT stories is true. That was great. Hey, real quick, while Daniel is listening to my stories, if you like the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button wherever you're listening, whether it's on Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts, so you'll never miss an episode. Also just a URL, remember my two stories. Here's a quick recap. In my first story, I was working at a gymnastics summer camp and had to take care of a kid who peed himself getting peed on in the process. But this happened not once, but twice, two years apart. And my second story, I stopped to new friend's dorm for a late night conversation that ended up making him faint. And while I took care of him, another friend in the room passed out which let me take care of both of them for most of the night, only to find out that one of the other people in the room was a trained medical practitioner. With all that out of the way. Let's get back into the action. Well, Daniel, those were my two stories. What do you think?

Daniel Teachey 28:57
Those are great. Thank you. Yeah. Um, you said you fret when you hear these stories? Yeah, I'd

Cutter 29:03
say that's a good word for widely reading. You do quietly, fret I think a lot. I quite vocalized with my fretting. It sounds, all types, you know, lots of lots of different types. If you want, you know, as you're sorting through, if you have any questions for me about the stories, you're more than welcome to ask them. I'm happy to answer. If you have any comments in general, you want to make as you're sorting out your thoughts and quietly fretting, or you can launch right into your guests and your reasoning. I will not stop you

Daniel Teachey 29:27
know, I mean, I would just react. I mean, sure. I'm familiar with the gym. Would you speak? Yeah, they're getting peed on is a occupational hazard out there. Your father shared a picture one time of the gift pack that someone got, oh, that was a card and said, sorry. You got peed on? Yeah,

Cutter 29:49
I didn't get one either of the times. I got peed on by the way. And I'm real pissed off.

Daniel Teachey 29:53
You're in the family. Yes. Right. But we weren't even getting paid to be there.

Cutter 29:57
I was getting paid. Actually. Yes. Good. They're third nice like that. All right, they'll force me to do it, but they'll pay me so

Daniel Teachey 30:03
so I'm familiar with that. And I do know it's it's common. I don't know, the whole three year old thing is a bit of a surprise this year. Did they ever went that that young so that that kind of raises a flag? Sure. Totally. I've heard the other story. Yeah, there's just so much there. Oh, absolutely. It was absolutely absurd. You could, you could say it was a lie by saying, well, there was a third person, right and fell in another person passed out. Sure. But at that point, I do believe there was a gas leak or something where there was something in the air went on. Yeah. So I can see why I want to think that both of them are true, and both of them are false. So that's why reading you've done a good job of picking those two. Thank you. I appreciate that. I'm gonna go ahead and lock in an answer. Okay. Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and say that

Cutter 30:52
the first story is false.

Daniel Teachey 30:58
The first story is false. Okay, or at least has false elements to it. Sure. And the second story is true. Second story being just just mad cap enough. Yeah. Your freshman year of college just to lay true. Absolutely. Although, if I'm wrong, I totally will say, You know what, I made the wrong call, but I have a feeling there's some things and that first one is the three year old thing that sticks in my head. Absolutely. I don't know why. Now that's pretty young for gymnastics. I don't really I don't think those kids know how to tumble worth of crap.

Cutter 31:27
Oh, no, they don't. They they mostly play right now. They're

Daniel Teachey 31:29
so good at Yeah. And another three year olds can can be sprinklers if they so choose. They are incredible. But yeah, that's where I'm gonna I'm gonna go that way. Totally fair. Would you like to know if you're in the majority or the minority?

Cutter 31:41
Or actually, if a minority of three guesses three guesses? Share your opinion four do not all right. looting. Your own Son disagrees with you? Yeah. Well, so he's he believes that I got he believes that I got peed on. Okay, twice. It's probably

Daniel Teachey 31:56
wishful thinking he thinks I thought.

Cutter 31:59
I appreciate that. You don't wish that upon now? That's not nice. Once okay. Right. Yes. Why it happened? Why is this beyond the pale? See, this is why you're my favorite. This is why you're my favorite of your family. Yeah, I've always said

Daniel Teachey 32:11
that's the one on the mic that works.

Cutter 32:14
I mean, that's, I've only said that to everyone. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Ah. Well, thank you so much for yes. I'm excited to have you back on in whenever this season ends up. So that way we can get your reaction to me revealing the truth to you. Yeah. So I'm very excited to in one to three business months. Get you back on. We'll see how it all shakes out. You know, I'm not gonna go anywhere. I would hope not. That would. That would make me quite sad. But uh, Daniel, thank you so much for your guests. Thanks. This is good fun. Well, Daniel, thank you so much for joining me. I think more than anything else, we learned that you are a little bit better with doors than you think. Here's hoping here's open. I mean, frankly, for my sake, when I leave this room, I'm letting you go first.

Daniel Teachey 33:01
I think so all the kids out there just be very careful. Be very careful. You can't see who's on the other side. You just never know. Just you just never know. And if and if you're ever around, Daniel, just be a little careful. On the other side of the door, announce yourself wear a helmet wear a helmet. That's also a good idea. I think a bubble wrap or if you do if you're in a dorm with Cutter also. Yeah, also true. Just don't let me talk too much. But I'm just I'm just so good at it. That's why That's why they pay me the big bucks here as it is because I'm good at talking for a very long time. Thank you so much, Dana, for joining me. Where can listeners find more of you? I'm on Twitter. I don't do a lot there. But I'm trying to always do more as TTTACHEY de on Twitter. Yeah, and catch me there. Absolutely. My favorite place so I'm sure Prater is a grumpy llama. That one's good as guy named Buddy bill. Yeah, he live tweets everything is possibly the funniest person in the world hits also for those listeners out there that's that's cutters dad. That's my dad and who's also my my best friend slash life partner.

Cutter 34:05
Yep, yeah. Yeah. So

Daniel Teachey 34:06
you have a sibling who does fashion they want to see or hear what it's like for a 50 something year old person to go through a fashion show. Oh, yeah. Check out grumpy llama and watch someone rage tweet themselves into oblivion? Uh huh.

Cutter 34:21
I think most recently he live tweeted. Um, what was it the Corgi races on the ESPN the nocebo day they did recently usually I'm on the other line on the text read. Oh, of course. Tweeting with our se live tweet. I'm

Daniel Teachey 34:35
feeding him stuff in real time. So

Cutter 34:39
a little bit of ghost writing perhaps. Yeah, absolutely. So yeah. All those a lot of those really does a lot of those certified grumpy llama classics. You know who's got a hand in them?

Daniel Teachey 34:49
Yeah, we're trying to you know, we're gonna make him as as important as like Shaquille O'Neal or something like that wouldn't be an influencer one day.

Cutter 34:56
I you know what? I wouldn't put it past him. He's got he's got all the right energy. He's obnoxious and has no shame and doesn't care about making a fool of himself in public and that's all you need. Really. He could be a Kardashian at that point I think he's he's, you know, even a step above I believe so, because he's funny, but maybe that's just me. But Daniel, thank you so much for joining me it's been a pleasure. Absolutely. That will do it for this episode our intro music is popping up get off of compositions to Eastern under the Creative Commons License found in Free Music Archive bariatric music is vintage news opera production music used under Creative Commons License also found a few circa I've been cutter. This has been you'll never believe me but and thank you all for listening. The day and good night

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